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A first collection of Evangelist Profitess Christine Corbitt Cummings, State of emergency30
A mother and father's prayer, Don't want a heartache, White line25
A pesar que llore ; Por amor ; La carreta de la muerte ... [et al.], Country lady30
Be my baby part 330
Broken hearts never sleep. w & m Philip Miles Leavitt & Adam Joseph Weiner, What's come over you?30
Can you hear me?, a collection of songs30
Come with me for awhile and let our thoughts and feelings touch each other, I can't30
Comfortable & 17 other titles. By Kendrick Dean, Bryan Michael Cox & co-writers as noted28
Cry for love. w & m D. Rich, L. Lange, J. Bastienelli, C. Barbosa, I never fall in love30
Dancin' while the ship goes down & 14 other titles, Ain't it just like the rain & 92 other titles30
Development and validation of a cladding-pumped fiber model using polygon-shaped fibers30
Disguise, identity, and female cross-dressing in selected works of Tirso de Molina30
Don't hold your breath & 6 other titles, The Jacobsongs collection30
Dream of the West. By Carl Evans, Let's make up, Records & tea27
Forever and a day. w Kathlyn Alzmann Patterson, 1941-; w & m Amy Friedman, 1970-, Robert Federici, 1961-, Michael Fortuna, 1961 part 330
Get down or lay down, Tired, Story28
Good lookin' cookin' with the Rodeo Grandmas30
Gook [sic] lookin' out. Weight of the world. By Anthony Cestermino. (In Demonophonic blues)30
Groovin' (let's go get some money), Lady Francis, People ripping & tripping out30
How can I help you forgive me? By Porter Wagoner & Tom Pick, artists: Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton28
I don't wanna be there (when you break my heart) By Peter McCann & Marc Beeson part 330
If I'm gonna fall (I'm gonna fall in love) & 13 other titles, Love on a rock, Life never goes30
If I'm gonna fall (I'm gonna fall in love) & 13 other titles, Small town girls, One eyed Jack & 7 other titles30
I'll get over you. By Jesse L. Hunter, Deborah Tisdale & Betty Saunders30
In the silence of this momemt, Hearts were never, Fight to win30
It goes like this (that funny melody) By Cliff Friend & Irving Caesar, You are the reason26
Keeping my face on straight & 2 other titles, Too far too fast, Hazel (we were something)30
Le Maillot jaune, Dangerous, Athens, 189626
Live the life (LP instrumental) Co-composers, Fundisha Johnson, Tony Cottrell & Talib Kweli Green30
Love and money on your mind30
Lowdown so & so. By Tony Wells, Pete Kessler & Denise L. Davis. (In Rainy Davis)28
Mark Simos/Lisa Aschmann collected works. By Mark A. Simos & Lisa Aschmann, Why not shoot the moon?30
Military mates database, web site, and company name listed under www.militarymatesonline.com30
My caravan of love. Words: Martha Gibson, music: Roy Stanley Kessler, McMahon!, Instant map skills23
My heart's too broke (to pay attention), No news, The quittin' kind30
Need I say more. Co-composers, Bryan Karr & Trent Jeffcoat, Wander'n eyes (don't see love)30
No sabes cuanto te quiero. By Camilo Blanes, Colorina, Besame30
Nothing at all24
Old familiar pain. By Susan Ruth Longacre & Rick Hall Music, Inc., as employer for hire of James Walton (Walt) Aldridge, Jr part 330
Old familiar pain. By Susan Ruth Longacre & Rick Hall Music, Inc., as employer for hire of James Walton (Walt) Aldridge, Jr part 528
Personal love ; There's no love ; Don't bother ... [et al.], Lying to yourself. By John Wetton & Steve Howe30
Private war of Major Benson. By Universal Pictures Company, Inc, Private war, Bootleg breakout25
Rainbow cloud adventure (Kim and the Thunder Clouds), Unicorn, full body, X-mas tree27
Shadow of the past--true life sports stories, The wilderness trace, Double cross30
Someone borrowed, someone blue. By Quentin Powers, Kendal Franceschi & Gail Bracchi part 330
Sometimes ; Take me down a path (my heart won't know) ; In harm's way ; Without you here it's not the same part 230
Sonata for string orchestra. m Tommaso Albinoni, op. 6, no. 2, arr. for strings Frederick F. Polnauer26
Standing in the light, & 1 other song, Adobe walls, I think we're gonna be friends30
Sweet misery30
The body is but a bottle (look for the message), Something's always wrong, Into love30
The dream song ; When you say your prayers, Wicked city lights, Speaking of dreams26
The effects of methodological science process skill training in environmental science on intermediate student creative productivity30
The encore collection, You still got me, Doug Supernaw25
The Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific as told by selections of his own journals, 1768-177928
The Oxford companion to American literature. By James D. Hart, Still small voice30
There she ain't (Just like she always was) Co-writers, Charles Harmon Jones & Kim Wilson30
The revised edition of the completely unauthorized saga of the life and times of Mary Swarthout and Bette Burger30
The Role of the social worker in emergency mdeical services, From wooden ploughs to welfare30
The time has come (to say goodnight) By Ed Scott & Artie Malvin30
The universe is not expanding because galaxies' redshift is caused by "Liou's stretch effect" not by "Doppler's effect"30
Tomorrow (isn't what it used to be) & 2 other titles, Leave him out of this, Cruel love30
Universal love = Sur n'importe quelle planete, Mind over matter30
What love is that way. By Keith Urban & Gary Burr30
Where could I go but to the Lord? By Tom Collins & Barbara Mandrell27
Who I are ; Ball & chain ; Got it made, Little bit more, No pain30
Wings of tomorrow & 2 other songs, What the ... ?, ROR volume I30
You made a believer out of me ; On my heart ; Your love ... [et al.], Can't stop dancing28
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