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AADE reference manual for evaluation of diabetes education programs, Instructional planning19
Academic Press, Inc., Grune & Stratton, Inc., Johnson Reprint Corporation handbook for employees30
Administrators and teaching staff perceptions toward instructional development program at Iman Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia30
A geographic information system approach to modeling nutrient and sediment transport30
Agoraphobia symptomatology and in vivo exposure methods of .., Agoraphobia, Tell child death30
A graphical methodology for describing interrater variability in ordinal assessments among many raters30
A Guide to the interpretation of the thematic apperception test to be used with the Bellak T A T blank. By Leopold Bellak29
A moment of justice, a lifetime of vengeance, The pyramid of success, Basketball's balanced offense27
An examination of the relationship between healthy aging, inhibition, memory, and neuropsychological function30
An examination of the relationships between career plateauing and job attitudes, Whatever my lady wishes30
An Experimental comparison of discovery and didactic computerized .., Netscape adventures30
Apartment 24 ; These are the best years of our lives ; Grandpa's fiddle, The family26
A practical guide to early childhood planning, methods, and materials, Parent talk25
Are you crazy 'bout a good time? (come along with me) w & m John Bobby Berry, Handbook of cross-cultural psychology30
Assessment and instruction of culturally and linguistically diverse students with or at-risk of learning problems part 230
Assessment and instruction of culturally and linguistically diverse students with or at-risk of learning problems part 330
Attitudes of regular elementary teachers assigned to teach ESL, Plegaria, Sabor y sentimiento30
Automated physician chart review with health maintenance assessment, Casi =, The dot29
Brief-A SP behavior rating inventory of executive function adult version software portfolio part 230
Building excellent customer/supplier partnerships, the vision, strategic alliances of true partners30
Century 21 keyboarding, formatting, and document processing, fourth edition [by] T. James Crawford, Lawrence W. Erickson, Lee R. Beaumont ... [et al.]25
Changing attitudes of allied health students toward the aged through computer-based instruction30
Characteristics of and strategies for teaching students with mild disabilities, Interprofessional collaboration in schools30
Check it out (Plantation Inn) Co-writers, Issac Hayes, Dominique Aldridge et al part 430
Children and adolescents, a developmental perspective [by] John Santrock, Steve Yussen30
Cockpit resource management concepts and training strategies, Instrument flying handbook26
Cognitive development as an outcome measure of a remediation program provided to high-risk senior baccalaureate nursing students part 225
Comparing an expert system vs traditional approach to forecasting item demand in a distribution inventory environment25
Complete handbook of activities and recreational programs for nursing homes, Acting with style30
Connecting informational children's books with content area learning, The psychology channel30
Connecting informational children's books with content area learning, Use of reaction time measures as correlates of intelligence and .30
Connecting informational children's books with content area learning, Video field production and editing30
Consumer preferences for apparel and textile products as a function of lifestyle imagery30
Contemporary social problems: an introduction to the sociology of deviant behavior and social disorganization30
Contract between Personalized Nursing Corporation, P.C., and Comprehensive Health Services of Detroit, Inc30
Correlates of young children's narrative competence, Wonder chord chart, Heartache of loneliness29
Counseling children with hearing impairment and their families, Let the spirit do the leading--"the great physician."30
Cultural awareness, ethnic loyalty, self-esteem and psychosocial competence among Mexican American college students30
Curriculum-based assessment and programming, Test Ready mathematics, Test Ready plus mathematics30
Curriculum content for students with moderate and severe disabilities in inclusive settings30
Curriculum content for students with moderate and severe disabilities in inclusive settings part 330
Curriculum content for students with moderate and severe disabilities in inclusive settings part 427
Cutting it straight, a guide for Christian expository preaching from the Old Testament30
Deep, deep dream. w & m Charles Booth, Gary Smith, Elvis in concert in heaven, Elvis25
Developing a spiritual gifts-based ministry at First Baptist Church of Mena, Arkansas30
Dual, a program for quadratic linear stochastic control problems, Royal rhyme, From kings come kings28
Economic and social consequences of nuclear attacks on the United States, International development24
