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A C-DC& 249 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), After all & 84 other titles, I'm up for love & 1 other title23
Auf wiedersehen; motion picture. By Revue Productions, Inc, The Day the blind man saw30
Better be good to me & 42 other titles, Coital variations, Coolstar variations30
Be who you are & 2 other titles. By Gerry Stober, with co-writers as noted, Everywhere I go & 1 other title30
Bluest heartache of the year, Make my dreams a reality, This happy feeling21
Bring back your love, & 10 other songs, Gospel and sacred specials, Specials--Sacred music30
Can't get it together, & 1 other song30
Caught in the act: New York actors face to face part 230
Child of laughter (child of pain) w & m Gloria Sklerov, Harry Lloyd, Two lonesome lovers30
Costumes and patterns for Grannyworld dolls & 2 other titles; designs, Heartache30
Crimes of the heart. By Jeff Silverman, Vicki Thomas, Boudica, Queen of the Celts30
Crystal nights. By Eric Burdon, John Sterling, Michael Lewis & Mark Anthony, Coming along fine: Today's gay man and his world28
Discotekin'. w Paul DiFranco, Joey Levine & Marc Bellack, w & m Norman Dolph, m Bruce Holms30
Don't look away. Arr. for voice and piano with guitar chords indicated: Peter Townshend29
Don't you wanna be mine? Melody & chord symbols, partly on 2 staves. By Clyde Otis & Leroy Kirkland29
Do ya, do ya rendezvous? By Clyde Lieberman, Mark Holden & Laythan Armor, Super cautious girl & 58 other titles30
Face to face with love. By Bibo Music Publishers, employer for hire of Tom Campbell & Roger Stone part 330
Fall down, crawl around (I'm on my own time), Runnin', Steel rails30
Fear of flying29
Game of love & 3 other titles part 227
Here I try & 10 other titles, Burn it down, Don't work so hard30
Hey lonely one (I'm lonely too) By Danny Morrison, Jeff Silbar & Grant Boatwright30
Holding back's not worth the chance (of losing you) By T. J. Christian30
If I hadn't lost her & 13 other titles, If you see Diana & 2 other titles, What am I gonna tell my heart?30
I have learned to respect the power of love. By Angela Lisa Winbush & Rene Moore part 230
Into your heart (out of my mind) By Thomas R. Campbell & Gloria Sklerov, A Compilation of songs30
It ain't funny. (but it sure is fun) By Micheal Chapman & Nicky Chinn, If you can't give me love30
I thought you'd never ask. m Domenico Modugno, English w Diane Lampert & Richard Loring30
It's alright for little boys to cry & 1 other title, I get the message, Until & 2 other titles30
I want more ; Other end of the city ; Dante ... [et al.], I want more, Resolution30
I want to love you with the lights on & 6 other titles part 329
Janie, please believe me. m & w Alan Harvey, Roger Drayer & the Tokens, pseud. of Phillip & Mitchell Margo, Henry Medress & Jay Siegel30
Lay it on the line & 20 other titles part 330
Love don't stand a chance & 1 other title, Just getting started, Together30
M*A*S*H: prod. no. 1-G07, Follies of the living, concerns of the dead, Fear of flying30
Midnight angel. By Gloria Sklerov & Gerald Alston, Milady Stephanie, Look closely28
My heart is a junkyard (full of broken love affairs) Musical composition, Midnight angel30
My love is your love & 5 other titles27
Never give you up (never gonna give you up) By Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff & Jerry Butler27
No podras olvidarme, & 4 other songs, The bottom line, Ninfomana [sic]27
Nothin' burns hotter (than two old flames) Words: Jack A. Cook & Ted Chalfant, music: Jack A. Cook part 230
No titles given for all works pub. on or after Sept. 17, 198030
No titles given for sculptured figures30
O.T.B.A. law = Outta be a law, Never get back to Houston, Love's victory30
Peaceable kingdoms: New England towns in the eighteenth century, Theme for Emery Air Freight30
Reasons for the seasons. By Emmanuel Rahiem LeBlanc, Herb Lane, Keith Crier & Paul Service30
Roses in the snow. Words: Bernie Hanighen, music: Harry Bluestone & Emil Cadkin28
Silver chain & 1 other title, Love is a hard act to follow, Sensations & 4 other titles24
Standing ovation for love. Artist: Jay Dee Bryant, sound recording by Island Records, Ltd30
Strong in my heart. By Saber Tooth Music, employer for hire of Roger Atkins & Mark Holden, & Unichappell Music, Inc., employer for hire of Fred Freeman30
Sunday school songs for children of all ages. By Ernest J. Ford & Michael Lloyd30
Take me nowhere. By Pam Reswick, Steve Werfel, Warren Kipp & Peter Murray, Trouble on the edge of night30
Theme from love story. Paramount Pictures Corporation (employer for hire of Francis Lai), arr. Henry Mancini30
The Return. By Lone Ranger, Inc., employer for hire of Charles Larson, Bad, bad Billy30
This time you're really mine, Chains of gold, Perfect fit26
Tiger tiger (feel good for a while), Pickwick sessions, No looking back, & 1 other song30
Time in a bottle--a river view experience, Our list, Skins30
Tropical fish octagonal salad plate, Girlfriend's girlfriend, Stickball kids30
Weather report. Pt. 2, Let it grow30
Who do you love, baby? By Arthur Fields, Benny Davis & Gerald Marks part 230
XYZ/ Andy Summers, David Hentschel, Charlotte Caffey, I can tell you anything, Lovelace30
You know something I don't know (look in your eyes), Situation, Why you wanna die?30
You'll wish that you were never born, Rock you to Hell, Night of the vampire27
You're all I need ; Heavenbound train ; He won't let you go, ED Man, Janet, baby29
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