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Acuff-Rose-Opryland Music, Inc. documents
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Abigail, Elizabeth & Allison & 4,799 other titles. (Part 006 of 025), Being with kids23
A little taste of love. w & m George Henry Jackson , Alan Mel Cartee, & Tommy Brasfield (Howard Thomas Brasfield, Jr.)30
All my heart and soul & 4 other titles30
Ashes of love. Words & music: Johnnie Wright, Jack Anglin & Jim Anglin27
Auriga International Corporation skilled training and development program ; Auriga International Corporation international export management and sales training program30
Before I share your love, I'll let you go. w & m Carl Belew, Tommy Blake, & W. S. Stevenson a.k.a. William A. McCall30
Bigfoot--Bluff Creek, Ca. 1967. Photographer, Roger Patterson, assistant photographer, Robert Gimlin30
Blue teardrops (are falling) w & m Roy Orbison, & William M. Dees p.k.a. (Bill Dees) part 230
Bonaparte's retreat. Artist: the Chieftains, sound recording: Island Records, Ltd27
Care, charming sleep. For four-part chorus of mixed voices (SATB) and soprano solo a cappella. Text by John Fletcher, m Michael White30
Darling, how I miss you & 1 other title, Road dogs, Not just summer love28
Dizzy. m Joseph N. Miller, pseud. of Martin Neale a.k.a. Francis X. O'Neill, & Dick Young (Richard D. Young), employer for hire of Joseph N. Miller30
Great shining light. Melody: traditional, words: Roy Acuff & Herald Goodman, When Lulu's gone30
If only I was holding you now & 1 other title, Watching him filling my shoes, Nietzsche's psychology of hierarchy30
If you ever loved me, darlin', love me now. w & m Arthur Leo Owens (Dodle Owens) & Warren James Robb30
I gave up getting over you today. w & m Warren Robb & Whitey Shafer (Sanger D. Shafer)30
I just don't trust my broken heart & 3 other titles, That's what I'm working on tonight30
I just want to love you & 9 other titles part 230
I'll cheat again & 4,108 other titles. (Part 021 of 029)30
In my dreams you still belong to me, Just another good love gone bad, Will I take your heart tonight?30
It's not easy (being a lady with a man like you) & 2 other titles, The Givers and the takers & 4 other titles30
It's not over ('til it's over) By Pam Tillis, Richard Feldman & Walker Inglehardt part 330
It's so easy to see why "Bright As Day!" is the best reading lamp!30
No titles given for musical compositions by John Jaccob Watson registered for copyright by VirJon Music, Wilma Records & Jowat Music30
Novak's Gynecologic and obstetric pathology, with clinical and endocrine relations. By Edmund R. Novak & James Donald Woodruff30
Please don't do that anymore. w & m Lefty Frizzell, pseud. (of William O. Frizzell) and Sanger D. Shafer30
Pocket reference to manipulative techniques and clinical applications, 1992, Rotten eggs30
Princess, I love your eyes, Your black limousine, Let love take the blame25
Reason to be blue & 3 other titles, Sometimes, next time, Gotta find a way to stop lovin' you29
Reuben and Rachel. w & m DeWayne Blackwell, Glenda Blackwell & Ronald Blackwell30
Rock and rock with Gary and the Feellicks, The Ma & Pa super simple songbook, Stealing time30
Second chance & 2 other titles part 230
Snatchin' and grabbin'. For voice & piano. w & m Fred Rose & Ray Scrivner (Raymond F. Scrivner)30
Someone new. By Donald R. Ewing 2nd p.k.a. Skip Ewing, Someone new, My letter to you30
Something came up (that I couldn't turn dow ...) Written by Brock, Dillon & Williams part 330
Spy game. By Beacon Communications Music Company, as employer for hire of Harry Gregson-Williams part 330
The Gospel according to Luke; exposition & application. By Ernest Fremont Tittle, with a foreword by Halford Edward Luccock30
The Intro ; I'll see you there ; Livin' on the edge ... [et al.], Sea creature, After hi school30
The lady's not for sale. Artist: Rita Coolidge, sound recording: A&M Records, Inc30
The Only one I ever loved I lost. Words & music: Johnnie & Jack, pseud. of Jack Anglin, Jim Anglin & Johnny Wright part 430
Today, tomorrow, and everyday after. By Carl Smith & Marshall Jones30
To the women of the world & 2 other titles, Get ahold of yourself, The Cowboy didn't cry & 2 other titles30
Trying to forget (where the sweet for-get-me-nots grow) E32266 (1930) Termination effective 20Dec86 part 230
Two lonely hearts (out of hand) Artist: Vern Gosdin, Night runner, It ain't what you win30
We'll never know how it ends (the last conversation) & 2 other titles, Maybe this time & 3 other titles30
What happened to you? By Gerald Lee House, 1948-, p.k.a. Gerry House, Suzonne P. Ford, 1962-, p.k.a. Devon O'Day, & Monty Holmes30
What's an hour out of your life & 2 other titles, Miss Samandhi, I'm just lying & 3 other titles30
What's a nice girl like you (doin' in a love like this)?, Lay back and let love do it30
When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd. SATB. w Walt Whitman, m Summy Publishing Company, employer for hire of Paul Koepke30
When the south wind blows & 1 other title. Assignment of copyright, Love wins, Don't push your love & 2 other titles30
Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper sing the original Carter Family's greatest hits, Skin him quick. w & m Bill Carlisle22
You are a lamp shining in a dark place, I put my trust in you, Lord, Footprints at the ocean's door30
You're the first thing I want (but the last thing I need) & 1 other title, Celebrity outdoors theme30
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