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Arizona. Board of Regents documents
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1880 princess walking dress, Charles, Alice30
23rd international congress on high-speed photography and photonics, Tourism in Deqin, China27
A comparison of knowledge, attitude and behavior regarding alcohol use among female college students in Catholic single sex and coeducational settings part 230
A full life in a small place and other essays from a desert garden, Chiricahua National Monument30
A Girlfriend at Acoma, Siyu, and an invitation to supper, Voices of our elders, books for our children26
A guide to Tucson architecture. By Roseann Beggy Hanson and R. Brooks Jeffery, Nature and the city30
A guide to Tucson architecture. By Roseann Beggy Hanson and R. Brooks Jeffery, NounPhraser30
A history of the new mathematics movement and its relationship with current mathematical reform30
Aluminum & magnesium anodes for dependable cathodic protection of steel. TX 1-124-752 (1983)26
A Nahuatl-English dictionary and concordance to the Cantares mexicanos, In the trail of the wind; American Indian poems and ritual orations30
Analysis of novel type IV secretion system components encoded by Legionella pneumophila30
Angler's guide to Baja California, Stare down the dog, Rainsong30
ANS proceedings ... National Heat Transfer Conference, Nuclear Technology, Waste management21
Answered prayers--the Carrington's of Shadow Lake, the legacy30
Archaeological explorations in caves of the Point of Pines region, Arizona, Ejidos and regions of refuge in northwestern Mexico30
Arizona State University men's gymnastics team year 2000 calendar photographs, The Song collections of Charles S. Merendino27
Art psychoimagery locus of control assessment using the person in a place drawing with chronic somatic distress patients30
A Sense of place in the new literatures in English, Four hands, two glasses, Don't say those words30
A test for the scientific existence of "simple non-corporeality/consciousness.", Lee's Ferry30
Basket weavers for the California curio trade, Far four, Pine branch, small30
Being professional with upset client/customers, Table manners, Drusilla Roth collection27
Between Earth & sky--legends of native American sacred places, The heart of a chief30
Bruder Singer; Chorausgabe fuer gemischte Stimmen. Selection & edition of various settings, pref.: Richard Baum26
Cassette workbook for the Financial Need Analysis II financial planning system, Embraceable30
Characterization and applications of polyphenol chemiluminescence reactions and flow cell instrumentation30
Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde "subgit to alle poesye", Collectanea Trapezuntiana30
City of light, city of dark; a comic-book novel, The voyager's stone, Poppy28
Combined radiation and conduction in a nongray participating medium that .., Multicast rekeying schemes30
Consent manual and guidelines for release of medical information, My answered prayer30
Conserving migratory pollinators and nectar corridors in western North America, The forgotten pollinators30
Crane reading system, pacer program & 5 other titles, Slave to beauty, Imagination, phototechnics, and chance30
Critical thinking and its relation to academic, personal, and moral development in the college years30
Decedents' estates provisions of the 1974 Arizona probate code, Center for Creative Photography30
Developing the laity of the Skokie Valley Baptist Church of Wilmette, Illinois, to embrace the value of cultural diversity30
Drawn by stones, by earth, by things that have been in the fire, Aaron Siskind, Bruguiere, his photographs and his life30
Effectiveness of two interdependent group contingencies and their .., 40 years ago30
Effect of demographic variables on the racial identity development of adolescent African-American males30
Elementary school teachers' thoughts and beliefs for referring Hispanic students to special education part 225
Embryogrow. Script, animation, sound by Joanne M. Howard, 1940-; ill., graphics, animation: Pat Hansen (Patricia E. Hansen, 1956-)30
Essential elements of a structured mentor program for novice teachers as perceived by classroom teachers30
Evaluation of organizational role conflict and its impact on total quality management at a government laboratory part 230
Examining the thought processes of teachers, Lost in lust, Corre y vuela30
Gifford Pinchot and making of modern environmentalism, Water and the environment since 194530
Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Rock art of the American southwest28
Global business trends, partners, hot products with trade data CD-ROM, Business abroad25
Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce national parks30
Guide and reference to the crocodilians, turtles, and lizards of Eastern and Central North America(North of Mexico)30
Heads and tales and Lo, many donuts later; or, Vague recollections of a Red Cross girl in India in World War II30
Heart of the Southwest; a selective bibliography of novels, stories, and tales laid in Arizona and New Mexico & adjacent lands. By Lawrence Clark Powell30
Heather-computer controlled speech command system for stage productions, ConceptSpace file26
Historic photographs of central Arizona grasslands and associated habitats, I must be blessed27
History of the triumphs of our holy faith amongst the most barbarous and fierce peoples of the new world30
History of the triumphs of our holy faith amongst the most barbarous and fierce peoples of the new world part 230
History of the triumphs of our holy faith amongst the most barbarous and fierce peoples of the new world part 330
How can you use a 3880-23 high-performance cache DASD subsystem?, 3880 model 13 performance measurements25
How people diagnosed with schizophrenia explain their noncompliance with prescribed medications26
Hoy ; Chavo del 13 ; No vale la pena ; Nuevos tiempos, Asi me gusta, Ya no quiero sufrir30
Instructor's manual for the second edition of Donald M. Ayers's English words from Latin and Greek elements30
Instructor's manual for the second edition of Donald M. Ayers's English words from Latin and Greek elements part 230
Instructor's manual for the second edition of Donald M. Ayers's English words from Latin and Greek elements part 330
Journeys in the canyon lands of Utah and Arizona, 1914-1916, Music teaching in the junior high and middle school25
Leadership and group dynamics in recreation services, The Wish card ran out!, The Night after Christmas30
Literacy volunteers for recovery guide (pilot test copy), El Discurso narrativo de Jose Emilio Pacheco30
