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A checklist of new plays and entertainments on the London stage, 1700-1737, The play in the mirror30
Adaptive methods for reducing sidelobe levels in surface acoustic wave .., Metabolic disease30
A descriptive framework for identifying schematic elements and patterns in certain science and engineering reports30
A dollar won't & 30 other titles. Composed by Robert Henry Hatch and co-composers as noted22
Adult learner role effectiveness questionnaire. By Nova University, Inc., employer for hire of William C. Johnson & Robert C. Preziosi30
After the fight. From the Bar sinister. Arr. Elmer Berstein, Maryjane Rottencrotch27
A hierarchical Bayesian model of the rate of non-acceptable in-patient hospital utilization30
A hierarchical Bayesian model of the rate of non-acceptable in-patient hospital utilization part 330
Alas! what brought thee hither? the Chinese in New York 1800-1950, Illusory forms30
Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to make your hair stand on end, Ken Russell, John Schlesinger30
An Analysis of person and number in selected hymnals in light of the Psalms, Other voices27
An econometric examination of public assistance and social insurance utilization of foreign-born households30
An Evaluation of host cell factors in adenovirus defective interfering particle phenomena30
A New age guide for the thoroughly confused and the absolutely certain, Radio speedway30
An examination of the relationship between conscious and unconscious mental processes and postpartum adjustment28
An exegetical study of Psalm 40 with regard to the implications for the necessity of faith in the salvation of the Old Testament Saints30
A Night filled with music; short story (fiction) By Dorothy V. S. Jackson, Backward glance30
An investigation into the multicultural educational development opportunities for middle school teachers in a large urban school system30
An investigation of the relationship between anxiety and problem-solving skills in learning-disabled children and their non-disabled peers part 230
Anthology of contemporary Latin American literature, 1960-1984, The Achievement of American sport literature30
Anthology of contemporary Latin American literature, 1960-1984, Total war and twentieth-century higher learning30
Applicability of clinical supervision and systematic observation techniques to the training of pre-service .30
Application for license for Minor Water Power Project for the Fort Dodge Mill Dam Hydroelectric Project30
A Practical guide to statistical quality improvement, Brother Bug finds a new home27
A sociohistorical study of the early development of African-American English in Virginia, 1619-1770s part 230
A Study of Jungian archetypes in three Hemingway novels, Happily grazing, People think they know30
A study of the relationship between teachers' learning style preferences and their use of the microcomputer at home and at school in Medfield, Massachusetts part 330
Bandy pandy in making waves, autumn leaves, car-rot TV and carrots, molasses and quences, coloring book and your own drawing book part 230
Beyond the mask; a collection from the heart of S. K. Ness30
Biochemical studies of sodium channel inactivation gating using chemical modification and limited proteolysis of purified, reconstituted channels from eel electroplax30
Biology, 1st edition [by] Ruth Bernstein, Stephen Bernstein, Detecting texts, Beyond suspicion26
"Bit of nostalgia..." for one or two percussionists and live electronics performer30
Breaking new ground (CD album of 7 songs)30
Certain sermons or homilies (1547) and A Homily against disobedience and wilful rebellion (1570)26
Character, commodity fetishism, and the origins of expressionism on the American stage30
Classical religions & myths of the Mediterranean Basin, Judaism, Hinduism30
Co-actional and alternating patterns of behaviors of infants and caregivers in day care centers30
Collective identity and institutional change in the campus ministry, 1964-1973, Let your fire burn30
Coming home ; Sitting in council with all creatures, Coming home part 330
Crosscurrents in the literatures of Asia and the West, Write and sell your TV drama!30
Culture, nation, and the new Scottish parliament, Inventing the writer and the reader17
Dance with the elephants--free your creativity and write, Stand up for Jesus, & 6 other selections30
