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Accounting doesn't tell the truth about manufacturing & distribution costs, Das Friendschtick30
A Chronology of the works of Guillaume Dufay based on a study of mensural practice. By Charles E. Hamm30
A Clinical interview for the exploration of childhood neglect and physical and sexual abuse part 230
Advanced calculus for applications; bk. By Francis B. Hildebrand30
Advances in applied microbiology. Vol. 7. By Wayne W. Umbreit & 14 others, Microbial technology25
Advances in control systems, theory and applications. Vol. 3. By C. T. Leondes and 7 others30
Advances in control systems, theory and applications. Vol. 3. By C. T. Leondes and 7 others part 230
Advances in electronics and electron physics. Vol. 19. Editor: L. Marton, assistant editors: Claire Marton, T. E. Allibone and others30
Advances in heterocyclic chemistry. Vol. 6. By A. R. Katritzky & A. J. Boulton30
A Field list of the birds of western Pennsylvania and adjacent regions, High-performance liquid chromatography of proteins and peptides19
A finding aid for Rhode Island town records in Arnold's Vital record of Rhode Island, Beaman's Rhode Island vital records, new series and the Rhode Island genealogical register30
A History of non-euclidean geometry, evolution of the concept of a geometric space30
A human-computer interaction methodology to facilitate knowledge discovery in public health30
Algorithm-structured computer arrays and networks: architectures and processes for images, percepts, models, information part 430
Algorithm-structured computer arrays and networks: architectures and processes for images, percepts, models, information part 526
All children want to learn; a guide for parents. By Lorene Kimball Fox, Peggy Brogan & Annie Louise Butler, with chapter on planning the child's room by Maxine Livingston30
All through the town ; Out came the sun ; Morning bells, Comprehending oral and written language27
American Jewish year book, Israel-Diaspora relations, Martensitic transformation22
A narrative approach to organization studies, The Politics and ethics of fieldwork28
A Neurobiological theory and a bio-computer theory involving sexual dimorphism and its relation to various disciplines30
An Introduction to psychology, with applications, Social psychology & 1 other title30
An introduction to ultrathin organic films from Langmuir-Blodgett to self-assembly part 230
Annual report of the National Refractory & Brake Company. By William Zinsser, ill.: James Stevenson27
Answers to odd-numbered problems to A Fortran introduction to programming and computers: including Fortran IV part 330
Answers to selected even-numbered exercises: An Introduction to analytic geometry and calculus30
Answers to selected even-numbered exercises: An Introduction to analytic geometry and calculus part 229
A Portrait of the life and times of Lieutenant-Colonel breveted Major-General George Armstrong Custer, Seventh Cavalry, U S A, up to the Little Big Horn and the controversy beyond30
Application of discrete Fourier techniques for the improvement .., Spectrometric techniques26
Applications of circularly polarized radiation using synchrotron and ordinary sources30
A practical guide to protein and peptide purification for microsequencing, Introduction to computer performance analysis with mathematica30
A Sampler of the test bank and the instructor's resource manual to accompany Introductory psychology, second edition by Daniel Goleman, Trigg Engen, Anthony Davids30
Assembly instructions for "Hofco House" shadow box add-on room with porch top (numbers KN134, KS136) scale model house kit30
Assessing and facilitating reflective judgment growth in a professional environment26
A Study of selected factors related to job satisfaction in the staff .., Like rain30
Automorphic forms, Shimura varieties, and L-functions, vol. II, proceedings of a conference held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, July 6-16, 198830
Autumn evensong. For 2 voices, piano. w Don Arturo, pseud. of Arturo Steffani, m H. A. Rimmer, arr. Purcell J. Mansfield30
Basic Health Publications User's guide to preventing & treating headaches naturally30
Bauer's street pocket guide to certain Louisiana Title 14 criminal laws & Title 32 traffic regulations, revised statutes, 1991 part 226
Biological neural networks in invertebrate neuroethology and robotics, Calling the night away23
Biological transmission of disease agents; symposium held under the auspices of the Entomological Society of America, Atlantic City, 1960. Editor: Karl Maramorosch30
Biomembranes, part S, transport: isolation and characterization. (Methods in enzymology, v. 172) TX 2-633-815 (1989) part 230
Build up a church training enrollment plan manual, Celestine, Andy A. Anderson (guitar riffs)30
Calculation of birefringence and its dispersions (1st, 2nd, and 3rd order) for uniaxial and biaxial crystals30
Canadian Cancer Conference. Vol. 3: proceedings of the Third Canadian Cancer Research Conference, Honey Harbour, Ontario, June 17-21, 1958. By R. W. Begg30
Canadian cancer conference. Vol. 5: proceedings of the Fifth Canadian Cancer Research Conference, Honey Harbour, Ontario, June 10-14, 1962. Editors: R. W. Begg, C. P. LeBlond, R. L. Noble30
Carotenoids as colorants and vitamin A precursors, Animal protein supplies, Food-borne infections and intoxicants25
Characteristics of effective clinical and theory instructors as perceived by LPN to RN versus generic students in an associate degree nursing program30
Chemical induction of cancer, structural bases and biological mechanisms, vol. IIIC, natural, metal, fiber, and macromolecular carcinogens30
Chemistry and biological activities of bacterial surface amphiphiles, Cysticercosis30
Chemistry with inorganic qualitative analysis in the laboratory, instructor's manual30
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