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A book collection introducing children with disabilities to children without disabilities in early childhood part 230
A comparison of experimental and computational results of critical flashover voltages for aspects of distribution geometries30
Acoustical and environmental robustness in automatic speech recognition, Critical writings of Ford Madox Ford. By Frank MacShane28
Ada Clendenin Williamson--glimpses of the artist through her diaries, letters, and scrapbooks30
All the lives I've lived, I've loved, Beowulf30
Alternative assessment for Bunnicula, a rabbit-tale of mystery [by] Deborah and James Howe part 330
American religions and philosophies and their derivations, The American flag, The Presidents and their pets27
A model for the development of an instructional system for designing food safety instruction for adult consumers30
Analysis and characterization of tissue-specific accumulation of TCR-defined gamma-delta T cell subsets in the bovine system30
An Analysis of perceptions related to process and effectiveness of elementary school .23
An Analysis of the effects of the O P E C cartel's pricing policies on world trading patterns30
An annotated bibliography and study of the contemporary criticism of Tennyson's Idylls of the king, 1859-188630
An assessment of water distribution systems and associated research needs, A Manual of sixteenth-century contrapuntal style30
An empirical investigation of the relationships between international accounting standards, equity markets and economic growth in developing countries30
A New deal for workers' education: the workers' service program, 1933-1942. By Joyce L. Kornbliuh30
An Historical analysis of the University of Mississippi's television station, Channel Twelve and its existing structure30
Animation, caricature, and gag and political cartoons in the United States and Canada28
An investigation of preservice secondary mathematics teachers' conceptions of probability and statistics24
Anthology of contemporary Latin American literature, 1960-1984, The Centinela Valley--a tale of two ranchos30
Application of geographic information systems (GIS) technology and remote sensing to a geological analysis of the Solitario Dome and Terlingua Uplift regions, West Texas part 330
A Preliminary framework for analysis of institutional research in practice, Labyrinth of desire30
Assimilation of metabasalt xenoliths and postcumulus metasomatism of gabbros in the Kap Edvard Holm complex, East Greenland30
A Step by step guide on how to plan for high school and college (segment I) and pay the bills (segment II)30
A study of member satisfaction, leadership, cohesiveness, service, and spiritual growth as they impact group maintenance in small groups in episcopal congregations30
A study of organizational memory and related learning during an organizational restructuring30
A study of relationships between selected demographic variables and the principals' self-perception of technology leadership30
A Survey of accountants' views on the desirability and method of inflation accounting part 430
Authority and female authorship in colonial America, Fictional structure & ethics26
Basic reference and research skills units for grades kindergarten through eight, Art as survival30
Behind the mask--indexicality and identity in Javanese conversational narratives30
Blackline masters placement tests for The Learning skills series, Sciatica, Unexplained chest pain30
Black-race family binds and white-ethnic kinship ties, A moment out of time, Beyond blackface30
Brainpower quest; a report on a convocation called by the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art to find new sources from which to draw tomorrow's leaders in science and engineering. Editor: Andrew A. Freeman30
Breaking the rules. (In New York Magazine, June 5, 1978, vol. 11, no. 23, special: food--wine: F, pp. 44-48)30
Brief history of the Cold War: the hidden truth about how close we came to a nuclear conflict30
By bread alone and other stories, Ascension, My barbarian wife30
Carl Sandburg: Lincoln's prairie years. By Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc, Henry Knox: General Washington's general. By North Callahan26
Cellular interactions and lymphokine production in interspecific mouse .., If you cared about me30
