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A beautiful friend & 32 other titles, Tres delinquentes, Molokai (friendly isle)29
A Blue song on a broken heart string & 624 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Able Mable & 3354 other titles. (Part 002 of 018)30
Abra ka dabra & 1,185 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), Anna baby, Always need you30
Adios al amigo que fue & 118 other titles; compositions. Written by Frederico "Tito" Guizar part 226
Age at first birth and the pacing of subsequent birth intervals, The fun of your love24
Ain't got nothing (but nothing to lose) & 77 other titles30
Ain't no use & 34 other titles30
Ain't that just like love & 5 other titles30
A little like my love & 39 other titles, Your love feels good to me, Whose heart did you break? Co-writer, John Kennedy28
All for nothing Co-writers: Danny Saber, Jack Dangers & Sean Beavan27
All is well & 56 other titles, All is well30
All I wanna do is dance (with the one I love) By Anthony Adron Little & Michael Bornheim part 230
An Hour's so long when you're dying & 125 other titles; statement re copyright claimant30
Anniversary blue yodel (blue yodel number 7) By Jimmie Rodgers, Anniversary part 230
Another way to say I love you & 8 other titles, Another way30
Are you listening? By Ken Harrell, Scott Lamar Whitehead & Jennifer Kathleen Hanson part 228
A Year ago tonight. w & m Allyson Khent (pseud. of Edna Lewis) & Billy Dawn Smith (William Paul Smith) part 230
Back in the land of the lovin' & 53 other titles, Mason Dixon's on the line, Overnight success30
Beautiful living: a textbook of personal and community health30
Been down so long it looks like up to me. From Been down so long it looks likes up to me. w & m Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Garry Sherman & Gene Pistilli30
Beginner's luck part 224
Be still my heart (Beward my heart) Written by Morris Segal29
Better days & 13 other titles, Better days30
Better off blue & 129 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
Between Rock Creek & a hard place, Hard time, Blood money30
Beyond Freud; a creative approach to mental health. By Camilla M. Anderson (Camilla M. Anderson Friendly)30
Blueberry wild scene & 46 other titles, Yesterday's tear, Willow way30
Break my heart. By George Frederick Handel, edited & arr. for SATB chorus: Walter Ehret & Franklin Kinsman part 230
Bring your body to the party & 2 other titles, A Leopard don't change its spots, I don't ever want to say goodbye to you30
Bye bye baby & 8 other titles30
By the riverside & 7 other titles30
California love story. w Norma Helms, m Pat Williams, Christmas is another word for love30
Can't you see it happening & 6 other titles part 230
Christmas time (is here again) By Lennon, McCartney, Harrison & Starkey30
Closer & 27 other titles. Written by Goapele Mohlabane & co-writers as noted, (I'm gonna) light your love & 1 other title24
Collection of songs by Rhonda Flemming & Frank [i.e. Hank] DeVito, Let it rain, Love to burn30
Color me blue & 5 other titles30
Come what may & 1 other title30
Come what may. By Albert Hammond Music & April Music, employers for hire of Albert Hammond, & Big Pig, Ltd., employer for hire of Gary Osborne30
Counting the days & 3 other titles29
Dance floor lover & 1 other title, Dance floor28
Dancing all around it & 4 other titles, A day too late & 15 other titles, 24 hour heart & 43 other titles30
Dancing like shadows & 30 other titles, Christine's songs--first, Vanessa songs I30
Dark blonde. No. PC34292. Artist: Tom Jans, sound recording: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc30
Days like this: the best of Kenny Lattimore30
Doesn't anybody hang on anymore?, I need a night, (Nobody gets) too much music30
Do I have to come right out and say it? By Warner Brothers Publications, employer for hire of Roy Perdue30
Don't rush me (I'm almost gone) & 3 other titles30
Don't say that you love me. Words & melody by Mildred Leek McLarrin (Mildred Leek McLarrin Smith)29
Do what you do & 1 other title. Composed by James Edward Fauntleroy, Steven L. Russell, Harvey Jay Mason & Damon E. Thomas & co-composers as noted30
Do what you do & 1 other title. Composed by James Edward Fauntleroy, Steven L. Russell, Harvey Jay Mason & Damon E. Thomas & co-composers as noted part 230
Do your time & 3 other titles. Composed by Shamar D. Daugherty & Alonzo E. Lee Jr., with co-composers as noted30
Everchanging day & 14 other titles, Candyland, Al Bloch songs29
Every day I fall in love with you, He's my man, Step through life together27