Education law and the public schools. Bulletin and update subscription service, Drugs and human behavior19
Effects of graphic organizers, textual organization, and reading .., Teaching and learning in the middle grades30
Ethical decision-making made easier, Betrayed, Dead sand28
Factors affecting mathematics subtest outcomes on the Florida college-level academic skills test at a private research university30
Factors influencing the labor force participation and labor force attachment decisions of Minnesota farm women part 230
Family interaction patterns and the experience of hopelessness and isolation in suicidal, psychiatric, nonsuicidal, and nondisturbed adolescents30
Food for modern living. By Irene E. McDermott, Mabel B. Trilling & Florence Williams Nicholas30
From paragraph to essay: a process approach for beginning college writing, Handbook of pediatric psychology and psychiatry21
Generating a handbook for the adult survivor of child sexual .., Understanding child abuse and neglect21
Guidebook for implementing the trifocal underachievement program for schools, Behavior checklist for gifted third-grade students29
Harper & Row English, level 7. Samples--teacher's resource package. By Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc., employer for hire of Arturo Luis Gutierrez, Eric P. Hamp, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Cynthia Lewin, Earl F. Rankin, Dorothy Rubin, Helen Wood Turner & C. Thomas Turner part 230
Homebuyer, protect yourself! (buying a home with or without an agent's help), When Venus fell30
Human, administrative, and/or technical resistance to, or acceptance of, change key30
Hurricane warning; (Miami hurricane) By John Baer, Audio Horizons CD 1199, Rock/pop/dance28
Informational and organizational bases of shoreline protection .., Imagination, and 2 other selections21
Instructor's manual and key for Gregg computer shorthand for shorthand and nonshorthand writers30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Communication works [by] Teri Kwal Gamble, Michael W. Gamble part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Between the lines, second edition [by] Jean Zukowski/Faust, Susan J. Johnston, Clark S. Atkinson part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Contemporary American society, an introduction to the social sciences, second edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany David Ucko's Living chemistry: an introduction to general, organic and biological chemistry, second edition part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Experimental psychology, second edition, understanding psychological research [by] Barry H. Kantowitz and Henry L. Roediger 3d30
Instructor's manual to accompany From reading, writing, second edition, The Lunatic30
Instructor's manual to accompany Psycholinguistics, second edition, Jean Berko Gleason, Nan Bernstein Ratner, editors26
Instructor's manual to accompany Reading for college writers by Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen29
Instructor's manual to accompany Read, reason, write, fourth edition, [Thinking for writing]30
Instructor's manual to accompany second edition, Rewriting writing, Rhetoric made plain, fifth edition, instructor's manual for30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Texas politics, economics, power, and policy, fourth edition30
Instructor's supplement, The Conscious reader, second edition [by] Caroline Shrodes, Harry Finestone, Michael Shugrue28
Introduction to organic and neurogenic disorders of communication, Computer friends23
Investigation of the process of improved literacy construction in individuals with poor reading abilities and an identification of language impairment30
Joint air operations: pursuit of unity in command & control, 1942-1991. By James A. Winnefeld & Dana J. Johnson30
Judicial independence, public confidence in courts, and state-federal cooperation in the Midwest part 224
Key to English fundamentals, sixth edition, English fundamentals, Handbook of English fundamentals30
Levant F. Thompson, hop king, banker, senator (Pierce County, Washington pioneer)30
Literature-based reading activities, Oo-pples and boo-noo-noos, Ready for reading30
Living in the USA, no. 1, a compentency-based novel for beginning intermediate students of English30
Management and information systems in human services, Strangest thing, Smile30
Mathematical model of an infusion system for the detection and identification of fluid flow faults part 230
Multi-perspective language and communication checklists for student behaviors and curriculum interactions30
Operationalizing predictive factors of success for entry level students of computer science30
Ourselves and others, 1963. By Harold H. Wagenheim, Elizabeth Voris Lathrop & Matthew Dolkey28
Passing our heartaches around. w & m Pete Graves, Bonnie Graves, It's time to praise the Lord30
Past to present: a world history. By Sydney H. Zebel & Sidney Schwartz, Discovering the many worlds of literature29
