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A Little love won't hurt a thing & 69 other titles30
All I need is you (when anything goes wrong) By Johnny Mathis part 230
All that I have left of you & 133 other titles29
Ancestry of Dr. Francis Frederick Brown and Emma Mary Clapp and their descendants30
Andy, would you take her home? By Jack Douglas Owen, Jr. p.k.a. Doug Owen, I remember the good old days30
Andy, would you take her home? By Jack Douglas Owen, Jr. p.k.a. Doug Owen, I see, but I don't believe30
An Investigation of the combined effects of property taxes and local public spending on property values .30
Another face of me, & 1 other selection, Sundays are blue, Dream to sleep29
Another face, some other place. w & m Wes Bryan, pseud. (of Bryan Westfield Mintz), Fred Horton, Reese Morgan, pseud. (of Edward J. Fleming)30
Are you coming back to me?, & 3 other song lyrics, Two times stronger, Drivin' in my car30
Before you go & 9 other titles29
Blessing and glory and honor and power be unto thy name, oh Lord, Daddy doesn't live here anymore--the single-parent family30
Blue side of the world & 5 other titles, Turn me off, Dead love letters25
Calling on you & 2 other titles, Bitter Creek, Compromise27
Can't get with it (without you) By Boudleaux & Felice Bryant, Candy's in the wishing well30
Clarence McDonald/Andre Roberson collection, Victim eyes, Tomatoes29
Coming apart at the dreams & 3 other titles part 224
Dancing at the ball of my life & 5 other titles, The Kitchen song, Make me some love30
Doesn't it seem like old times & 5,851 other titles. (Part 007 of 031)30
Don't lay your head (too long upon her shoulder) By R. P. Schaap, G. A. M. Schaap & V. D. Berg30
Don't leave me (I'm sorry) By Patti LaBelle, Thomas Johnson & Bud Ellison part 430
Don't throw your love away & 11 other titles30
Everybody but me. Words & music: Dixie Lee, pseud. of Gladys Smith30
Everything but/surrender (7018972108) By Claire Cloninger, Curt Cloninger, Bruce Greer & Don Cason part 330
Everything has changed (except my love for you) By D. Frazier & A. L. Owens, Mine and Daddy's day30
First forget (what has made you blue) By Harold Don Floyd p.k.a. Lucky Floyd, Robert M. Smith p.k.a. Bob Morris, & Gary P. Nunn part 530
Floyd Cramer hits arranged in Floyd Cramer style. m, arr. & compilation by Floyd Cramer30
Foolish pride & 3 other titles30
Forget my broken heart. Words & music: Dusty Owens, pseud. of Robert James Kucharski, & Joe Parish30
For the rest of my life & 3 other titles24
Forty and fadin' & 1 other title, Society, Complexion girl30
Get thee behind me romance. w Ruth Oma (Roma) Mackintosh (Ruth Oma (Roma) Mackintosh Wilkinson), m Watt Watkins24
Glass houses & 1 other title30
Great shining light. Melody: traditional, words: Roy Acuff & Herald Goodman, One old shirt25
Green back dollar & 4 other titles, You, Three chord city30
Hand shakin', love makin', girl takin' son-of-a-gun from next door. w & m Joe Tex (a.k.a. Joseph Arrington, Jr.), Jerry Crutchfield part 330
Happy anniversary (Happy Hawaiian anniversary) Co-author: Jerry Bryd part 230
He's not good enough for me. w & m Bobby Belew, Van Givens, Tom Stanley, Song for Sybil25
Hey Lucille. w & m Marijohn Wilkin, Fred Burch & Jimmy C. Newman, Oh, how I love London26
Hold me in your arms (the prodigal) By John Elefante & Dino Elefante30
Home is such a lonely place to go. Sweet magnolia blossom. Artist: Billie Craddock (Crash Craddock), sound recording by ABC Records, Inc30
Hotter than hell in America, All over, Precious gem25
I didn't have the heart to say goodbye. Words & music: Fred Rose & Denver Darling25
I'd like to put you in a song (and sing you to the world) By A. L. "Doodle" Owens & Joe Melson part 330
If I say I love you (consider me drunk) / I'll break out again tonight, Something happened to my tears30
If you can't be true to yourself love, how can you be true to me, Ike Everly's rag27
If you don't love me (why don't you just leave me alone) & Thank you! my love part 230
I just called to say I love you. Words & music: Sonny James, pseud. of Jimmie Loden & John Skye, pseud. of John Polansky23
I know. w LaVerne Tripp, m Burns, Rouse & Mann, He's coming soon, You've got a friend27
I know your time is precious and, Princess, so are you, I still believe in miracles27
I'll just hurt away the memories & 2 other titles, Love happy & 3 other titles, Nashville jubilee30
Illustrations of the Huttonian theory of the Earth. Introd. and biographical notes: George Willard White24
I'ma one man home lovin' woman (with a two woman honky tonk man) w & m Dallas Frazier & A. L. Owens (Doodle Owens) part 230
I'm livin' it up (can't live it down), Appalachia, Life's good30
I never caught on fire (till I met you) By Dallas Frazier & Sanger D. Shafer, I don't want to end up crying30
In name only & 2 other titles30
Instructor's manual to accompany The American system of government and The American federal government. By John H. Ferguson & Dean E. McHenry30
I still believe in love & 4 other titles30
I thought of you and said a little prayer. m Richard R. Froeber, w Helen S. Farries28
It's a lovely day & other titles, I had her in my life, Dreaming on a quiet afternoon27
It's wonderful to be an American. Words & music by Howard Westley Ribby, 1920, Breath29
