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Ain't it funny? and 2 other lyrics, He filled my empty arms, Apart of her28
Another worldly device ; Whose fist is this anyway? ; Snap your finger, snap your neck ... [et al.]30
Between the Earth and the stars & 1 other title, Love stop, The Cat30
Black and white processing (discharging flows, homo sapiens), 5210 part 230
Cognitive structure changes in astronomy students using advance organizers matched with cognitive .26
Collection 1, Will you?30
Cosmopolitan calendar with pictorial illustrations of modern living, recreation, antique autos, cornucopia and coins part 330
Don't ask me no questions (I'll tell you no lies)30
Don't call me baby & 3 other titles30
Don't wanna be friends ; It's a dying world ; Light your candle ... [et al.]30
Do what you do ; This I know ; Big deal30
Get it (while it's hot), Crime don't pay, Right now man29
Glass houses for horn quartet, The peasant queen, Kayla, come home27
Going back to Cocoa, and 2 other songs, Danny boy, The NBA's got jams25
Hard day/ music & words by Lauryl Brown Lewis, Battleground, Father of Lies30
Hoffman Fuel--Nobody serves you better, Iona College alumni directory ., Coke is life22
Hooked on love (Grandma's dirty book), Big bad Bob, Sleeping single, drinking double24
Hot shots! an important movie. By Jim Abrahams & Pat Proft, Top secret!, Spend this night with me30
I can feel a coldness, Bye bye30
Information for patients about cataracts--treatment using the Phaco-emulsifier method part 230
Inside out part 1130
I wouldn't take a million dollars for what I dreamed last night, Out to the country30
Little bit stupid ; Blue flame ; Dirty martini ... [et al.], Enough is not enough30
Lojosis, a legend of Northport, If only30
Maureen ; The Gee and the Rick and the three card trick ; (Hey, big mouth) stand up and say that ; L. A. F. S30
Midnight flight to Memphis, Hollywood30
Moonlight part 530
Plant life. Artist: Herbie Flowers, bands 2-6 of side 1 & bands 2-6 of side 2: Phonogram, Ltd26
Pretty girls make graves. By Steven Morrissey & John Marr30
Royal Blood presents Love, blood, and rhetoric, I'm the man, I'm the man. w & m Jerry Holmes30
Songs written by Paul Bliss and included in album entitled Neon smiles. By Paul Bliss30
The Biggest April fool in town. w & m Virginia Krupp (Virginia Mary Krupp Fox)30
The Heart's a wonder; a ballad opera in three acts and a finale. Adaptation: Mairin O'Farrell (Mairin Charlton) & Nuala O'Farrell (Nuala Mulcahy), m arr. Nuala O'Farrell & Kathleen Gallagher30
(The Strange circumstances which lead to) Vladimir & Olga (requesting rehabilitation in a Siberian health resort as a result of stress in furthering the people's policies)30
(The Strange circumstances which lead to) Vladimir & Olga (requesting rehabilitation in a Siberian health resort as a result of stress in furthering the people's policies) part 230
Titles contained in Jesus of cool. By Nicholas Drain Lowe, Andrew Bodnar & Stephen Goulding30
Tryin' to find the words to break your heart, One to one, Black manology30
Waiting part 1730
Who will carry the message? Writers, H. G. Niececken & Walter C. Homes, Monsters in disguise25
Writing on the wall, and 5 other songs30
You don't forget things like that, Hello, LosAngeles, Chutzpa30
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