Every single night of my life & 65 other titles, Heaven on the half shell, No survival (in the city)28
Everything goes (when I'm with my baby) By C. Singleton & E. Snyder, Mama oo pow pow30
Foolish heart. Music For all occasions30
Going the distance. From the United Artists motion picture Rocky. Arr. United Artists Corporation (employer for hire of Bill Conti)26
Golden child. By Paul Engle, ill.: Leonard Everett Fisher, West to east, If I've got a bullet in my breast30
Grossman's Guide to wines, spirits, and beers. Pref. & foreword: Harold J. Grossman30
Half a chance & 5 other titles30
Hangin' out (in someone else's world) Musical composition, Hangin' out part 230
Heaven on earth & 1 other title30
Here in heaven & 2 other titles, Hercules down and out, Mr. Primrose comes to town28
Hey honey, I'm packin' you in! By Almo Music Corporation & Badams Music, employers for hire of Bryan Adams, Robert John Lange (a.k.a. R. J. Lange), Vicki Russell & Keith Scott30
Hold everything (till I get home) Words and music: Red Hayes (Joe Hayes) and Buddy Dee, pseud. of Harold W. Daily30
I don't want to lose you & 1 other title, Caught in between, Sweeter kind of love & 1 other title30
I don't want to talk about it & 9 other titles23
If you can't stand the heat (don't start the fire) & 1 other title, Time is a bandit30
If you can't stand the heat (don't start the fire) & 1 other title, You make love such a good thing30
If you ever change your mind bw I just can't leave your love alone. SR 20-832 (1980)30
If you knew you didn't love me (why'd you put your shoes under my bed)? Words and music by Don Covay30
If you still loved me (you couldn't tear me away), Love in my life, Back to nowhere & 15 other titles30
I know you need love. By John Denham a.k.a. John Valentine, & Carolyn J. Wiggins30
I lost my place & 16 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Remember so well, Power in that place 1 other title25
I'm with you all the way. Music: Leo Diamond; words: Robert Rand, pseud. of Abe Diamond part 230
Indian big and Indian little. By Solveig Paulson Russell, illustrator: Leonard Kessler part 226
Instructions, story and design for base of "Dzami", sunburst with face in center of circular ouija like game board color print. By Donald K. Crawford30
It's always Christmas on Broadway. w & m Charles Singleton, Sid Wyche (Sidney J. Wyche) & Wally Hall (Waldense Hall) part 330
It's hard to get back up (once you've been thrown), What she's got to say, He used to be a rollin' stone25
It's just a dream of love, Dream on, Waiting at the gate22
I've been waiting all winter (for a summer night like this) E49300 (1935) Termination effective 16Jul9130
Just give me a break. w, m & arr.: Andrew S. Peirce, Peter Kruse, A Collection of songs from the '60's thru the '80's27
Just to let you know. Co-composers: Larry Connell & Anthony Grabowski, Say and a promise30
Kim Carnes. Artist: Kim Carnes, sound recording: A&M Records, Inc, Stay away, Jamaica Sunday morning29
Learning the hard way & 51 other titles, Love just ain't enough, Forbidden25
Love's here. By Twenty-Five Sixty Production Company, Love thang, Sassy fool30
Make it home (change your hustlin' ways), Crei morir e ir al cielo, (Todo lo que hago) lo hago por ti30
May I speak to the lady of the house? By Steven J. McCarthy, 1961-, Lyndel S. Parks, 1959-, Nan C. Dalton30
Medical education in Oklahoma; the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and Medical Center, 1900-1931. Vol. 1. By Mark R. Everett30
Mi casa es su casa & 10 other titles, La misma cancion, Coming war28
Michael Snow's songs, Show some emotion, Island of peace26
Munza. By Caiphus Semenya & Almo Music Corporation, employer for hire of Herb Alpert30
Munza. By Caiphus Semenya & Almo Music Corporation, employer for hire of Herb Alpert part 230
Never say never (TV film theme) Composed by Patty Jerome & Danny Wells part 330
Nobody could ever fill your shoes, Dad. No. 75FD-988727
One man show; sketches for the piano. m & compilation: Alan Shulman30
Organized Crime's collection of hits, Oh, what a change, I'm on my way30
Our Bible and the ancient manuscripts. By Sir Frederic Kenyon, revisions: Arthur White Adams, introd. by Godfrey Rolles Driver30
Pachanga tweest no. 1. Spanish w & m Irma Ledesma, Miguel Tito Rivera, Wow, Box that rocks30
Para crecer en ti & 11 other titles, Tu eres el hombre & 1 other title, Basta de quererte asi30
Passion play: a season with the Purdue Boilermakers and Coach Gene Keady30
Perfect love & 2 other titles30
Play this song for you & 1 other title, Songs of Shoehead, Tom Keegan30
