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A Closer look & 1 other title; unpub. musical compositions, Still smokin', River gonna rise30
A little love (goes a long, long way) w & m by Mark Sherill & Linda Kimball30
Anoint me, Holy Spirit & 2 other titles, Big Jay, babe, & 1 other selection, Waiting & 8 other titles30
Another place & 21 other titles part 230
Authentic south sea songs from Hawaii, Tahiti and Samoa; compilation of songs. Arr. & compilation: Steve Graham, pseud. of Michael H. Goldsen part 230
A Woman wants it, needs it & 10 other titles, (When did we cross) that hurtin' line? Musical composition30
Baby, I'll be there. Words & music: Maceo Howard, pseud. of Howard Biggs & Allen Hughes, pseud. of Joe Thomas30
Being a woman, in a man's world, doing unmanly things, for but apart from men, Disco fever30
Bernie's tune. By Bernie Miller, arr. for dance orchestration: Atlantic Music Corporation, employer for hire of Frank Comstock28
Billie's bounce. From To Bird with love (live at the Blue Note)30
Blond in nylons, black underclothes, and white negligee. By Al Buell, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow25
Boiled crawfish. Words & music: Tex Ritter, Happy Fats, pseud. of LeRoy LeBlanc, & Frank Harford30
Brave black child's painful "education" of little boy black by Alfred W. Wilkes, To love a man30
Bring back your heart. w & m Kenneth Seymour & Freddie Houston30
But I was born in New York City. (Honey) just as long as you are there. Artist: Paul Evans, sound recording by Phonogram, Inc30
Can't get myself over you & 2 other titles, Sentimental music, I swear I don't miss her anymore30
Case development problems in hematology. Ser. 1: the red cell, problems 1-8. Text: Daniel Leary Horrigan and John William Harris30
Children's affect as a mediator between maternal affect and children's independent cognitive performance29
Closer to you & 2 other titles30
Coast to coast & 2 other titles part 230
Confirmation of copyright (copyright owner: Julian Barnes)30
Does it have to last forever? w Ben Raleigh, m Ed Fournier, If you were my lady25
Doin' the best that I can & 2 other titles, Someone is falling in love. By Pete Sebert & Lee Domann30
Dry bones ; I'm gonna climb that sycamore tree ; I reach for you, Lord ; Look across29
Easter egg polka. Words by Walter Baum & Warren Binkley, music by Bert Gardner (Albert M. Gardner, Jr.) & Whitey Trapnell (Earl J. Trapnell)30
Evaluating progress in behavioral programs for children with pervasive developmental disorders30
Face to face (Deasy/McGuire) By Mike Deasy & Barry McGuire part 330
Farewell! goodbye! w & m Fletcher Peck, pseud. of Adrian George Greenberg and Don Osborne, pseud. of Dewey Bergman30
Feel so good & 10 other titles part 230
Fiddlin' with love & 1 other title, Away from love, Smile30
Giving birth to a song. Artist: Delaney, pseud. of Delaney Bramlett & Blue Diamond, sound recording: Polydor, Inc30
Green light ; Maybe it's all forgotten ; Instilled and lost, Green light, Poker academy27
Guide book to accompany The New Our new friends. By William S. Gray, Lillian Gray, Mary Hill Arbuthnot, Marion Monroe & A. Sterl Artley30
Hamburgers, frankfurters & potato chips. w & m Shirley Wolfe, Sy Soloway & John Howard (Leonard Pincus)30
He happy. From the musical production, Minnie's boys. w Hal Hackady, arr., introd., chords & harmony: Larry Grossman30
How could I change now? By William Thomas Polk, 3rd, Verlon Thompson & Melba Montgomery30
I can't let go & 16 other titles part 330
I can't say that anymore & 3 other titles, I can't say30
Identity and anxiety: survival of the person in mass society. Editors, Maurice R. Stein, Arthur Vidich, David Manning White30
If something should come between us (let it be love) By John Beland & Gib Guilbeau30
If something should come between us (let it be love) By John Beland & Gib Guilbeau part 230
I'll keep dreaming dreams of you. w & m Steve Venet (pseud. of Steven Venetoulis) & Nick Venet (pseud. of Nick Venetoulis)30
I'll love you till I'm blue. By Lee Domann, Ralph Whiteway & Hugh Moffatt, Battlefield of broken dreams & 1 other title30
