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Acetaminophen-induced inhibition of mitochondrial dehydrogenases and changes in mitochondrial NAD/NADH30
A Good friend is like a happy song, the memory lingers on when one is gone, The Great Wall Street joke book30
A guide for developing a strong church-officers, members, local ministers, and Bible lessons30
American journal of clinical pathology. Vol. 21, no. 12, Dec. 195126
American Realty Forms' Guide to The Uniform residential appraisal report (U R A R)27
A model of college adjustment for students with physical disabilities, Breathless30
An empirical analysis of the effect of foreign GAAP adjustments on United States stock market reactions30
An examination of the direct consequences and the individual characteristics influencing physician adoption of a practice guideline innovation30
An experimental investigation of judgments of children's truthfulness and untruthfulness30
An Exploratory study of adult learners' perceptions of the professors' communication of power in the college classroom part 230
A People and a nation, brief edition, second edition, vol. A., to 1877, The Borrowers avenged30
A proposal for developing the "I.D:ME' wireless communication system with JTECH Communications part 230
Body fluids and the acid-base balance; a learning program for students of the biological and medical sciences. By Halvor N. Christensen28
Business process blackbelt workshop, understanding 6 sigma, Clinical applications of flow cytometry30
Characteristics and performance levels of high-risk and handicapped infants and young children in an early intervention program30
Chart 24, Integrated research--a "B/C" analysis matrix to define the ful[l]ness of inquiry and knowledge part 230
Chronicles of outstanding leaders in dentistry, Crucifix collection, The well-being of adolescents30
Cleary and Graham's Handbook of Illinois evidence, Asphyxia and drowning, Time of death, decomposition and identification25
Clinical and laboratory tools for the diagnosis of human monocytic ehrlichiosis (HME) caused by Ehrlichia chaffeensis30
Clinical applications and laboratory procedures for HIV genotyping and therapeutic drug monitoring of antiretrovirals30
Clinical chemistry review for examination preparation30
Counselor ethnicity and African-American socialization experiences, self-efficacy beliefs and expectations for counseling, and likelihood of seeking counseling services30
Cytopathology ordering and reporting guide for computerized laboratory and hospital information system30
Cytopathology ordering and reporting guide for computerized laboratory and hospital information system part 227
Cytotechnology Tech Sample no. CY-4 (1990), Sensitivity and specificity of papanicolaou stain in the diagnosis of pneumocystis carinii in lung specimens27
Cytotechnology tech sample no. CY-5 (1992), Cellular manifestations of colonic carcinoma in cervicovaginal cytology30
Dealing with the phlebotomy issues of an integrated managed health care system, Textbook of urinalysis and body fluids30
Developmental disabilities nursing/direct care staff acuity algorithm database, Sensitivity to cultural diversity30
Diagnosis of pleomorphic lobular carcinoma of the breast by fine-needle aspiration cytology with differential diagnostic considerations30
Diagnosis of pleomorphic lobular carcinoma of the breast by fine-needle aspiration cytology with differential diagnostic considerations part 230
Diagnosis of pleomorphic lobular carcinoma of the breast by fine-needle aspiration cytology with differential diagnostic considerations part 330
Diagnosis of pleomorphic lobular carcinoma of the breast by fine-needle aspiration cytology with differential diagnostic considerations part 430
Drinks by Charlie O--old fashioned soda fountain flavor for only 6 cents a glass30
Electra knows when you've been naughty, Ancient ones with wings, A kentucky gathering30
Evaluation of a bleeding disorder caused by a lupus anticoagulant and associated factor II deficiency30
Finite element and finite difference methods in electromagnetic scattering, Michigan drunk driving law and practice30
Heart failure: evaluation and care of patients with left-ventricular systolic dysfunction: commentary on the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research clinical practice guideline, no. 1130
Hematopathology of infection with the human immunodeficiency virus, Burkitt-like lymphoma30
Histotechnology tech sample no. HT-5 (1992, The effect of oxidation on the demonstration of pneumocystis carinii using Gomori's methenamine-Silver Nitrate stain25
H&P:a nonphysician's guide to the medical history and physical examination, Laboratory medicine21
Human chorionic gonadotropin measurement & assay interference in complete hydatidform mole30
I'm dead now but in fifty years I'll be reincarnated as a potatoe [sic] and you'll know me by my eyes30
Improving your audit efficiency using PPC's Guide to paperless audits, Girls' education and the "pedagogy of difference"30
"IMP" theme music album no. 6. m Kurt Rehfeld, Billy Mayerl (William Mayerl), Maurice Grew et al29
Instructor's resource manual with test bank for Miller and Hess's Community policing partnerships for problem solving, fourth edition part 330
Jennifer's husband, Lord Randolph and other poems, Examining the world of subcultural existence27
Laboratory identification of the dematiaceous fungal etiologic agents of chromoblastomycosis and eumycotic mycetoma part 330
Limitations on the D'Oench doctrine of federal common-law estoppel: congressional pre-emption and authoritative statutory construction. By William Robert Gray part 230
Medical investigation of pedestrian deaths, JAG, Girfriends30
Microbiology of soil aggregates recovered from different crop management systems30
Microbiology-pathology (73), dental anatomy and occlusion (74), An atlas to human anatomy28
Miracle babies & other happy endings for couples with fertility problems, The Sight30
Negative direct antiglobulin test results associated with warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia30
Optimal sensor location for improved multifixture assembly system fault diagnosis30
Pastoral guid[e]lines & instructions concerning marriage, How to flow in a powerful prayer meeting30
Perceptions of multicultural education among teachers, high school students and their parents part 330
Presenting a model of prophetic preaching to the United Methodist Church of Savannah, Savannah, Ohio part 230
Prevention and management of complications in minimally invasive surgery, An atlas of forensic pathology30
Quacko and the elps. Ill.: Jean Macdonald Porter, author of renewable matter: Robert Froman part 230
Saw palmetto for men & women :/ David Winston, Shakespeare's multiple intelligences30
SecureCare--the ultimate childcare helper. By Gregory Hudson Davis, 1961-, Jean Marie Sullivan, 1925-, & Brian Edward Sullivan, 1963 part 330
Solutions manual to accompany Management accounting, analysis and interpretation, second edition30
Source code for Hewlett Packard 86 evapotranspiration model with irragation [i.e. irrigation] scheduling software part 230
Tax collectors for Harris County, its cities and school districts, Forensic pathology30
The effects of an integrated learning system (ILS) using incremental time allotments on ninth-grade algebra achievement part 230
The effects of the participation of Chapter One elementary school students, as tutors and tutees, in a cross-age tutoring program, on their academic achievement part 229
Theory of high energy (also ultra-small angle) scattering and composite particle multiple scattering in relativistic quantum mechanics30
The Perceptions of senior managers concerning the need for doctoral degrees for assigned .30
The reverend/yesterdays/my romance [medley] From album title Incredible! Artists: Joey DeFrancesco with Jimmy Smith part 327
The role of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing in the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients with adenocarcinoma of the prostate30
The seasonal movements and abundance dynamics of the Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardsi) along the southern Oregon coast part 430
Use of thromboelastography in surgical patients to evaluate coagulation parameters and the need for blood transfusions part 230
Variables that may affect prothrombin time-international normalized ratio results and the use of plasma calibrants30
When is acute lymphoblastic leukemia biphenotypic, hybrid, mixed lineage, or biclonal?30
Wilderness Medical Society practice guidelines for wilderness emergency care, Hypothermia30
Win and save money by using the do's and don'ts in handicapping the runners at thoroughbred race tracks30
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