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20 natural ways to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, Crab apple green, The march of the red ants30
A comparison of MMPI-2 symptom validity scales with mild traumatic brain injury litigants versus migraine and chronic back pain patients30
A Critical evaluation of the attitudes and foreign policy of the United States, Commentaries on various music for Orchestra III26
A Descriptive catalogue of the African and African-American collection, The Howard University Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C part 230
Advances in lipid research. Vol. 3. By Rudolfo Paoletti, David Kritchevsky and 8 others23
Afforestation of food crop trees, a scientific global anti-hunger strategy utilizing underproductive lands26
A framework for assessing the impact of software changes to software architecture using change classification30
Alaska Stock group registration for automated database, True north 98-1, True north promotional images, 97-121
An Evaluation of selection and training variables with peer high school students .30
Angel web ; Clearing and grounding, Lyrical, Occurrence at the OK Corral30
A Plan for an orphan disease/orphan drug clearinghouse based at the University of Michigan30
Basic and clinical perspectives of colorectal polyps and cancer, The Prostatic cell, structure and function25
Cancer detection and prevention, Hospital coloring book, Epilepsy30
Cellular and molecular aspects of fiber carcinogenesis, Paralyzer beatz 2, Goddest28
Cellular and molecular biology of hemopoietic stem cell differentiation, Current topics in hematology30
Cellular and molecular biology of normal and abnormal erythroid membranes, Protein recognition of immobilized ligands30
Cellular and molecular biology of tumors and potential clinical applications, Evolution of hormone-receptor systems30
Characteristics of the sources used by American historians writing on .., The Park is mine30
Current topics in developmental biology. Vol. 1. By A. A. Moscona, Alberto Monroy, and 12 others25
Demographic and biographic characteristics of prospective teacher educators and their motives for becoming teacher educators part 230
Developing and regenerating vertebrate nervous systems, The Cerebellum, new vistas30
Development of antisocial and prosocial behavior: research, theories and issues30
Development of visual pathways in mammals, Checksums and the internet, Final take30
DNA repair: a laboratory manual of research procedures (in two parts), Persistent viruses30
Earthquakes and geological discovery, Viruses, Beyond the third dimension26
Effect of aluminum on the growth and selected biochemical processes of peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch)30
Effects of type and timing of feedback for non-critical errors with an intelligent tutoring system30
Electron microscopy in forensic, occupational, and environmental health sciences30
Electrophysiological techniques in pharmacology, Caribbean Island reggae, Harmonica trio27
Environmental influences on fertility, pregnancy, and development strategies for measurement and evaluation30
Enzymology and molecular biology of carbonyl metabolism aldehyde dehydrogenase, aldo-keto reductase, and alcohol dehydrogenase30
Enzymology and molecular biology of carbonyl metabolism aldehyde dehydrogenase, aldo-keto reductase, and alcohol dehydrogenase part 230
Enzymology and molecular biology of carbonyl metabolism aldehyde dehydrogenase, aldo-keto reductase, and alcohol dehydrogenase part 330
Five French baroque organ masses. By Almonte C. Howell, Jr, Space dog in trouble30
Graphics calculator guide for Mathematical applications for the management, life, and social sciences, fourth edition by Ronald J. Harshbarger and James J. Reynolds30
Graphics calculator guide for Mathematical applications for the management, life, and social sciences, fourth edition by Ronald J. Harshbarger and James J. Reynolds part 330
Handling of radiation accident patients by paramedical and hospital personnel, Coach Carter30
Harrison's Principles of internal medicine, PreTest self-assessment and review, Intensive review of internal medicine30
Highlights of the history of the Colonial Capital Branch, Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, 1889-198828
Identifying the process of developing technology plans for small school districts30
Index to Spring Lake Community centennial, 1869-1969 and corrections & additions to Spring Lake Community centennial, 1869-196926
Informal sociology; a casual introduction to sociological thinking. By William Bruce Cameron28
Instructor's resource manual with test bank to accompany Management information systems, a user perspective part 230
International journal of cancer = Journal international du cancer, American journal of medical genetics30
Intracellular protein catabolism, My daughter, my friend, Grandma doesn't care30
Introductory course for understanding the concepts of the apple orchard industry30
Jeannie sings a Thanksgiving special from Plymouth, Massachusetts, The interface of knots and physics30
Journal of microsurgery. July/Aug. et al. TX 428-19827
Kiln fired glass using Thompson enamel products and glass slumping molds made from bisqued ceramic hobby body30
Late Cenozoic paleohydrogeology of the western San Joaquin Valley, California, as related to structural movements in the central coast ranges30
Leadership attributes and social factors shaping the career of African American social work administrators30
Listening to corporate conversations discursive strategy, hegemony, and the corporate culture discourse part 328