Characterization and mitigation of charge-induced failure in radio frequency microelectromechanical (RF MEMS) capacitive switches30
Characterization of the phase dependent pulmonary response following .., Bass day 199829
Closing the Minnesota Federal Reserve to end the lie detector broadcast after 40 years30
Collected poems and some prose of Thomas Cyril Quirk30
Compote dish and pitcher by the window. By Pablo Picasso, author of renewable matter: Robert Freund30
Crappie wisdom, an in-fisherman handbook of strategies, Walleye wisdom, Walleye secrets21
Critical essays on the literatures of Spain and Spanish America30
Death, Mr. President; a chronicle play of Abraham Lincoln's last days. By Paul Horgan30
Dictionary of nineteenth-century American artists in Italy, 1760-1914, Irony and consciousness30
Early American origins of over 100 commonly used cliches, expressions and phrases part 230
Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River anthology. Dramatization, adaptation & arr. by Charles Aidman30
Effects of different incentive conditions on the work productivity and .., Bahamas30
Effects of learner performance by nonverbal sound and motion graphics in a computer-based lesson30
Effects of peer management on the teaching performance of paraprofessional staff working with mentally retarded adults part 230
Encyclopedia of invasions and conquests from ancient times to the present, Ends and means30
Evaluation of a digital responder system in distance education, Peace in the family22
Farber families of an early Ohio pioneer who settled Sandy Creek Valley, Tuscarawas County, Ohio in 180630
First prize super cash vault prize qualification notice, First prize, The Wizards of disambiguation28
Five hundred years of sporting books, manuscripts, prints, and drawings from the collection of John H. Daniels30
Foreword to Karl Marx, Selected writings in sociology & social philosophy. Foreword: Erich Fromm30
Formation of n-nitrosamines from Maillard browning reaction products in the presence .28
Genesis and geology; a study in the relations of scientific thought, natural theology & social opinion in Great Britain, 1790-1850. By Charles Coulston Gillispie30
God bless you, Mama ; [performed by] Peter Giordano [side A], Denise Romano [side B]30
Gregory Lowry and James D. Lyon project 1, Kid-tac-toe lesson plans, Wooden over coat25
Group registration for automated database titled Southeast Minnesota Association of Realtors MLS database, published updates from 1/1/06 to 3/31/0630
Handbook of rigging for construction and industrial operations, The New England cookbook30
Harold Pinter, an introduction to the literature of his screenplays, The guilt seekers29
Heavenly bodies swim designs, Now I do, Stay30
Henry Kissinger and the American approach to foreign policy, Sun Yat-sen, King Hussein28
Historical memoir of the war in West Florida and Louisiana in 1814-15, with an atlas30
Icon configuration for use on gold and diamond earrings, Necklace, Necklace of gold and/or black pearls and diamonds30
Inheritance of tolerance to soil acidity and effects on agronomic characteristics and leaf mineral element concentrations in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) part 230
Insects of the world/presented by Patrick Mannix & Bill Kolbe, Mary Kelly's Interim26
Instructor's manual, test bank, and data disk to accompany Understanding and using application software, v. 3, DOS, WordPerfect 4.2, VP-Planner Plus, dBase III Plus30
Instructor's manual to accompany The Modern tradition, an anthology of short stories, fourth edition, edited by Daniel F. Howard30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Real estate principles and practices [by] James E. Larsen part 330
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Understanding people in organizations [by] Robert C. Dailey in collaboration with Daniel S. Fogel30
International Columbus Quincentennial Commission, Columbus, Garibaldi's story28
International corporate taxation. Cumulative supplement for use during, The Silent scream30
Inversion de l'arbre et du silence, Fragments, L'Etre poupee30
Joseph McCarthy. By Official Films, Inc, Miracle of the mind, Minorities30
Karl Barth's faith epistemology of the spirit as a critical and constructive framework for Christian education30
King Henry VI, parts 1, 2, and 3, Othello, Five Shakespeare plays27
Lawrence of Arabia, he's an Englishman who came to fight the Turkish, Egypt's golden empire30