Polio pioneers. By Dorothy & Philip Sterling, photos. by Myron Ehrenberg & The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis30
Principles of American public secondary education. By Harold C. Hand, Charles W. Sanford & Willard B. Spalding24
Private eyes & 5 other titles30
Raining on Sunday & 20 other titles, Truth can hurt, (Could it be) we're gettin' too close?27
Rise & 1 other title, Sweet 16, Crime28
Running for our lives & 1 other title, Saxon-echos, Sawaly30
Rush hour (Friday PM) m Tim Weisberg, Lynn Blessing, Doug Anderson, Todd Robinson30
Same difference & 4 other titles, Close, but nowhere near, High waters30
Santa's on his way. Changed words: Arthur Marvin VanGelder & Ruth Schwimmer VanGelder26
Sears and Roebuck cowboy. Words and music: Joe Benedetti (Quentin J. Benedetti) & Roger Karshner29
Shoutin' shoes (turn it loose) By Craig Bickhardt, Brent Maher & Don Schlitz, My morning son30
Sicilian man & 41 other titles, Saturday men, How much time28
Silver wings (some day I'll fly) By David Stearman30
Sing me one of your songs. By Almo Music Corporation, employer for hire of David Lasley & Don Yowell part 330
Someday it seems that it just don't even pay to get out of bed, Identity crisis, Catch that on the corner & 28 other titles; songs30
Sometimes it's got to rain (in your love life) w & m David B. Crawford, W. Martin, J. Moore30
Stand up (reach for the sky) By Ray Patterson & Rickey Bailey, City to city, Swinging shepard blues. From album Reach for the sky30
Star spangled banner; for concert band and optional SATB chorus and organ30
Stay out of my kitchen (if you can't stand the heat), We got the recipe, To make you love me30
Sun, son (shining on the water), A Place in your heart, Love over and over30
Take your time and take your pick part 330
Texas skies & 18 other titles; compositions, Good life, It's not what it seems30
The Age of firearms; a pictorial history. By Robert Cornelius Held, research assistance and book design: Nancy Gay Jenkins Held30
The beginning & 3 other titles. Composed by Ted E. Bruner, with co-writers as noted30
The Early collected editions of Shelley's poems: a study in the history and transmission of the printed text. Text: Charles H. Taylor, Jr30
The lorelei; two voices & piano. English w Jean Phillips, arr. of German folk song: William Southcombe Lloyd Webber (William Lloyd Webber)30
The mother church; a history of the building of the original ediface of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. By Joseph Armstrong30
The Night Spanish Eddy cashed it in. By David Palmer & Chuck Cochran, Brainman, Dream demons30
Thirsty at the well & 12 other titles, Make it mean something, Boy's Town & 8 other titles26
(This) lady's not home today. w & m Carole Bayer Sager & Melissa Manchester, piano arr.: Hansen Publications30
Three into two won't go & 8 other titles; musical compositons, Every breath you take29
To be one of the loved & 11 other titles for embodiment in the motion picture: Michelangelo and me30
Too bad. w & m Wallace Osborne, D'Accords (pseud. of L. Cook, B. Bagwell, J. Sims, Earl Edward Washington, D. Wilson)30
Tricks of the trade24
Tumblin' down on me30
Uncle Ben & 1 other title, Super jock, Let me in (I wanna party)30
Up from the deep. w & m Vincent Welnick, Richard Anderson, Roger Steen, Michael Cotton, Charles Prince, John Waybill, William Spooner & Ray Trainer30
Volume one like china collection, On the run, Hampton tides30
(We can) make it better. By I've Got the Music Company, employer for hire of Lyman C. (Mac) McAnally, Jr. & Jensong Music, Inc., employer for hire of Donny R. Lowery part 230
When the heart breaks (It s) Composed by Gary S. Burr & Trey Bruce, I need love30
Wind song30
You can't get your act off the ground, We can't get in the swing, Over you30
You don't have to be a tower of strength. w Bob Hilliard, m & piano arr. Burt F. Bacharach30
You leave it up to me. By Even Stevens, Billy Burnette, Richard "Spady" Brannan & David Malloy30
You'll never know (all there is to know 'bout my love) By John Whitehead, Gene McFadden & Victor Carstarphen part 230
You're not easy to forget. w & m Henry Davis & Wilbur Jones, Get your it together. w & m Henry Davis & Jeffrey Osborne25
You're the only one (I can depend on) Composers: Andrae' Crouch and Keith Green30
Your memory comes and gets me. Touch me with your eyes (one more time). Artist: Wayne Kemp part 330
Your sweet loving. w & m Darryl Carter, & East/Memphis Music Corporation, employer for hire of Freddy Briggs part 230
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