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All them things I did ; .45 ; Climbing the walls ... [et al.], Shapeless, The Coming of Jesus30
A looka a looka and 3647 other titles. (Part 012 of 019), A-bone blues & 3,943 other titles. (Part 012 of 021)30
A looka a looka and 3647 other titles. (Part 013 of 019), Don't go, A-bone blues & 3,943 other titles. (Part 001 of 021)30
Blacklight ; Counter-blast ; Little Texas ... [et al.], Rockin' the seven seas, Tora! tora!30
Breaking into the big time (with a broken heart) & 26 other titles, Things & 2 other titles; songs29
Cabaret part 230
Come in from the rain, & other songs, And then I saw the fireflies, Woman on a tightrope30
Don't wait (till it's too late) & 5 other titles, But I tried, My dear30
Do you believe in us? By Jon Secada, 1961-, & Miguel Morejon, 196130
Fall break; musical score. By Ocean King Corporation d.b.a. O K Productions, employer for hire of Michael Minard & Arthur Resnick27
Hanky panky & 2 other titles, Hanky panky part 230
How can I write on paper (what I feel in my heart)? w & m Jim Reeves, Don Carter, Danny Harrison & George Kent30
How time flies. Sound recording by Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc, Home is where your heart is30
I ain't nobody without you & 1063 other titles. (Part 004 of 006), Forever baby, Fore day30
I like them all. w & m Fred Ebb, Paul Klein & Larry Coleman, I can't do that anymore27
In Izzenschnooken on the lovely Essenzook Zee. From the musical score, Little Mary Sunshine. w & m Rick Besoyan (Richard Besoyan) part 230
It ain't my baby (and I ain't gonna rock it) Words and music: Johnny Hicks & Jim Leisy (James F. Leisy)30
Jenny again. w & m Howard Greenfield, Ritchie Adams, It hurts to be in love, Broken delivery30
Keep the lovelight burning ; Together forever, Solid gold, Did we forget about love?28
Loving you makes everything alright. By Scott English, Kenny Young, 1990 collection30
Me llamo Cheech, el chofer del autobus de al escuela, Up in smoke, Up in smoke 130
Me or the rumours (the jellybean mix), Earth love, Islands of the future30
My girl, Ivy. w & m Billy Dawn Smith (William Paul Smith), Alicia Evelyn & James Withabig30
No titles given for book on software on the history of cryptography (software for PC/PC Jr., Apple II computers and Commodore 64) by David Heller & Dorothy Heller30
No titles given; notification (under 17 USC 508) of final order or judgement (docket no. C-78-301 WAI filed 8Feb78 in Northern District of California, San Francisco) Request to enter default attached part 230
Our unfinished waltz. Music: James Ellsworth Lowe, words: Sanders Robert Dolce, The Wright brothers & 1 other title27
Saint James Parish, Louisianna, ownership and lease map with well data. By Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys & Margaret Batts Tobin, individually & as executrix of the Estate of Edgar G. Tobin, owner25
Sic parvis magna = Great things have small beginnings, La Bamba, You're sixteen30
Some are silver, some are gold, Dream lover, Dream lover (score)30
Sugar Ray Robinson (the greatest boxer of all times), Good to go, Boyz and girlz high30
Summer sweetheart. By Fred Ebb, Paul Klein & Johnny Warrington, My first woman, Dear one30
Telecommunications market opportunity analysis, Grant County public utility district29
That's happiness. Words and music: Fred Ebb, Paul Klein, and Larry Coleman (Lawrence Coleman)30
The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe proceedings, 1989, One. Words and music: Warren Spencer24
The family & descendants of Dr. Robert Chandler, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania30
This time of the year. w & m Cliff Owens & Jessie Hollis, The Christmas song, A Very special holiday26
Tree tree hickory tree. Words: Mynell Allen & Ed Smollett, music: Belford C. Hendricks a.k.a. Billy Henry, & George Wallington30
Vocal jazz style--the music of Kirby Shaw, Rock-a my soul, Crazy carols30
Wha'ch you mean? m Bobby Darin (Robert Darin), and Jay Barton, pseud. of Rudi Trailor28
What am I doing in Cleveland when I oughta be in Pittsburgh? By Fred Ebb & John Kander30
William Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida: performance edition for stage and study as satirically created, 1601-0930
Wonder what it's like. From the new musical Tenderloin. w Sheldon Harnick, m Jerry Bock part 228
You can't argue with a sick mind. Artist: Joe Walsh, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc part 327
You'll never free your heart from mine. Words & music: Tony Stewart, pseud. of Lew A. Douglas, Dyke Rula, pseud. of Frank Lavere & Mary Jane Foley, pseud. of Glory M. Fox30
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