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2 songs by Vernon Chaisson & Daniel Jackson, Linda Serene & 1 other title, Departure time30
Abstraction and the methodical development of fault-tolerant software, Abstraction30
Adorable one & 79 other titles, Young lover, You satisfy30
Ain't got no time & 430 other titles. (Part 001 of 003) part 230
Ain't it a real good sign? Co-writer: James Roth, Albert Stomp & 41 other titles30
Ain't nobody else like you & 19 other titles; musical & dramatico-musical compositions30
Ain't nothing to hide & 152 other titles. Written by Brian Wilson with co-writers as noted30
A Kiss from your lips & 8 other titles, Bill Bailey, please come home, Bikini with no top on the top30
All in the game & 44 other titles26
All that I want & 50 other titles. Written by Michelle Featherstone & co-writers as noted30
A New kind of love. By Paramount Pictures Corporation and Llenroc Productions as employer in a work made for hire of Henry Williams, pseud. of William Manville30
Angels in Heaven know I love you & 192 other titles; songs & master recordings, Cross Bronx Expressway & 3 other titles27
Baby please set a date & 25 other titles, Baby please30
Baby's gone / Love, look (at us now) Artist: Bobby Wright, Baby's gone30
Baby, what's on your mind? By Ewart G. Abner & J. Reed, A Distant love & 48 other titles30
Black cat girl & 31 other titles; By Otis (Smokie) (Smokey) Smothers, with co-writers where noted30
Blue lover. Words & music by Cirino Colacrai, new piano acc. with chords and harmony added: Regent Music Coporation, employer for hire of Ben Kendall, staff arranger part 230
Blues for Norman. m Niels Pedersen, Oscar Peterson, Roy Eldridge, Clark Terry, Louis Bellson & Dizzy Gillespie (John B. Gillespie, -1993) part 230
Blues from the South Side & 4 other titles, Got to move, Crutch and cane26
Boogie woogie bakery boy, the toast of the town & 6 other titles part 330
Bright lights of Brussels & 2 other titles part 330
Bye bye baby & 7 other titles30
Can't afford to do it & 8 other titles27
Can we make it up? By Marti Sharron, Peter Rafelson & Mitch, Bony Moronie & 2 other titles27
Deadly relations :a true story of murder in a suburban family, Sanabelle Island, New Image weight control program30
Dizzy Miss Lizzy. w & m Ron Hawkins & Jacqueline Magill Bennett27
Don't know which way to go & 3 other titles, Wildlife artist Richard Evans Younger25
Do you believe in love at first sight? E22578 (1931) Termination effective 18Apr8730
Do you remember the small cafe in Warsaw? By Bernard Witkowski & S. Coll30
Elephant man. By Western Publishing Company, Inc., as employer for hire30
Food buying: marketing information for consumers. By Carlton E. Wright, Step away27
From this death forward. By Mary Wallace, pseud. of Miriam Lynch, Ah'w baby & 41 other titles30
Get with it & 3 other titles, Get with it, Love in them there eyes30
Good to be alive. Co-composers, Atkins-Campbell, Erica Monique & Trecina Atkins-Campbell30
Gospel truth; religious song book containing gospel songs. By Hale Reeves et al30
Got my mojo working, but it just won't work on you. w & m Muddy Waters a.k.a. McKinley Morganfield30
He don't love you like I love you (he will break your heart) Writers: J. Butler, C. Mayfield & C. Carter30
He's gone all to hell (but he's having one hell of a time) By Dean Dillon & Hank Cochran part 1130
Hey, Western Union man. w & m Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff & Jerry Butler, new piano arr. by Ensign Music Corporation, employer for hire of George Terry30
Home town boy. Words & music: Wilson Stone, Swingin' home for Christmas, Tryin' to get to New Orleans27
I'd rather be blind. w & m Kent Westberry & Georgie Riddle, Much ra-tha-B, Mama's got a good thing27
If you love me, then tell me (don't keep it to yourself) By Portia Nelson30
I got to go. Words and music: Little Walter, pseud. of Walter Jacobs, Just your fool. w & m Walter Jacobs30
