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A comparison based on student outcomes of an individualized student improvement program with an in-school suspension program30
A little bit closer. Never gonna let you go. By Victor Caldwell, Cedric Caldwell & Hallerin Hilton Hill30
All night long & 102 other titles part 230
Black boots (vol. no. 1) a collection of songs, Backseat bondage, Where the music takes me30
Black & white. By Lada Universal Corporation & Zelbick Productions, Inc part 230
Collective compositions of Tony Ray, Jim Spalding & Tony Stoufer, Hold on to me30
Common ground--Last stand of a peoples' nation part 330
Cross each T with your kisses (dot the I's with your tears) w Mack David, m Bob Gundry30
Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead & 3 other titles; motion pictures part 230
Do you like it? w & m David Stollak, 1955- ; w Larry Waxman, 1954, Headed for a heartache26
Ellen McIlwaine. Honky tonk angel. Sound recording. Artist: Ellen McIlwaine, by Polydor, Inc30
Emotional response ; I don't have the time ; Tell him goodbye ... [et al.], Half a book26
Gone for good. music by Tiger Okoshi (pseud. of Toru Okoshi, 1950-)30
Here I go again falling in love30
He's your friend. Words written by Walter Gilliam, I can't help myself30
If this is love, the whole world is in trouble part 230
I'm only walkin'. By Cheryl Wheeler; performed by Juice Newton. (In Ain't gonna cry)30
I still remember how to miss you, Prayer glorifies you28
Man in the saddle. From the Columbia picture Man in the saddle. Words: Ralph Murphy, music: Lefty Lewis (Harold Lewis) part 230
Nashville ; You might see him ; Indiana ... [et al.], Wherever you are, Hold on ; Astronaut ; Make it right ; How much28
No explanation. By David Foster, Linda Thompson Jenner, Bill LaBounty & Beckie Foster. (In Pretty woman)30
No substitute ; Second hand love ; You're so fierce ... [et al.], Talking to ya, Sleepwalking30
No titles given for reg. no. 373380 part 330
On the beach, the summer magazine of South Carolina's Grand Strand, Lady of the morning23
Orbiting Jupiter. By Cheryl Wheeler & Janis Ian, Stolen fire, Tattoo25
Silver lining. By David Rivkin, Whining and complaining, Strawboss30
Sing in the face of the enemy, & 1 other song, What happens when the night is over?30
Summertime ; It looks like love ; La costa blanca ... [et al.], Ears to the ground27
Tell her hello. w & m John Edward Coley & Dan Wayland Seals, Broken hearted me, What's forever for?30
What if Jesus came back like that. By Fujipacific Music (USA) Inc. d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, & August Wind Music, as employers for hire of Pat Bunch, & Doug Johnson30
Who am I foolin' anyhow? By Chris Austin, Charlie Black & Roger Murrah, If I could dream26
You are more beautiful than you've ever been. w James Victor Scott; m Ken Ichi Shimazu30
You're barkin' up the wrong tree & 4 other titles, So easy to need & 4 other titles30
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