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American Association of Blood Banks documents
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Abstracts of papers to be presented at the International Society of Blood Transfusion/American Association of Blood Banks Joint Congress, November 10-15, 199030
Abstracts of papers to be presented at the International Society of Blood Transfusion/American Association of Blood Banks Joint Congress, November 10-15, 1990 part 230
Accreditation of testing laboratories for safety and pollution prevention equipment used in offshore oil and gas operations30
Accreditation purpose and procedures for the American Institute for Accreditation of Podiatric Office-Based Surgical Facilities, Inc part 230
Administrative guidebook for employment practices and preventive risk management procedures version 1.1 Texas25
Administrative manual of politics and operational procedures for faith temple ministries (apostolic)27
A gathering of hands (tryin' to keep time & tryin' to make a difference), The sound recordings of E. James Smith & Albert J. Reynolds30
A Guide to The Art of being human. By Joan McElligott Cronin, Donald M. Early & Susan Uhl Wilson30
An amateur botanist's identification manual for the Shrubs and trees of the Southern California coastal region and mountains part 330
An exploratory case study of the performance of graduates of the college preparatory program of Saudi Aramco at universities in the United States part 330
A Potential steamship container service, New York, Savannah, Miami and Caribbean Sea30
Basic procedures in family practice: an illustrated manual, Hemotherapy in childhood and adolescence30
Blood components and pharmacologic agents in the treatment of congenital and acquired bleeding disorders30
Blood transfusion ID card and booklet; for safer blood at the time of AIDS, hepatitis, V D's [sic] By Antun Murkovic30
Brainwashing, torture, harassment, and other violations of human rights bt [sic] the Central Intelligence Agency27
Breakthroughs and challenges in the management of common chronic pain, April 6-7, 2004, Washington, DC30
Cellular characteristics of cord blood and cord blood transplantation, Your love is gonna break my heart30
Changing concepts of psychoanalytic medicine. By Sandor Rado & George E. Daniels26
CheckSample molecular diagnosis of acute promyelocytic leukemia by real-time PCR-7700 sequence detection system28
Competition for nitrogen between rice (Oryza sative) and early and late watergrass (Echinochloa oryzoides and Echinochloa phyllopogon)30
Considerations and implications for building an impact evaluation model for research and development centers funded by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education30
Controversies in reproductive endocrinology and infertility30
Current issues in the law of FAA aircraft registration, lien & security interests part 230
Current research into the medical applications of stereosynthesis and cybersomatic visualization23
Directory for the national clearinghouse lifeline program of the American Association of Blood Banks30
Educational programs for teens enrolled in Ohio Department of Youth Services institutions27
Emerging technologies for enhanced in situ biodenitrification (EISBD) of nitrate-contaminated ground water30
Ethical issues experienced by primary care nurse practitioners caring for vulnerable patients in nursing centers30
Genetic selection in man: Third Macy Conference on Genetics. Editor: William J. Schull30
Guidance for Standards for perioperative autologous blood collection and administration, first edition30
I am standing on the promises of God, Immunology, L'Afrique28
Identification and analysis of kinds of information needed by community junior college students about business career opportunities part 430
Information technology, the change process, and customer service in higher education administrative services30
Instructor's resource manual and test bank to accompany Principles and practice of psychiatric nursing, fifth edition [by] Gail Wiscarz Stuart, Sandra J. Sundeen part 330
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Algebra for college students, third edition [by] Terry H. Wesner, Harry L. Nustad30
Laboratory investigation of drug-induced immune hemolytic anemia and/or positive direct antiglobulin tests26
New directions for product testing and sensory analysis of foods30
Ohio Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Genealogical and historical records28
Optical properties of lamellar copper oxides with in-plane magnetic and charged impurities26
Pathobiology of granulocytic ehrlichiosis, Lyme borreliosis, and their tick vector in the Middle Atlantic region, USA30
Probability mixture models for interevent times and event frequency, Logic, Sets30
Quality control for firms that perform audits and reviews of historical financial information, and other assurance and related services engagements part 430
Quality manual preparation workbook for blood banking26
Quality systems, medical devices, guidance on the application of ISO 13485 and ISO 1348823
Questions and answers about breast health and breast cancer30
Recognition of complex partial seizures in a simulated case report of an epileptic psychotic by recently trained psychiatrists, neurologists, and neuropsychologists30
Research design and subject characteristics predicting sample attrition in a panel survey of older families with cancer30
Sample chapters of student workbook and Appleworks applications to accompany Computers and information processing [by] Floyd Fuller, Stan Wilkinson part 230
Scientific and technical periodicals of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries30
Secrets of success in losing your overweight and never gain it back while eating what you like part 227
Supporting the pediatric transfusion recipient, The Hummel murders, Hummel murders30
Technical manual unit maintenance for carrier, personnel, full tracked, armored, M113A3 (2350-01-219-7577), carrier, command post, light tracked, M577A3 (2350-01-369-6085), carrier, anti-tank (TOW), full tracked, armored, M901A3 (2350-01-369-7253) ... [et al.] part 230
The art and science of professional teaching, Crow in stolen colors, Centralized transfusion services30
The compendium of continuing education in general dentistry, vol. 1, no. 5, Sept. 198030
The Current status of audiovisual centers in junior teachers' colleges, colleges, and universities .30
The Human Resources Institute Center for Culture-Based Change for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse30
The Relationship between psychological and attitudinal .., Tall ships on Puget Sound30
The relationship of the desire to participate in decisions regarding menopause to women's knowledge and satisfaction with the health care provider interaction30
The social and health landscape of urban and suburban America, Coding & reimbursement 200326
The Time trippers; a matter of time & Christmas in Trenton; radio play, Forms for New Jersey divorce practice30
Transfusion medicine no. TM 94-4 (TM-196) transfusion medicine & the regulatory environment30
Transfusion service manual of standard operating procedures, training guides, and competency assessment tools27
Treating industrial waste interferences at publicly-owned treatment works, Relations among boundaries, expectations, and closure in music30
Vocabulary and comprehension practice book--Widening circles :level 8/Ring around the world30
Voltammetric studies of potentiostatic and coulostatic mercury deposition using the rotating .27
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