Destruction of environmental pollutants by microwave heating and discharge plasmas ; Generation of hydrogen from water and methane using discharge plasmas30
Dictionary of nineteenth-century American artists in Italy, 1760-1914, Style in art. By Lincoln Rothschild30
Diverse contextual factors related to rehospitalization in an aging home health care sample30
Double vision--historiographers, chroniclers, romances, and the invention of royal character, 1050-1377 part 326
Effects of an interagency collaborative intervention program on self-efficacy, reading achievement, and school attendance of students with emotional or behavioral disabilities part 330
Elephant who couldn't forget, Immigrant experience, Cicily30
Environmental and organizational characteristics affecting the implementation of comprehensive assessment systems in community colleges part 230
Factors in the representation of black secondary students in academic and social life in a suburban school district part 230
From Everglade to canyon with the Second United States Cavalry, American history illustrated23
Funzioni rappresentative del tema del lavoro e degli affari nella narrativa di Italo svevo30
Genetic and biological investigation of the mechanism of action of APC(MIN) and MOM1 in intestinal neoplasia in mice28
George Meredith's publications in the "New quarterly magazine:" a critical edition of "The house on the beach," "On the idea of comedy," "The case of General Ople and Lady Camper," and "The tale of Chloe."30
George Sand and the nineteenth-century Russian love-triangle novels, Disaster in the air30
George Sand and the nineteenth-century Russian love-triangle novels, Literature and degree in Renaissance England30
George Washington Bouldin and his missionary struggle with Southern Baptist denominationalism in Japan part 330
Gerard DeNerval, the poet as social visionary, Semiotics of deceit, Transtextualities25
Guide for the instructor to accompany the tenth edition of Criminology by the late Edwin H. Sutherland .29
How to achieve financial independence in your own parking lot maintenance business30
Hunter-gatherer mortuary practices during the central Texas archaic, Style as discourse in the poetry of Luis Pales Matos30
Immunology and molecular biology of parasitic infections, Promotion fitness exam study guide26
Increase your income with zero investment, join the winning U-Haul team!, Successful men at midlife30
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Voices and visions, Voices and visions28
International perspectives on hazardous waste management, The light of love, Spontaneous release30
John Leacock's The First book of the American chronicles of the times, 1774-177530
John Steinbeck's use of non-teleological thinking in his .30
Jose Vasconcelos and the writing of the Mexican Revolution, Brian W. Aldiss, Shaw and other matters30
Legal and ethical issues raised by the human genome project. By Mark A. Rothstein, editor part 230
Les Principes d'an-archie pure et appliquee, suivi de, Paul Valery et la politique par Francois Valery25
Marcus Tullius Ciceroes thre bokes of duties, to Marcus his sonne, turned oute of latine into english by Nicolas Grimalde30
Marcus Tullius Ciceroes thre bokes of duties, to Marcus his sonne, turned oute of latine into english by Nicolas Grimalde part 230
Marcus Tullius Ciceroes thre bokes of duties, to Marcus his sonne, turned oute of latine into english by Nicolas Grimalde part 430
Mediterranean UC and early stage investing connference, February 11-14, 2001, Gran Melia Don Pepe Resort, Marbella Spain part 330
My man, hes a lovin' man. w & m J. Matthews & J. Bennett, Pleasingly plump, Marinela29
Narrative strategies and political allegory in the works of Madeleine DeScudery and Marie-Catherine D'Aulnoy26
Neutrino mass and gauge structure of weak interactions (Telemark, 1982), 1998 boogers stuff28
New quantum Monte Carlo algorithms to efficiently utilize massively parallel computers30
Northwest perspectives, Timber, On the highest hill26
Nurses' & parents' safety, health & nutrition coloring book for children, A Diamond in the chaff30
Paradise lost and resurrected for the twenty-first century30
Private property and public use in American constitutional law, Country music, I'm stoned30
Proceedings of the 18th annual international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society30
Professor's manual for dancing with your books, The Rest is silence and other plays30