Life of love from the heart and soul of Elvers Brooks, Was it a game?, An Obscured radiance30
MagicImage Filmbooks presents Dracula (the original 1931 shooting script), London after midnight30
Marcus Tullius Ciceroes thre bokes of duties, to Marcus his sonne, turned oute of latine into english by Nicolas Grimalde part 330
Memory minders, or: How I put the tickets in a safe place and lost my vacation, Secret journey27
Mount Saint Helens ash cloud, May 18, 1980, looking east from 13 miles north of mountain, 6 minutes ... 28 millimeters part 630
My whole life in Ewing, Texas, 1914 to 1919 and grandpa's ledger W. T. Robertson30
Novice teachers' perceptions of professional credibility as depicted in electronic portfolios presented for teacher assessment and licensure30
Observations and perceptions of the physical presence, cooperation, and communication between athletic training clinical and classroom instructors30
One critic's take on the city of New Orleans, Tom Dickie/Jon Macey songbook, Unwilling subjects30
On the stability of fluid layers supporting pool fires including buoyant, radiative, and surface tension gradient effects part 230
Penalty phase capital cases and other cases and matters deemed relevant to capital sentencing30
Perceptions regarding total quality management in Iowa community colleges and public school districts29
Persistence factors for African American undergraduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas part 229
Phase I, Archeological reconnaissance and historical investigation of the F. A. P. 406 highway corridor, Tazewell and Logan Counties, Illinois part 330
Plan of union and congregational churches of Christ in the middle Atlantic states30
Post-World War II Japanese composition, The unforgiving minute, Wingshot cries like wildfire23
Preservice elementary education majors knowledge of agriculture, The Problem of time in Nietzsche27
Proceedings of the ... Annual Appalachian Studies Conference, The Examined life, A Village tapestry: the history of Blowing Rock26
Proceedings of the Central States Society of Biblical Literature and American Schools of Oriental Research25
Professional Development Systems introduces Cold canvass telephone call guidelines for auto dealers30
Prolegomena to Christian Zionism in America, the views of Increase Mather and William E. .30
Punctuation plus for building language and written expression skills, Punctuation30
Reading and writing multimodal texts through information and communication technologies30
Resume writing, interviewing, and roleplaying skills for salespeople looking for new jobs30
Rural development and family planning behavior in Bangladesh villages30
School board member perceptions of boardsmanship education, training, and development resources with regard to the performance of school board duties part 330
Screening crisis among children and adolescents with reported emergencies (SCCARE)30
Sentence structure and characterization in the tragedies of Jean Racine, Trabaci's Cento Versi (1615)30
Shakespeare and the politics of Protestant England, Shakespeare30
Sir Philip Sidney's Apology for poetry and Astrophil and Stella, Cities under stress25
Social responsibility in farm leadership; an analysis of farm problems and farm leadership in action. By Walter W. Wilcox30
Some notes on A System for understanding and creating character types in drama and literature and for developing patterns of conflict and resolution in their consequent relationships30
Strengthening the caregiving ministry in a local church, One hundred sheep, Love so fine. By Tony Asher, Roger Nichols30
Survey questions relating to personal beliefs and the nature of speculative behavior30
The appearance of glyoxysomes and concomitant degradation of lipid droplets in Zostera maina L. (eelgrass)29
The Asian Wall Street Journal guide to understanding money & investing in Asia, Fastforward30
The Civil War letters of Mary Harriet Peek including those from her Brother Henry Thomas Peek of the Washington artillery of New Orleans30
The collected works of Abraham Cowley, Wonders of Lankhmar, Realmspace28
The collective works of Gregory K. Barrett, To be your friend, Barlow Creek29
The Concept of "conversio" in the early exegetical and reform writings of Martin Luther30
The Culture of the state mental hospital. By S. Kirson Weinberg and H. Warren Dunham30