I'm gonna get you off of my mind part 230
I'm losing my grip. w & m Al Frazier, Carl White, Turner Wilson, Jr. & John E. Harris30
It could have been worse (it could have been me) By C. Barnet, Alcatraz get away & 113 other titles30
It's hard to be a big man on your knees. w & m Bobby Bond a.k.a. Robert Reinhardt, & Jodi Bancino30
It's the place to be & 4 other titles, Honey, let's go dancin' tonight, Please, don't play that sad waltz again28
It's the time of the year. w Joe Shapiro, m Lou Stallman29
I wanna walk down the street (holding someone's hand) w & m Lou Stallman & Sid Jacobson30
I wonder what you're doin' tonight. By Mitch Bottler, & Musicways, Inc., employer for hire of Dick Saint John, Sandy Saint John & Gary Zekley part 230
Just one more kiss. For voice & piano. w & m Jimmy Wakely, Ray Whitley & Fred Rose30
Knock kneed Napua from Kailua & 2 other titles, Lovely hula girl & 1 other title30
Last night I dreamed of loving you & 4 other titles, Somebody just for me & 1 other title30
Let me love you a little (so I can love you a lot) w & m Jimmy Elledge & Carl Fitzgerald part 230
Let's fall in love again / We got a love thing30
Let the good times roll/Nightmare/The Tiger30
Let the good times roll. RE 209-565 (1984)30
Listen to your heart & 1 other title part 330
Living on the outside & 1 other title25
Long long time to say goodbye25
Lost city child. w & m Don Nix & East/Memphis Music Corporation, employer for hire of Don Preston30
Love is where you find it, & 5 other titles30
Love will never pass us by. w & m Mark James, pseud. (of Francis Rodney Zambon), Glen Spreen, John L. Christopher, Jr., Richard Mainegra & Red West (Bobby West)30
(Man) gentleman from Key West. By Bennie Harris (Benny Harris), Serenade to a dream. By Benny Harris (Bennie Harris)30
Mental orphans & 2 other titles, Never alone, If it weren't for him25
Midnight magic & 2 other titles part 230
Moose the mooche. Recorded by David Glasser. (In album Dreams askew, dreams anew)30
No easy way (to say goodbye) By Michael Barry Reid & Robert A. Johnson, No easy way part 230
Old time love & 9 other titles, Bash it up, Square cat blues30
On again, off again love. w & m Beverly Ross & Robert Gary Goldstein30
One more river to cross27
Only child, mother, father, Sorcerer's apprentice, Mary Mother, Jesus30
Over exposed: US banks confront the third world debt crisis, Bump City suite, I like the girls suite24
Pass the udder udder (over to my udder brudder) Words: Stan Freberg, music: Ruby Raksin30
Pictures (picture you, picture me) w & m Hastings Music Corporation, employer for hire of Johnny Cymbal, Peggy Clinger & Shannon O'Neill part 230
Pizza on the piazza. From motion picture, It started in Naples. m Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Alessandro Cocognini & Carlo Savina30
Please love me & 5 other titles part 230
Ponce DeLeon and the search for the fountain of youth. (Tall tales & legends) PA 313-717 (1986)30
Reviens, baby. French w Alvys (Albrecht Marcuse), w & m Norman Petty & Fred Neil30
Rhinos, rhinos, can't be beat! & 5 other titles, I love you, that's all. w & m Med Flory24
Rocco's theme--Far away land. From the motion picture, Rocco and his brothers. w Mel Mandel & Norman Sachs, m Nino Rota part 230
Safari & 2 other titles, Pas de trois, Iranic. Music: Jimmy Giuffre28
Salute to Doggett. m I. J. Gosey, Donnell Hopkins, Henry Boatwright, Art Wright, Charles Parker, Jr., & Earl Mosley30
"Santa brought me choo-choo trains," but daddy's having fun. Music: Bob Sadoff (Robert Sadoff), lyrics: Paul S. Lasky24
See them laugh. w & m Gib Guilbeau, Darrell Cotton, Ernie Williams, Wayne Moore30
She's just a reminder (of what she used to be), Lovebird, Brand new broken heart25
Single again, what time does the balloon go up? By Denny Randell & Sandy Linzer30
Sixteen cavalry men. w & m Richard Barrett & John Howard (Lee Pincus), Some other guy. w & m Richard Barrett & Elmo Glick30
Slaves of New York & 4 other titles; short stories, Love me baby, First day26
So far, so good & 1 other title30
Somebody ought to do something about that guy & 1 other title, I can't do it alone30