Magnets and how to use them. By Tillie S. Pine & Joseph Levine, ill.: Annemarie Jauss30
Making the turn at Salisbury Country Club, Midlothian, Virginia, AI in process control28
Mechanisms of intestinal electrolyte transport and regulation by calcium, Charter 77 and the legacy of antipolitics26
Mexican workers in the United States, a study of migration and social change, More of you and less of me30
Normalization and prediction of geotechnical properties using the cone penetrometer test (CPT)30
Norming of the "attention deficit disorders evaluation scale--second edition--school version" on a national sample of ADHD students30
Pathogenesis and new approaches to the study of noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus30
Pepito goes to the zoo = Pepito va al zoologico ; Pepito works in the garden = Pepito trabaja en el jardin29
Personal educative dossier prefaced by the essay "on being an American scholar--one man's educational odyssey" part 324
Philadelphia's deindustrialization--the impact on low wages, African Americans and unionization30
Poliomyelitis; papers and discussions presented at the Fourth International Poliomyelitis Conference. Editor: Stanley H. Henwood, employee for hire of International Poliomyelitis Conference21
Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons bioavailability and their measurement from manufactured gas plant lampblack30
Practical concepts and training exercises for crisis intervention teams including role-playings and interactive games part 225
Practice book for the regents competency test in US history & government, Using your social studies textbook30
Proceedings of the ... International Workshop on Fragile X and X-linked Mental Retardation30
Random-coefficients models of the inflationary .., Ken Robinson's Deuteronomy, She took me for a ride30
Raw footage for 'Gimme what U got' video, Raw footage, Rethinking the tectonics of the Caucasus30
Recognition of complex partial seizures in a simulated case report of an epileptic psychotic by recently trained psychiatrists, neurologists, and neuropsychologists part 230
Selecting high school counselors for a middle school resident outdoor education camp program30
Sexual harassment and cognitive perceptions of Department of Defense supervisors27
Signal transduction mechanisms mediated by RHEB, a RAS homology enriched in brain, and their novel dependence on coincident growth factor and camp signaling for activation of the map kinase30
Soren Kierkegaard and Anglo-American literary culture of the thirties and forties30
Special topics number ST 84-1 (ST-135) indications for cytogenetics testing on blood26
Test bank to accompany Management, challenges in the 21st century, [by] Pamela S. Lewis, Stephen H. Goodman, Patricia M. Fandt30
The Change in physicians' attitudes towards truth-telling to dying patients, 1920's-1980's28
The CLIC system is patented, automatic-locking support/hanger system for all types of pipe, tube, conduit, and cable, in diameters from .295" to 5.000"30
The Effects of dominance and familiarity on heart rate reactivity .., Cancer cytogenetics30
The Exchange dynamics of the binding of N-methylimidazole to .., Prevention of physical and mental congenital defects30
The incredible lightness of beano/stuck on you & 12 other titles; musical scores30
The Interaction of acoustical and electromagnetic fields with biological systems30
The journal of membrane biology: an international journal for studies on the structure, function, and genesis of biomembranes part 1230
The perceptions and behaviors of administrators that affect the decision of a district to dismiss or to discipline a tenured teacher30
The polka dotted seagulls with green eyes, feet and bills of Tybee Island, The Barbary macaque: a case study in conservation30
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America part 230
Therapeutic progress in urological cancers, Cancer of the prostate and kidney, Four fanfares for all occasions30
The Relationship of secondary school principals' locus of control, .., Current topics in microbiology and immunology29
The synthesis and characterization of polynuclear carboxylate and polynuclear carboxylate/catecholate complexes30
The Triad of gastric epithelioid leiomyosarcoma, functioning extra-adrenal paraganglioma, and pulmonary chondroma part 230
The use of sandplay therapy, the therapeutic relationship and the use of cognitive restructuring for the treatment of Prader-Willi syndrome30
The use of the productivity environmental preference survey and the Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire to determine if any relationships exist between learning style and job satisfaction among part 230
Toward ethnic diversification in psychology education and training, Herds of words28
Trance-formations: neuro-linguistic programming and the structure of hypnosis. By John Grinder & Richard Bandler29
Tunis anyone? The Triangle Club of Princeton University presents it's 63d annual production. Music: John C. Eaton, words: Ronald N. Friedrich, Z. Taylor Vinson, John T. Osander & Rae H. Graham30
Understanding, selecting, and acquiring clinical laboratory analyzers, The Chronic effects of repeated mechanical trauma to the skin30
Understanding, selecting, and acquiring clinical laboratory analyzers, Tumor markers in cancer control30
Walt Disney's Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier stamp book. No. WD-1. Adaptor: Irwin Shapiro, line drawing adaptor: Norton Stewart30
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