The Denver Chamber Choir sight-singing guide for choristers and church choir members30
The Early makers of handcrafted earthenware and stoneware in central and southern New Jersey30
The effect of problem-based learning on nursing students' clinical decision-making and learning satisfaction30
The expectant mother's guide to presciption and non-prescription drugs, vitamins, home remedies and herbal products part 230
The Fabricated structural steel market, an economic, marketing, and financial investigation23
The First Amendment law freedom of expression and freedom of religion30
The Fiscal impact of selected state legislation on Lassen County in the post-Proposition 13-era part 230
The ghost of 29 megacycles: a new breakthrough in life after death? Written by John G. Fuller30
The Greater the love (the deeper the hurt) By Jimmy Radcliffe & Oramay Diamond, The Harbinger30
The Hawaiian slack key guitar tradition as performed by Raymond K. Kane30
The History, biology, damage, and control of the gypsy moth, Porthetria dispar (L.)30
The History, biology, damage, and control of the gypsy moth, Porthetria dispar (L.) part 230
The History of the Jews of Philadelphia. By Edwin Wolf 2nd and Maxwell Whiteman21
The illustrious history of women (1866) by John Shirley, I just like to be bad, Songs by Eric Bloom & Anthony Rubbo30
The Image of the Jew in Brazilian and Argentinian literature, Luis Rafael Sanchez and the new Latin American theatre30
The Influence of the novels of Jean Giraudoux on the Hispanic vanguard novels of the 1920s-1930s part 330
The journal of commerce and commercial, vol. 378, no. 2686430
The Longman anthology of contemporary American poetry, On account of pain, What'll we do with this life?28
The Measurement of emotion using facial expressions and emotional .., B.F.D.: screenplay30
The moral treatment of returning warriors in early Medieval and modern times, Borderline30
The moral treatment of returning warriors in early Medieval and modern times, Struggle for Kenya30
The Newton-Raphson method over the complex number field, The physics of skiing, Harm's reach30
The Ordovician Deicke and Millbrig K-bentonite Beds of the Cincinnati Arch and the southern Valley and Ridge province part 330
The Organizers present Everything I meant to tell my family, but didn't30
The Patriarchal rite of ordination of priests and deacons, Asides, Submarine worlds25
The people at war, chivilians and soldiers in America's civil war, How to win friends and boost site traffic. TX 5-327-42624
The Phoenix ; Revelation (can't stop the war) ; Taking forever ; Unbreakable memories30
The Reconstruction of text from a longhand version of an alleged stolen, typed, and photocopied letter dispatched by U. S. mail to Peter Ulintz, Ph.D part 230
The Resonance energies of oxazole and isoxazole determined from the enthalpies of combustion and .30
The Robert "Boysie" Lowery method and biographical sketch, Earthquake blues, Honey Babe30
The role of offices of consumer advocate in telecommunications regulation, In the dancer's shadow30
The role of self and object representations in the response of patients to the Argon laser treatment of their port wine stains30
The Theatre Guild, "Carousel," and the cultural field of American musical theatre30
The True confessions of an albino terrorist, A Season in paradise, Mouroir30
The Weavers. Hannelle. The Beaver coat. By Gerhart Hauptmann, translation & introd.: Horst Frenz & Miles Waggoner19
Three women teachers of Talmud and Rabbinics in Jewish non-Orthodox day high schools26
Tragedy is not enough. By Harald Anton Thrap Reiche, Harry Thornton Moore & Karl W. Deutsch, new translation of part of Von der Wahrheit by Karl Jaspers30
Transcendental idealism or does Kant hold the object of experience to exist independently of experience? part 230
Transcendent unities in the psychology of perception, film, and .., Oneness, Hopi woman30
Vending Operator, Incorporated, v. NITA Department of Transportation--problems and case file30
Victims & 12 other titles; motion picture production projects, Retrograde, The lost angel21
What have you planned to tell God? Artist: Earlston Ford, Without God I could do nothing29
William Bradford--the first Thanksgiving. By Living History Productions, Mary Wilkins Freeman30
William Saroyan's California consciousness, Pasternak and Mandelstam, Pollen count29
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