Lotus Domino intranet starter pack 2.0 cookbook for IBM Netfinity and PC servers30
Lulla-buy combo, maternity-nursing top marketing circular, Christmas doll collection30
Management memorabilia I, organization structure amid system stickiness, they also waite [sic] who serve30
Medieval history; the life and death of a civilization. By Norman F. Cantor, The human embryonic stem cell debate25
Men's lives and the politics of AIDS in the Republic of Congo, The Compositions of David Eaton and Danny Holiday30
Modulation of epidermal growth factor receptor function by mutations within the actin-binding domain30
Mortuary practicss and social differentiation at Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico30
Mortuary practicss and social differentiation at Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico part 230
Mr. Death: the rise and fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr, Phone booth, Phone booth. From album I'm in a phone booth, Baby30
Narcissism, regression, and shame as key factors in a unified theory of pedophilic behavior30
Native peoples of the Southwest--The Permanent collection of the Heard Museum, Every person's little book of p=l=u=t=o=n=i=u=m23
Northern Arizona University [Flagstaff] faculty, staff, student directory, 1978-7922
Numeric analysis of Greek New Testament, A walk with uncle, As to the zoo30
On the edge of a countryless weariness = Al filo de un cansancio apatrida, On the edge part 330
Paradise Valley, Ariz., including residential listings and eastern metropolitan Phoenix, including white and yellow page business listings, February 198630
Participating and knowing in class discourse for second-language learners in a first grade classroom30
Perceived family climate and interpersonal characteristics of alcoholic .., Adventures with Wink & Blink!22
Plaintiff's reply to defendant's objection to motion for class certification and supporting brief29
Pledge free guarantee, Magic wand, Atoms30
Prehistoric households at Turkey Creek Pueblo, Arizona, Food webs--integration of patterns & dynamics30
Preservice teachers' belief development while learning to teach writing in an elementary writing methods course30
Public service announcement, young adults and safe sex30
Pure love ; The solid rock ; Wash me blameless ... [et al.], Four Corners country26
Raising Arizona (20th cues) By Carter Burwell, Untitled Coen project26
Relationships between phenomena of consciousness and interhemispheric .., Pre-Columbian shell engravings from the Craig Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma30
Representation Theory, an Electronic Journal of the AMS-"duality for admissible locally analytic reprsentations"26
Science, society and the search for life in the universe, She's in love, Country southern rock & roll22
Short-term bioassays in the analysis of complex environmental mixtures, III, The Faithful few30
Simulated Anasazi storage behavior using crop yields reconstructed .., Friar Bringas reports to the king25
Son of Tecun Uman: the life of a Highland Maya Indian, as told to James D. Sexton28
Spatial habitat preference of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieui), roundtail chub (Gila robusta), and razorback sucker (Xyaurchen texanus)27
Student's solutions manual for use with Beginning and intermediate algebra [by] Julie Miller, Molly O'Neill part 228
The animals wacky adventure at the amusement park, The animals30
The bedbugs' night dance and other Hopi sexual tales = Mumuspi'yyungqa tuutuwutsi26
The Causes and effects of the disproportionate growth of the .., Saturn, Nutri-you music30
The Collected stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel lecture, The Manor30
The Decline of American Communism; a history of the Communist Party of the U. S. since 1945. By David A. Shannon30
The Development and field testing of a jewelry curriculum for the secondary level at The High School for Performing and Visual Arts, 1976-79 part 230
The Earth is my home; Kids for Saving Earth pledge. Version 2. By Ronnie Brooks, William Hill & Tessa Hill part 230
The Effect of class size, scheduling patterns, and curricular content on physical fitness achievement and attitude toward physical activity part 230
The embodiment of the national in late nineteenth-century Mexican painting, Arizona journal of international and comparative law30
The Folger Library edition of the works of Richard Hooker, Of the laws of ecclesiastical polity25
The genius of C. Warren Thornthwaite, climatologist-geographer, Ring of steel, Climatology: fundamentals and applications28
The Impact of a major federal aid to education program on .., Origin and evolution of planetary and satellite atmospheres30
The Impact of chronic illness, a developmental perspective, Creative photography, camera series30
The nature and evolution of excess electron binding in cluster anions studied via negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy part 230
The phonetics and phonology of stop lenition in Korean, Reaching the back of the mind30
The Random House book of late perennials, The Salad garden, Oriental vegetables30
The relationship of gender, age, marital status and educational level on success or failure in public sector initial employment training programs30
The research, development and validation of a handbook of study modules for use by district technology coordinators in the attainment of technical and educational skills30
The role of perceived school context in mediating the relationship between peer victimization and student adjustment27
The underground guide to university study in Britain and Ireland30
The use of the transtheoretical model to assess change in a multiple driving under the influence offenders program part 230
Too grave a risk. By Denison Kitchel, foreword: Barry Goldwater, William Sanders Oury: history-maker of the Southwest28
Training manual for the Texas funeral prearrangement life insurance agent license30
Training programs & careers in animal health technology & veterinary nursing in North America part 230
Twenty-five photographs by Edward Weston, California and the West, Weston's Westons28
Using strategic & tactical planning to make your veterinary practice more profitable19
Winifred, the wrong-sided mini, Miranda, Un Menage a trois30
Workbook to accompany the second edition of Donald M. Ayers's English words from Latin and Greek elements part 225
You'll find love like that. w & m Jim Boyd, America's colorful railroads, After the afternoon mail29
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