I just want to make love to you. From album Blues in the night, vol. 1: the ear28
I'll be home (wait and see) By Naomi Neville30
I'ma woman30
I'm goin' to heaven (when hell ain't pullin' down), Memphis, Tennessee, & other selections30
I'm not beggin' nobody. Words and music: Diamond Record Company, Inc., employer for hire of Willie "Sonny Boy" Williamson30
Jack the Ripper--light hearted friend22
Just one day & 8 other titles; songs, Get you back, New society's child30
Keep on dancing (let's go) By Manston, Biship, Napolitano et al25
Let me in part 530
Let's donkey on down. w & m Paul Hampton, pseud. of Paul Schwartz, Dorian Burton, Rosemarie McCoy30
Little Queenie & 4 other titles; songs, The Load, Your love song28
Lonely street, heartbreak road30
Make my dreams come true. w & m Elmore James (a.k.a. Elmo James) & Marshall Sehorn30
My dearest darling. w & m Eddie Bocage & Paul Gayten, new arr. with chords & harmony: Ben Kendall30
My Little Golden dictionary. By Mary Reed, Edith Osswald, Richard Scarry, Simon & Schuster, Inc. & Artists & Writers Guild, Inc part 230
Never more than a heartbeat away. w & m William Dunnam, Stanley J. Lewis & Mabel Slaton30
No parking (on the dance floor) By William Simmons, Bobby Lovelace, Vincent Calloway30
No use knocking. Words and music: Paul Gayten and Robert Guidry, Laura Lee. Words and music: Paul Gayten & Robert Guidry27
Over the mountain, beyond the dark river (they swear that wild horses can fly)30
Play and laff. By Hart Publishing Company, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Jack B. Crawford30
Reconsider baby. By Lowell Fulson, new arr. with chords & harmony added: Ben Kendal30
See you later, alligator & 7 other titles; songs30
Seventh son (see Lateef minor 7th) Written by Joe Zawinul, Seventh son, True magic25
Shells of the New York City area. by William K. Emerson & Morris J. Jacobson, Believe me & 3 other titles30
She's a woman (and now he's a man) By Grant Vernon Hart30
Since you (till you) Words & music: Donna Hightower, Jules Taub, pseud. of Jules Bihari, & Maxwell Davis part 230
So excited. w & m Doris Payne, & Meridian Music Corporation, employer for hire of Jimmie Steward, Jr30
So far away; song from The Vanishing island, musical drama. Music: George Fraser & William Reed, words: Peter Howard30
Something inside of me. By Versil Music Company, employer for hire of James Holiday30
Song of Alassio. Piano solo arr. by Edward Charles (pseud. of Edward Holmes), Tear drops, and other poems30
Telling tales of my heart. w & m Clarence W. Stapleton, Rita M. Warden & Lillian S. McMurry27
The Last straw; a refreshing comedy in one act. By Paula Bauer, pseud. of Wilbur Braun28
The South Korean blues. Words & music: Michael Angelo Graham & Nudie Williams, Vinnie Vin's compositions30
The suspicious husband. By Pigmeat Markham, pseud. of Dewey Markham, Fine black girl & 6 other titles30
The Ten commandments. Words & music: Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, & Henry Bernard Glover & Howie Kay30
The victim of a joke. w & m Robert L. Holmes, Ted Jarrett, Ambus Harvey, All day, every day. w & m Ted Jarrett30
Train, train. By Paul Robert Medlocke (Shorty Medlocke), Try telling my heart that30
Une biere pour mon cheval. English w & m Jimmie Rogers & George Vaughn, French w Frank Gerald, pseud. of Gerald Biesel30
Walk on with the Duke. w & m Bernice Williams, Earl Edwards, Eugene Dixon, Testa, Spano, Finozio, Irv Nahan, Cal Carter, Pirollo30
We teenagers (know what we want) m Danny Taylor, w & m Paul Winley, w Bob Kornegay30
What's the meaning of this love? Co-writer, Taft Williams, Every day of the week28
When it's twilight on the Missouri. Words & music: Ralph Jack, Ray Vincent, pseud. of Reg Connelly & James Campbell, & Leo Herbert, pseud30
You've got the Jordan River to cross. Adaptation: Oliver Sain & Martha Bass, The prayer. m Oliver Sain30
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