Rites of passage and the construction of masculinity in Hubert Fichte's "Das waisenhaus", "Detlevs imitationen gruenspan", "Die palette", and "Versuch ueber die pubertaet." part 230
Robert Browning's romantic irony in The ring and the book, A garden's promise, Cyanopoda27
Romanticism and children's literature in nineteenth-century England30
Samuel Johnson's translation of Sallust, A facsimile and transcription of the Hyde manuscript part 330
Security clearances and the protection of national security information law and procedure30
Selective utilization of ectopic epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells part 330
Self-learning programs for certified nursing assistants for nursing homes, home health agencies, hospitals30
Shade gardening. (The Time-Life complete gardener) TX 4-172-024 (1996), Lawns, Natural gardens24
Shakespeare and the fire of love, Shakespeare30
Shakespeare in performance and production at the New Globe Theatre, Shakespeare part 230
Shakespeare yesterday, Shakespeare today--A Midsummer night's dream, Shakespeare30
Sonata III; fuer Violine, Oboe, Fagott, und Basso continuo. No. HM 177. By Johann Dismas Zelenka, ed. of the work, continuo realization, pref., critical report: Camillo Schoenbaum30
Spirituality, dealing with illness, hopelessness, and multidimensional fear of death as perceived by gay men with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) part 430
Student's solutions manual for use with Elementary number theory, fifth edition [by] David M. Burton part 230
Study guide to accompany Cultural anthropology, an applied perspective, [by] Gary Ferraro30
Subversion y creatividad en los cuentos escritos por mujeres del caribe hispanico30
Swami Vivekananda, his second visit to the West, new discoveries, Mohabbat, Songs of Salil Chowdhury25
Taking the mystery out of college selection, admissions applications, and the financial aid process30
Test bank to accompany Exploring the social--readings in contemporary sociology, Americans all int28
The birth of a new religion, the origin of good and evil, An American tragedy, Music, music, music, & another song30
The Church faces social justice through a family perspective. By Patricia Voydanoff & Thomas M. Martin30
The complete poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Abbey of Saint Asaph, Nocturnal visit30
The deposition of inorganic thin films on polymer substrates by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition30
The eclectic redneck on the most basic right--the Second Amendment30
The effects of accountability, responsiveness, and professionalism on bureaucratic discretion part 230
The effects of human resource management practices on profitability and productivity30
The effects of language and economic restructuring on electoral support for sovereignty in Quebec, 1976-199530
The Golden Gate Bridge report of the chief engineer, fiftieth (50th) anniversary ed28
The greatest real estate steals of the 19th and 20th centuries, Developing natural supports in the workplace30
The great game--the struggle for empire in Central Asia, Dickens, Indecent exposure30
The Handling of major unusual incidents and incident reports from CLAs .., Pure rock fury30
The history and influence of the Imperial Rescript on Education on moral education in contemporary Japan30
The Illustrated book about South America, including Mexico and Central America. By Benjamin Appel27
The Image of antiquity in Boccaccio's Filocolo, Filostrato, and Teseida, Molecular systems at high pressures and temperatures25
The impact of culture on the overseas operations of United States multinationals in the United Kingdom and Thailand part 230
The impact of role stress on the sales performance of professional service providers25
The Influence of the novels of Jean Giraudoux on the Hispanic vanguard novels of the 1920s-1930s30
The Influence of the novels of Jean Giraudoux on the Hispanic vanguard novels of the 1920s-1930s part 230
The Japanese tradition in British and American literature. By Earl Miner, Milton studies25
The life and times of Sir Goldsworth Gurney, gentleman scientist and inventor, 1793-187530
The life and times of Sir Goldsworth Gurney, gentleman scientist and inventor, 1793-1875 part 230
The literature of New York: a selective bibliography of colonial and native New York state authors30
