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A Blue song on a broken heart string & 624 other titles. (Part 003 of 003), One night honeymoon30
Acercate & 233 other titles (part 001 of 002). Composed by Francisco Saldana & co-composers as noted30
Amazing grace (arrangement) Arranged by Peter Matz & written by John Newton (PD) part 430
Amazing grace (used to be her favorite song) (In Stacked deck) No. 26615 (1975) part 430
American dream & 35 other titles; motion pictures & screenplays part 330
A pastoral symphony, no. 201. w & m Hank Richards, Keith Richards & Lucifer Glorious (authors of a work made for hire)30
Baby, we've got love & 22 other titles, Yeah, man, Well!30
Be with me, Jesus & 18 other titles, Mad river, The Mad rapper21
Billy Joe Bigbeak and the All Bird Band, The Final teardrop, Baby, stay30
Captain Wm. "Bill" H. Tippitt's recollections piloting the Crown Hill and Showboat Golden Rod30
Cha cha cha en la bemol & 1 other title, Cha cha cha30
Christmas is Christmas (all over the world) w & m Gladys Shelley, Jimmy Wisner, Bon soir, cherie. Words & music: Emil Korsen & Jimmy Wisner30
Dance and shout. By Michael Joe Jackson, Steven Randall Jackson, Tariano A. Jackson, Marlon D. Jackson & Sigmund E. Jackson30
He's so fine & 1 other title30
Hey pretty baby & 3 other titles;musical compositions, Can't help lovin' my man, Endless hurt27
Just another day (hey hey hey) Written by Jackson, Stinson-Jackson & Griffen part 330
No titles given for translation of manuscript by Hidenari Terasaki, by Masako Nishida & Emiko Walters, employees for hire of Mariko Teresaki Miller & Cole Miller30
Plain English. Book 2. Revisions: J. Martyn Walsh & Anna Kathleen Walsh, illustrated by Bill Jackson & Ben Baugh30
Ships of the United States Navy and their sponsors, 1924-1950. Compilers: Keith Frazier Somerville & Harriotte W. B. Smith30
So much in love. w William Jackson, George Williams, m Roy Straigis30
Stand by me, Father. w & m Sam Cooke & J. W. Alexander, arr. Kenneth Morris, I'm alright30
The girl with the guitar. w & new words Earl Shuman, m & new piano arr. Roy Straigis30
Truth is fallen. m David W. Brubeck, new & adapted biblical w Iola Brubeck, w & m Christopher W. Brubeck30
Tu no sientes el amore. By J. M. Zapater, Phil Spector, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Spanish w Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc., employer for hire of Jose Manuel Vidal Zapater30
Two hearts will be broken. w & m Bob Elgin, pseud. of Stanley Kahn, Kay Rogers, pseud. of Ed. Snyder, & William Denson26
What in the world's come? & 3 other titles27
When a boy falls in love. w & m Sam Cooke & Clint Lavert (Clinton Lavert), Only survivor30
Woman gotta have it. w & m Tracebob Music & Unart Music Corporation, as employer for hire of Bobby Womack, Darryl Carter & Linda Cooke30
Woman gotta have it (woman got to have it) By Bobby Womack, Darryl Carter & Linda Cooke part 330
You ain't gotta lie (ta kick it), Free time, Snowflake29
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