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Blue-eyed boy & 4 other titles, A fish tale, Reeking havoc30
Boom Doc Saintz Lost Borough Entertainment album, Firestorm 2000, Write on time30
Breakin' down & 31 other titles30
Celebration of my soul and other selections, Celebration part 230
Climbing the walls. w C. Trantham, m G. Trantham, Holding my baby, Like it is22
Dancing lights album compilation, Out on the cape, Does a fool ever learn?25
Don't stop part 1030
Don't you want my lovin'? By Vincent Herbert & Anthony Beard, I told you that30
Double trouble brewin' in a singles bar tonight30
Experiencing developmental psychology, Walk on, At the cotillion30
Feeling (don't leave me), Lean on me, Hide me away27
Get this love out of here alive, Je suis libre, I'ma big girl30
Heart on fire ; Sometimes ; Bits and pieces, Sweet one, Can I put my love?30
Il corso della vita, Fantasy30
I'm beginning to see the light. w & m Don George, Johnny Hodges & Duke Ellington (Edward Kennedy Ellington, 1899-1974) ; arr. Eric Richards30
Just one more time. w Charles E. Stover, 1947- (Skip Stover); m William M. Jump, 195230
Mine, all mine, & 3 other songs, Bad images, When words get in the way29
My clone sleeps alone. By Red Admiral Music, Inc., employer for hire of R. Capps & Pat Benatar part 230
Never come down from the danger zone, I've heard it all before, A Little lovin'28
Over the line; a collection of 8 songs. By Marc Charles Vadeboncoeur30
Praise Him in the morning, & 2 other songs, Start a fire, At least you're not alone29
Rock with the best. By A T V Music Publishing of Canada, Ltd., employer for hire of William Henderson (pseud.: Eli Short) & Brian MacLeod (pseud.: Ralph Long) part 230
Run with me ; The right road ; Chance ; Your kiss, Run with me, Princes[s] Diana30
Shopping bag lady ; Power in the music ; When the band was singing (shakin' all over)30
So easy to lose, so hard to find. By A T V Music Publishing of Canada, Ltd., employer for hire of Eddie Schwartz (Edward Sydney Schwartz)30
Songs of Gary D. James, Emanuel K. Moore, Vernon Neilly & Felix J. Washington, Don't shoot the messenger30
The Leaves musn't fall. Co-authors of words and music: Dorothy Sebastian & Jack Kenney30
Train called rock 'n' roll, Lucky one, Wild jungle rock29
Trapped inside this maniac, Hot love, Roll me30
Under the gun (the Roswell saga)30
Victim of a broken heart, Foolin' yourself, Can't stop lovin' you27
Victim of an assassination, Armageddon, The Promotion30
What change have you made lately?, Love come back, Rumours of you30
You're my love, you're my life, If I had wings (I could fly), Don't forget the world30
You took a part of me, Fantasy30
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