The Major authors edition of the new Moulton's Library of literary criticism, Percy Bysshe Shelley: selected poetry and prose30
The moral treatment of returning warriors in early Medieval and modern times, Bob & me30
The new philosophy and universal languages in seventeenth-century England, Japanese education30
The new philosophy and universal languages in seventeenth-century England, Medieval and Renaissance drama in England30
The new philosophy and universal languages in seventeenth-century England, The lean years collection30
The Norton anthology of American literature, Robots, robots, robots, Theater of the avant-garde, 1890-195030
The Norton anthology of world masterpieces, fifth continental edition, The Last and greatest art30
Theodore Dreiser's "Heard in the corridors" articles and related writings, The Stoic29
The Ooby dooby. Words & music: Wade L. Moore and Dick Penner (A. Richard Penner)30
The phonology of Pennsylvania German English as evidence of language maintenance and shift30
The phonology of Pennsylvania German English as evidence of language maintenance and shift part 230
The phonology of Pennsylvania German English as evidence of language maintenance and shift part 330
The pinto horse and The phantom bull, While the patient slept, The patient in room 1824
The political economy of international shipping in developing countries, Olivier Messiaen, the musical mediator30
The Racehorse from outer space and other tales of the turf, No place to fall, The Wind of luck30
The Relationship of cognitive style to academic achievement and .., Hugs and hearts30
The Relationship of collegiate television news curricula with the employment marketability of television news graduates30
The Shadow of the swimmer. By Charles Edward Eaton, Alcools, Countermoves. By Charles Edward Eaton30
The stability of foreign exchange reserve level targeting for small open fixed exchange rate economies part 229
The story of Joseph in Spanish Golden Age drama, Tales of the living dead, Evil tales of evil things30
The Surprise visit, and The Broken window, Model, The Vacuum cleaner28
The Use of discretion and the role of the police officer in American Samoa, Henry Fielding28
The Use of the Rorschach affective inferences scoring system--revised in the diagnosis of mania part 230
The Virgin Mary as alchemical and Lullian reference in Donne, Becoming modern, The American discovery of the norse30
The Virgin Mary as alchemical and Lullian reference in Donne, Borrowed words, Political bodies30
The Voice of the narrator in children's literature, Deserts of steel, The sin eater30
The war on the Bill of Rights and the gathering resistance, The Cross and the Star30
The Wonderful tree house. By Harold S. Longman, illustrator: Harry Devlin, Old black witch; bk. By Harry Devlin & Wende Devlin28
Thomas H. Middleton presents his newest collection of original puzzles in Simon and Schuster crostics part 330
Thomas Shadwell's "The Lancashire-witches, and Tegue o Divelly the Irish-priest"30
Three blind basketball officiating mice. By Paul Gerard Stewart, Foundations of normal and therapeutic nutrition30
Time and the artist in Shakespeare's English histories, A History of the production of Yiddish films30
Time and the artist in Shakespeare's English histories, Thanks for my deafness!, Declarations of independence30
Transcript of conversation with Robert "Slim" Gragg regarding Steamboat Bill, Jr., with Buster Keaton in 192827
Tulane Department of Anesthesiology goal-directed case management worksheet, The Holy City30
Versatilidad y unidad estetica en Guillermo Valencia a la luz del simbolismo frances28
Voting intent and behavior among clerical and technical workers in .., Ledger/Byrne collection II27
Walker Percy as critical philosopher and post-critical novelist, Elvis26
Washtenaw County Trial Court Family Division/Juvenile Center on-site technical assistance report part 230
Welcome to da city of fame ; Down ass G'z ; It don't stop, Brothas ain't no good, and 2 other selections30
Welcome, you are invited to our church ; Thank you ; Official tour guide ... [et al.]30
What did I ever do to deserve loving you?, The Oriental rug, Gowpen30
Who sues in New York City? A study of automobile accident claims. By Roger Hunting & Gloria Neuwirth29
Winning specialty vehicle cases. ATV/C's jet skis, helmets, Orbital, The Daniel M. Watkins collection26
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