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Abigail, Elizabeth, & Allison & 3501 other titles. (Part 008 of 020), Release me30
A Collection of papers on piggyback--a viable and underutilized transportation alternative, the participative management system, aging at the cellular level--cell physiology, community health--field experience, the health risks associated by the birth control pill part 230
Acorn's Tavern, Frostbite, Mingus sun26
Almeida flavors, vol. I; Christopher Almeida flavors, vol. I. By Christopher Almeida30
Alphabet girls ; High feelin's ; Retaliation ; My boomerang baby (snap back), Savage beauty30
And 50 [cents] gets you a cup of coffee, 7 come 11, Here comes the Sun30
A Plan for the education and training of uncredentialed Veterans .., Shadows of my mind30
Baby, won't you please trade with me? By Eddie Miller, Robt. Yount & Wes McWain part 230
Backstabba's ; Sitten on phat ; Game of death, The odd balls, Knight's vengeance30
Bad water. Four part SSA with solo voice arr. Unart Music Corporation, employer for hire of William Sanford29
Bandito ; If you're gonna cry (don't do it in my arms) ; What are you doing in my world? ... [et al.]30
Because you can't always stay with your car, Old Lone Star USA, She's looking for paradise30
Birdie in the cage and six hands round, Because you've chosen me, Blues in LA30
Cadillac blues ; Hard lesson ; No matter what I do ... [et al.], New solution & 10 other titles30
Cloud nine to rock bottom, Head for the hills, Wheels of life27
Come on in & 37 other titles, He will do for you, Road of sin24
Come tomorrow they'll do the same30
Country lovin' (I want some) By W. S. Stevenson, Bob Bobo & Carl Lewis, Party-party-eh27
Country pride. By William Paul Peterson & John Patrick Boylan, When you said goodbye30
Did I ever tell you about the man that taught his asshole to talk?, Holdin' my baby tonight30
Don't cry in my beer (I wanna drink it) By H. H. Burton & Blossom Diehl, The Deal fell through30
Don't ever leave me again. By Jimmy Crawford, Quiet reflections, Novelho30
Don't let this earth become an old memory, Empty arms, Hey, this is me29
Don't make a fool out of me. Words & music: Gladyces DeJesus, El Cerrito, Echoes of the island30
Driving, compelling, energetic, Dream waltz, Dream waltz of mine30
East of West Berlin. w & m Margaret Claire & Wilhelmine F. Weber, piano arr. Pine Ridge Music, Inc24
Every body [sic] knows it's Christmas time, Ride, ride, ride, Ladies come, ladies go30
Faster I go (the behinder I get) By Carl Belew & Van Givens, Don't wait for the hearse to take you to church30
Faster I go (the behinder I get) By Carl Belew & Van Givens, Don't walk upon my broken heart30
Forster's saxophonist's popular ablum no. 2, Hawaiian hotel, Gaiety polka28
Four hundred twenty six super stock, Foot loose and fancy free, Four little girls30
Have faith (just a prayer away) By Lynn Dossey, & William A. McCall p.k.a. W. S. Stevenson30
He don't want your love (he just wants your lovin') By Ric Simpson, Hoot owl melody30
Hodge podge collage (diversions), Hodge podge, Variations27
Horseback government: ad interim administration, Republic of Texas, 1836, I'll not marry all her family30
How can I face tomorrow? By C. C. Beam, C. L. Jiles, & Wm. A. McCall p.k.a W. S. Stevenson part 630
How long will it be? By C. C. Beam, C. L. Jiles, & Wm. A. McCall p.k.a. W. S. Stevenson30
I can't call it (High school high) Written by David Jolicoeur, Vincent Mason & Kelvin Mercer28
I don't have to tell you what it's like to be alone, I shot JFK, Hollywood sheriff, & 1 other title25
If you ever take me back I'll never go, If we pretend, I won't go there27
If you ever take me back I'll never go, Jake version 1.2 & 3 other titles, Tina's a dancer30
If you had a figure like hers, I'd insist that you wear one! Artist: Constance Bannister30
I get butterflies (in my stomach) By Jeff Lorber, Ollie E. Brown & Cindy Silver part 330
I have faith in you. Italian w A. Bracchi, m G. D. Anzi, English w Dave Mann30
I'll never go back (to what I had before), Wish you would've said goodbye, R.N.I. awesome29
I'ma hotrodder (and all that jazz) Words Jay Jay Imus a.k.a. John D. Imus, music Freddy Ford a.k.a. Fred M. Imus part 430
I'm sending you this farewell letter, darling, Big Jim's reel, Ranger's hoedown30
I'm sending you this farewell letter, darling, Don't cry in my beer (I wanna drink it)30
I'm sending you this farewell letter, darling, Hot woodpecker rag, Dusty blossom boogie30
(I'm the man that walks) the floor above your ceiling, Giggling polka, Give me last December for Christmas this year30
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