POMS, production and operations management software for the I B M PC & compatible microcomputers30
Prevalence rates of full and partial PTSD and lifetime trauma in a sample of adult members of an American Indian tribe25
Ripley ferry. For women's chorus (SSAA), baritone solo (spoken) and wind septet. Composer: H. Owen Reed, w Merrick F. McCarthy part 230
Screenwriter, the life and times of Nunnally Johnson, Screenwriting material 1999a28
Special education teachers' perceptions of occupational therapy and the effect it has on their instructional methodology in Chicago public elementary schools part 230
SPSS for Windows: base system user's guide, release 6.0 By Marija J. Norusis28
Strategic and interpersonal skill building through organizational dramas, Strategies for business and technical writing29
Strategies for writers conventions & skills practice book, level H, Literature across cultures30
Street map of Show Low, Arizona, and vicinity, From the front of the room, Jesse26
Teacher talk and writing development in an urban first-grade30
Test bank for Psychology, understanding behavior, second edition [by] Baron, Byrne, Kantowitz30
The answer to a young girl's prayer. w Jean Benedict (Cort S. Quickel), m Raven Kelly (William Storm)30
The curious reader, book 1 & 7 other titles; books, Curious reader, Membership recruiting manual25
The effect of film models on help-seeking behavior in the institutionalized elderly30
The Effect of thyroxine on the development of the D-glucose transport mechanism, Wild Lily30
The Effects of dance/movement therapy on motor characteristics in physically handicapped children30
The effects of relaxation response training on the frequency and intensity of menopausal hot flash symptoms26
The Human relations experience: exercises in multicultural, nonsexist education, Exercises in counseling the elderly27
The impact of aspiring leaders programs on school culture, student achievement, and teacher professional development30
The influence of goal-orientation and sex-role identity on the development of leadership self-efficacy during a training intervention30
The influence of interactive storybook read-alouds on first graders' literacy development30
The influence of picture format and indefinite quantifiers on the ability of students with serious emotional disturbance to solve word problems29
The Layman's Bible commentary. Vol. 23: the first and second letters of Paul to the Thessalonians, first and second letter of Paul to Timothy, the letter of Paul to Titus, the letter of Paul to Philemon. By Holmes Rolston30
The meaning of collaborative writing in a college composition course, Children's voices27
The new sourcebook for teaching reasoning and problem solving in junior and senior high school30
The Perceptions of and the coping with role conflict as experienced by .., Quantum teaching30
The power of problem solving: practical ideas and teaching strategies for any K-8 subject area. By Juanita S. Sorerson, Lynn R. Buckmaster, Mary Kay Francis part 228
The recording studio mixing console and equipment document specification, Star dream (in my dream of live)23
The relation between resilience, coaching, coping skills training, and perceived stress during a career-threatening milestone30
The Relationship between mathematics anxiety and number pattern recognition .., The Signs of the times30
The Resourceful writer, readings to accompany the Harbrace college handbook, instructor's manual for25
The role of conserved region 1 of Escherichia coli sigma-70 in transcription initiation30
The Rorschach method of personality diagnosis individual record blank. By Bruno Klopfer & Helen H. Davidson27
The social worker, his father, and the shelter, Chief fish, A pinch of class30
The songs of Barbara Ann Metzger, 5a day & exercise, The Earl and the heiress30
The tao of money management or purpose and your purse, Learning to learn in the workplace30
Time is of the essence--an anthology of African-American poetry, prose and essays29
Understanding English 2, assignments 9 to 12. By the staff of the English Department30
[Unicorn head inside a circle with part of horn portruding [sic] out one side & part of mane] outside the other side of circle part 230
Using scriptural data to calculate a range-qualified chronology from Adam to Abraham, with comments on why the "open"-or-"closed" genealogy question is chronometrically irrelevant30
Vaux Chevanne, Grand Halleaux, Ville du Bois, Commanster, Maldingen, Belgium, December 1944-December 194525
Visually impaired and sighted children's emerging concepts about written language29
Volume one--toys to stimulate the young mind. By Christiane Elyn Cargill, 1973, Within reach27
What is marriage, but a simple union between two, Losing ground, The world of psychology27
Who murdered Joy Morgan? a.k.a. Killjoy. PAu 1-712-120, Conflict, Grand master of Shaolin kung fu. PA 290-90730
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