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All of a sudden (instrumental) ; Serendipity ; All right, baby ; Do the flip turn ; Outside looking in ; Red skin, blue skin ; Third generation suffragist ; All of a sudden (vocal)30
Between the good & the bad, Day in, day out, Blue sky30
Check the oil ; Easin' down Basie Street ; Snap, crackle, crunch ... [et al.], Crowded room25
Colour by numbers. Artist: Culture Club, by Virgin Records, Ltd, Approved by The Motors30
Complicated ; Sk8er boi ; I'm with you ... [et al.], Complicated30
Deeper roots (back at the Channel), Drums and wires, Coming up for air28
Draftee's confidential guide, how to get along in the army. By Alan Levy, Bernard Krisher & James Cox30
God's love ; How big is a mustard seed? ; The plans I have for you, Making plans for the future30
Honey, you're a dream walking in my life, Statue of Liberty girl, Christmas is a time for joy30
I'd like that ; Easter theatre ; Knights in shining karma ; The last balloon, Fleeting thoughts (collection)30
I'd like that ; Easter theatre ; Knights in shining karma ; The last balloon, One of the millions30
I'd like that ; Easter theatre ; Knights in shining karma ; The last balloon, Red brick dream30
I'd like that ; Easter theatre ; Knights in shining karma ; The last balloon, Towers of London--On a noose. PA 1-283-143 (2001)30
In loving memory of Ron Brown, evangelist & country singer30
I remember the time when Jesus save me that day30
Lay down when you're done ; Indian summer ; Goin' fishin' ... [et al.], King for a day30
Life begins with woman (and woman makes life worthwhile)30
Life is good, love is better. By David Malloy, Dennis Morgan & Steve Davis30
Love at first sight. w & m Vicki Wangler, 1967-, m Kristen S. Gielecki, 1967-, Dennis Whitcher, 1952-, J. Gary Wilkinson, 195330
Malaria ; Everything that rises must converge ; Fish below the ice ... [et al.], Coke is the one30
Omnibus Press presents the story of Alanis Morissette, Boys for Pele, Tori Amos, all these years30
Proceed I ; Proceed III ; What goes on, Babe: pig in the city, Beavis and Butt-Head do America24
Response manual for combating spills of floating hazardous chemicals, Big night music25
Salutations from the ghetto nation, Jenny come back, Southern Sierra rock climbing20
Song from the edge of the world ; The Whole price of blood ; Mechanical eyes, Out of mind30
Ten feet tall ; God given ; Helping hand ; It's only money, That is the way, I am the audience30
The ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead ; The smartest monkeys ; My bird performs ; Always winter never Christmas23
The Legal and business implications of a consignment distribution system, Flame structure30
Wait and break my heart tomorrow. By Greg Allen, I love loving you, Can't say goodbye27
When you're near me I have difficulty, I wish I was a kid again, Blow you away30
Why don't you come and rescue me?, Garden of earthly delights, Victory, allied forces!30
Your life. w Robert Jackson; w & m Matthew Safirt & Michael Coursel, War dance, Jam syndicate30
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