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1st collection of songs by Bill Conlogue, 8th collection of songs, 3rd collection of songs27
A Collection of music from May of 1986 by Mark J. Rosen, The cosmos in the palace26
A historic and annotated bibliography of the documentation of the Negro spirituals in selected academic and research libraries in the New York City. By Charles L. Saunders26
A Laboratory study of the effect of stress state on the elastic moduli of .., The cradle to the grave28
American national government--institutions, policy, and participation & 2 other titles30
An analysis of common postpartum problems and adaptation strategies used by women during the first two to eight weeks following delivery of a fullterm healthy newborn30
An evaluation of the DeBusk Enrichment Center for academically talented students summer enrichment program as perceived by gifted student participants and their parents30
An Industrial engineering CAD/CAM educational module based on a virtual automated milling cell design part 230
A study of the effectiveness of team training as a function of training methodology and team learning processes30
A study to determine verbal and nonverbal communication skills considered important for business sucess and business students' perceptions of the importance of these skills27
Case studies of structural alteration in the telecommunications industry--the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, .30
Children's perceptions of coaching style and their association with perceived competence, self-esteem, and anxiety30
Clinical nursing faculty and senior baccalaureate nursing students' perceptions of effective clinical instructor characteristics30
Computerized electronic fetal monitoring instruction for F H R monitoring education system30
Cooperative algebra test. Rev. ser., form R: Elementary algebra through quadratics. By group of eight & John A. Long30
Critical thinking disposition of university students in practice disciplines (nursing, education, and business) and non-practice disciplines (English, History, and Psychology)30
Current diagnosis and treatment. By Milton J. Chatton, Sheldon Margen, and Henry Brainerd24
Data processing systems analysis and design, second edition, 1995 fall Jampires, Manual of surgical therapeutics30
Dealing with the IRS collection process, a view from the inside, Cradle roll=visitation30
Deuterium exchange and hydrogenolysis of cyclopentane as .., Xynchro flight, Kindred sons samples30
Doggie housey boogie. w Hank Thompson (Henry William Thompson), m Billy Gray, Ethics in nursing28
Effective communication strategies used in disseminating the California English/language arts framework in California elementary schools30
Emergency patient care for the E M T-A & 2 other titles, The Alcoholic game, From the basement30
Epidemiology of infection with white sturgeon iridovirus (WSIV) and white sturgeon herpesvirus-2 (WSHV-2) in a commercial white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) culturing facility30
Evaluation of nutrition practitioners' documentation for evidence of the nutrition care process in two nutritionally high-risk patient populations part 230
Experimental electron density distributions of organotransition .., I'm here now30
Fundamentals of administrative practice and procedure, cases and materials30
Guidelines for contributors in the preparation of medical manuscripts for John Wiley & Sons, Inc30
Handbook of information for instructor's and do-it-yourself learners using the clinical centered program of Your patient's anatomy24
Health care quality improvement studies in managed care settings: design and assessment: a guide for state medicaid agencies30
Human sexuality across the lifespan: implications for nursing practice30
Identity and choice in international relations, Journal of biochemical toxicology21
I'll think of something ; Uptown downtown (misery's all the same), She dreams, Too cold at home30
I'm telling you goodbye with a broken heart, and 2 other songs, Nurses' role in health care planning30
Instructor's manual to accompany Cases in health services management, second edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany Nursing care for the childbearing family, second edition [by] Laurie N. Sherwen, Mary Ann Scoloveno, Carol Toussie Weingarten part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Nursing care for the childbearing family, second edition [by] Laurie N. Sherwen, Mary Ann Scoloveno, Carol Toussie Weingarten part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany Nursing care for the childbearing family, second edition [by] Laurie N. Sherwen, Mary Ann Scoloveno, Carol Toussie Weingarten part 430
Instructor's manual to accompany Practical radiation protection and applied radiology, second edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany The Living tradition, art, music, and ideas in the Western world, second edition, [by] Henry Vyverberg30
Instructor's resource manual and testbank to accompany Essentials of nursing research--methods, appraisal, and utilization, fifth edition30
Interactive assistance for experimentation on the visual and auditory properties of iconographic data displays30
Liposuction Postcare Video ; Tummy Tuck Postcare Video ; Facelift/Browlift Post Care Video ; Breast Enlargement/Reduction Post-Care Video29
Modulators, mediators, and specifiers in brain function, Renovation, The Great sundial cutout book30
My faith is not ; Is that too much to ask? ; Who is this man?, Foolish fears, Asian G's prodigy19
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 1960. Text: Roger G. Barker, Walter Toman, Robert W. White et al., editor: Marshall R. Jones30
Nursing care plans & documentation; nursing diagnoses and collaborative problems. By Lynda Juall Carpenito. 2nd ed30
Origins, enactment, application, significance, and potential importance of the classified information procedures act part 229
Pediatric nurses' perceptions of organizational climate following selected learning strategies28
Photograph of Muhammad Ali standing over a knocked-down Sonny Liston in their Lewiston, Maine fight30
Physiological concepts and the critically ill patient, Behavioral concepts and the critically ill patient30
Precambrian geologic maps of the Bradshaw Mountains, Central Arizona, Therapeutic drug monitoring system (T. D. M. S.)25
Prevalence of computer anxiety and factors which affect computer anxiety .., The Sporting News baseball's knotty problems30
Resultados en pacientes con infarto agudo de miocardio sin onda Q asignados aleatoriamente a una estrategia de tratamiento invasivo comparada con una estrategia conservadora part 230
Review of medical microbiology. By Ernest Jawetz, Joseph L. Melnick & Edward A. Adelberg25
Seeing and hearing; music theory papers (second set) Illustrator: Merle Montgomery & Carl Fischer, Inc., as employer for hire of Marion C. Foyles part 230
Teacher's resource binder to accompany Caring for the developing child, second edition [by] Patricia E. Marhoefer, Lisa A. Vadnais part 230
The association of hospital structural and financial characteristics to mortality and length of stay in patients with acute myocardial infarction part 230
The Effect of level in the hierarchy and functional area of the extent to which .30
The effect of visual, numerical and algebraic representations on students' conceptual understanding of differential calculus part 230
The Effect on achievement of using the computer as a problem solving tool in the intermediate .29
The effects of partnerships between schools of social work and public agencies on the child welfare staffing crisis part 230
The Internet as an alternative source of information and alternative forum of expression for Arab Americans30
The Journal of clinical psychiatry advances in psychiatric treatment monograph series22
The re-innovation of Ford Motor Company to a sustainable lean enterprise, What more would you like to know about the church?25
The relationship between exposure to traumatic events and mental health outcomes among a referred sample of children30
The relationship of sense of coherence and learned resourcefulness to functional health status in women with systemic lupus erythematosus30
The Secret methods of ancient Cherokee pottery-making, including creating, firing, and marketing part 330
The Use of multi-dimensional parametric behavior of a CSMA/CD network for network diagnosis30
Tiles. By Christopher H. Herin, Mark B. Evans, Paul M. Rarick, 2nd & Kevin J. Chown30
Truth's on my mind (and a lie's on my lips), Imaginary line/drinking and parties30
Variables that may affect the employability of white women who are certified as school superintendents30
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