Someone to come home to. w & m Jimmy Williams & Jimmy Steward, Jr., piano arr. & chord symbols: Shalimar Music Corporation, employer for hire of Chris Langdon30
So physical & 2 other titles; unpub. original musical compositions, You were just twenty-three30
Stampede. w & m Milton Delugg, Dick Hyman, & Stanley Clayton, pseud. of Robert Thiele30
Stay a while; a serious square dance. For voice & piano. w & m Irving Gordon29
Struck by lightning twice & 23 other titles, Get hot quick! & 11 other titles, Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway30
Strung out and other Val Johns and Thom Phillips songs suite, Hollywood bump. From album Beyond the sun and the stars30
Susie's Tavern & 2 other titles, Sweet island night, I done tore all my hair out over you30
Sweet desire & 5 other titles; musical composition26
Sweet lovin' woman & 5 other titles30
That's not love. Co-writer, Kate Voegele27
That's the way love goes (until it's gone) By Rhonda Gunn, Naomi Martin & Lisa Daniel30
That's what friends are for truly & 1 other title part 230
That's when you know it's love & 11 other titles26
The Bells are ringing for you now & 2 other titles; unpub. original musical compositions24
The best of Charlie Barnet. Artist: Charlie Barnet & his orchestra, compilation: MCA Records, Inc28
The Burgundy walk. Melody & chord symbols. w John Fitzgerald, pseud. of Robert B. Sour, m E. Hodges30
The Collective new age works of Brian Dalton, Why don't you love me?, Desperate man30
The interaction between friendship-based primary networks and sexually interdependent primary relationships30
The Rehabilitation of speech; a textbook of diagnostic and corrective procedures based upon a critical study of speech disorders. By Robert William West, Merle Ansberry & Anna Myrtle Carr30
There ought to be a law against that. w & m Dick Monda & Peter Sale, I don't love you30
The song stylings of Patrick Hubbard, Love straight from the heart, Skidmarks30
The Wonder book of dolls. By Antoinette Hamilton (text) & Meg Wohlberg (ill.), employees for hire of Wonder Books, Inc30
They call you the lover. w & m Darrell Eugene Cotton, Garold H. Williams, Floyd August Guilbeau & Charles D. Tucker27
This town. From The cool ones. w & m Remick Music Corporation, employer for hire of Lee Hazlewood30
Through it all we stayed together30
Thru the eyes of love. w Portia Nelson, m Harry Zimmerman, It's the little things30
Time mocks those words & 2 other titles, Talk is cheap, Cold war30
To be loved. w & m Tyran Carlo, Berry Gordy, Jr., & Gwen Gordy, new arr. Ben Kendall for hire by Pearl Music Company28
To be, or not to be? By Salve D'Esposito, new lyric in English: John Turner, pseud. of James John Phillips, & Geoffrey Parsons, Italian words: Tito Manlio30
Tools for speaking and singing. Pt. 1: tools for speaking and singing, pt. 2: how to use the tools for speaking and singing. By Gertrude Wheeler Beckman30
Trapped! Additional title: Supa doopers, sets 1 & 2, Trapped, Alroy's very nearly clean bedroom28
Water runs dry (mood mix) By Taylor, Smith, Thomas et al, What you want to know30
We'll get by. By Lois Frizzell, William O. Lefty Frizzell & Alice L. Frizzell27
We're coming in loaded. From the Hal Wallis production, Girls! girls! girls! w & m Otis Blackwell & Winfield Scott30
What's a good girl gonna do & 1 other title, It happens & 3 other titles, Life of a minor poet30
When time takes your hand. From the musical comedy, The Amorous flea. w Jerry Devine, m Bruce Montgomery, arr. Saunders Publications, Inc., employer for hire of Hale Smith30
When you've broken the heart of a child & 1 other title, The Cards, Letters from Katy30
Where do we go from here? Co-writers: Jill Colucci & Michelle Wright part 230
Wild horses and wild women & 2 other titles, Wild horses part 230
Wrap the world in Christmas paper. w & m Joe Lubin, & Irvin Roth a.k.a. Adam Ross a.k.a. Irving Roth30
You and me and the radio & 1 other title, Elvis on velvet, Too late for that29
Your love for me & 2 other titles28
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