I've been here before & 25 other titles30
Lassie and the mystery at Blackberry Bog. By Robert Maxwell Associates, employer for hire of Dorothea J. Snow and Ken Sawyer30
Last night the sun didn't shine all day, Do us a favor, A Happy love song26
Leave a little play (in the chains of love) By J. L. Dickens & Larry Kirby, I won't know until to-morrow29
Leftover love & 3 other titles29
Love life at fourteen. Words & music: Dallas Frazier, Elvira, Ain't we lucky, babe?30
Lover done me wrong (railroad track) Written by Chandler & Stevenson, My little yellow bird30
Man and the modern city. Edited by Elizabeth Geen, Jeanne R. Lowe & Kenneth Walker30
Melanchthon: selected writings. Translated by Charles Leander Hill, edited by Lowell J. Satre and Elmer Ellsworth Flack30
Mirage. w & m Ramsey Kearney & Mel Tillis, French w Jacques Mareuil (Andre Xavier)30
Mirror, mirror (on the table) By Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka & D. Sohn part 230
My collection of gospel songs for 2002, Holocaust, Six original songs30
My love will never change & 2 other titles, On the wrong side of the road, (Lost her love) on our last date30
No one else (could love you like I do) By Fred R. Maddox & Jimmy Ringo, Bill Cheatham (arr.)30
Old folks cry a lot more (than we'll ever know) By John D. Loudermilk, I hope it will be me30
One drink is too many (and a hundred's not enough) By Ira Louvin & Anne Young, One day I'll get over you30
One man's trash (is another man's treasure) bw I can't wait unitl tomorrow SR 20-200 (1980)30
One man's woman. By Kenny Rogers Productions, employer for hire30
One night love affair30
Orpheus with his lute. Words from Henry VIII by Shakespeare [i.e. William Shakespeare], music by R. Vaughan Williams [i.e. Ralph Vaughan Williams], arr. for S.S.: Harry Dexter part 230
Pass the word. w & m Guy Singer, pseud. of Earl Chalmers Guisinger22
Please call me honey. Words & melody by Mabel Martina Jacobs, Please call30
Quilt of memories collection. By Terry Stephen Smith, 1944, Ridin' hard, Stillwater30
Rainy day; words, music, instrumentation-piano. No. 9, I won't tell you any lies25
Riding in a van called Lucy (with a girl from ...) Written by Pacic & Bennett, Rhonda's song22
Riding in a van called Lucy (with a girl from ...) Written by Pacic & Bennett, Ridin' rainbows30
Santa Claus or dream-keeper, send my dream-man dream-girl for Christmas day (my birthday) part 230
She met him on the Internet, You played me for a fool, Used to be30
Singing those lovesick blues again, Look what followed me home, Somebody almost loved me27
Sing the blues for me, baby, Fire in your life, Throw me in the river30
Sing the blues with a little smile & breathe free collection30
Somebody else may be telling her something30
Somebody's smiling (while I'm crying) By Dude Day, Curtis Holbert & Delmar Loveday part 330
Stories of the Christ child. Text: Mary Alice Jones, ill.: Eleanor Corwin, Arizona Sun illustration30
Sweet Kentucky sunrise ; m John Hunter Gibson, 1962- ; w Jim Harp, 1934, Interstate blues29
Tell me when the flag is passing by29
Temporarily yours ... permanently collectible26
Thank God (for blessed Jesus) Written by Edwards & Maxwell, That somebody is me30
Thank God for my life. Co-writers: Bad Ass, Delmar Arnaud "Daz" & Tray Dee30
That's when I see the blues (in your pretty brown eyes) m Carl Belew, Tommy Blake, W. S. Stevenson30
The Common, broke elastic, rotten cotton, hound snoopin', ankle droppin', funky fuzzy, white sock blues number two part 230
The Girl next door. Sung in the picture Athena. By Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane30
The Great atomic power & 1 other title, Where the babes all go, Gimme a little sugar. w & m Buddy Bain & Martha Ellis30
Then you won't have to cry (for the rocks and the mountains) By Johnnie & Homer Bailes part 230
The opera ain't over ('til the fat lady sings) Written by Givens & Belew, She discovered gold in my back yard30
The parlor of the pen. w & m John A. Meadows, Edgel G. Groves, & Ensign Music Corporation, employer for hire of Rhett Davis30
Time hurts (as well as it heals) By Don Gibson, This old country boy gets right30
Trouble in these mountains. w & m Dale Siegenthaler, Carl Tilton & Marvin Rainwater30
Vision--how, why, and what we see. No. 7828. By Golden Press, Inc., employer for hire of Janette Rainwater & Weimer Pursell30
Wail of the songplugger; background music. m & recitation: Ted Brooks (Theodore Roosevelt Brooks)30
We've got love & 1 other title27
Why did you come my way? w & m Marijohn Wilkin & Mary Claire Rhodes, Tree trunk30
Why did you have to go and leave me (lonesome blues)? By Marvin Rainwater, Dale's ditties25
Would I be the looser (the looser, not you) w Irene Stier, w & m Joe Grieshop, My suspicious mind & 1 other title26
You and me & 1 other title, That woman of mine, We've got to love that other woman out of me27
You can't drive me crazy (I've been that way for years), Yesterday's roads, Depression blues30
You only want me when you're lonely. Words & music: Lonnie Johnson (Lorenzo Joel Johnson)30
You've got a heart like a merry-go-round. Words & music: Jimmy Work & James Wagner30
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