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100 tears ; Celestial waters II ; Metamorphosis I, rebirthing ... [et al.], Ecstasy30
Adoorables; stick-on, spongy, noise-reducing buffers for household and business doors30
Advent of the plutonium economy in France, nuclear power, multi-nationals, and the French Left30
A history of Pedro Alvarado ; Who studies love, love attains, Victor, Crusader!30
An Historical biographical role of the past presidents of the Georgia Psychiatric Association, 1955-197029
Antrim Fair (three Irish dances) By John Ansell, Afternoon stroll, Allemande30
Any fish you wish, Sunrise, Tee pees30
Apocalypse, and 2 other songs, Daydream, Ain't that always the way30
Aquarius part 330
Assyrian long horn goat, Edith Granger, Sleepy story30
A Study of retired persons' life satisfaction and perceptions of retirement .., Faces of love30
At the beach. No. 3065. By Airwaves by High Gear Graphics, Inc30
Aurora part 430
A Voice said from the cloud, "This is My Son, whom I have chosen, listen to Him!"26
Balustrade and column room divider, Young giraffe, Queen Nefertite30
Bee junk food candy popcorn, Baby hippo, Hippo farmer22
Birdie part 230
Bobbie Knievel vs. Eddie Kidd world record competition, Celeste, Stanley and the boys29
Bottoms up! DCR 1982, African mask, Papa hippo27
Bride, the groom and the man in the the red boxer shorts, Bobby Jones, Champions of the future30
Canadian goose, orchards and large colored daisies and ribbon carrying cocoa phantasy person, and other drawings part 225
Cancer part 330
Christmas more than once a year ; Love brought you here!30
Classical carp & dolphin fountain, Gentleman angler, Torso of a nude30
Classical carp & dolphin fountain, La Regale, The Breeze30
Classical carp & dolphin fountain, Plus fours, Ce soir30
Classical carp & dolphin fountain, Resting giraffe, Baroque torso female30
Classical two tier fountain, Lion wall fountain, Spring wall fountain30
Classical two tier fountain, Spirits, Los manos de vida30
Classic cotton florals, Tee time, Tropical fantasy30
Collecting traditional American basketry, Flute player30
Cookie pirate (Collectors Club joining piece), Happily ever after, And you can be my royal servant30
Creative twist tree trimmers, Le Chat, Le Chien30
Crossing at the Ave of America, Menorah, Flamingo dance30
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, Best of times, Sumerian goat30
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, Day dream, Bust30
Dove of peace Spencerkin, Happy, Rumples30
Dressed to kill. (Snaz (all live tracks)), Betterfly, Parades25
Earth spirit, victim, or whore? The figure of the prostitute in .., Hollywood love22
Earth, wind, and fire, Tji wara, Head of woman30
Elegance part 230
Elite services training, First friends, A zero hour diary23
Emergence, the life cycle of a liberated W. A. S. P, Emergence, Limbo junction30
Enchanted evenings with Rodgers & Hammerstein. (Timeless favorites) SR 251-102 (1998)30
Evening out the score, Evening out, Widow28
Friends part 4630
Fuente de tres mujeres with basin, Hibiscus bowl, Bust of Roman30
Gia & 80 other titles, Jeanette, Jenna26
Giancarlo Impiglia "Man and woman" jewelry collection, The Ring, Window shopping30
"Gilded lily" on brass collection with brass bud lids, Greek horse, Animal on ring30
God of health and prosperity, Buddha head fountain, Buddha head30
God of health and prosperity, Esprit d'Orient, Lonely cowhand30
God of health and prosperity, King Tutankhamen, Large bust of David30
Head of woman with receding hair line, Bull, Precious present30
Healthy solutions, Elegance30
Hughes expands effort into consumer electronics market with two new products at June trade show20
La grace planter, Empire figure, Robert Rabbit26
Large kitty with heart, A124S, Carousel swan, Romance castle, A606S30
Laureland Children's Shop. By Laurel Burch, 1945, Lightning, Tasai30
Life of Tom Horn: government scout and interpreter. Written by himself, together with his letters and statements by his friends, a vindication, introd.: Dean Krakel28
Lovers part 529
Luxor (light green), Cleopatra, Luxor (black)21
Madame Butterfly (Portrait of soprano Carmela Bucceri Altamura), Spin da bottle30
Mario Grimaldi, the DeVaux Gallery, Carmel, California, Together, Don Quixote21
Mathematician and scribe bookends, Cat, Romping horse30
Mathematician and scribe bookends, First ride, Colt30
Mathematician and scribe bookends, Japanese lion, Country swan30
Mathematician and scribe bookends, Nude reverie, Seated clown30
Mathematician and scribe bookends, Olla de la vida, Great dragon30
Mended hearts, Revelation30
Mind shaker meltdown, Star gazer, Until the ocean30
Mommies; a new play, Trust me, Mad30
Momo, the glutton, Gemini30
Monkey contemplating human skull, Standing panther, Match a love30
Monkey contemplating human skull, Woman with bowl, Tusk30
Mother & child unicorn couple laying in flowers with butterflies part 230
Mount Vesuvius--Europe's mighty volcano of smoke and ash, Flower girl, Flower girl design30
Narcissus Warhol and one other myth defined, Swan song, Thin on top28
National Eightpoint Tournament (N. E. T.), El Toro, Lots29
Niagara Falls School District, Camille30
Nostalgia--Noche de ayer (night of yesterday), Ascending, Impacted27
Once in every long & lonely, On the beam, One finger Joe28
On the preservation of certain properties of functions under composition, Water spirits. (The enchanted world) TX 1-700-371 (1985)23
Oriental female musician, Bobby Jones, School daisies30
Oriental male musician, Affection, Western wonder30
Oriental male musician, Best friend, Camel30
Oriental male musician, Narcissa, Homage30
Pair of Chippendale shelf/planter sconces, T'ang horse, Wicker-look wall shelf30
Panama Jack Polo Club, Samurai, Hurley30
Petite angel slide charm necklace & bracelet, 1995 paintings, 2002 paintings30
Petite slleping [sic] cherub birdfeeder, Grand entrance, Embrace II30
Petite slleping [sic] cherub birdfeeder, On the links, Waiting in the wings30
Petite slleping [sic] cherub birdfeeder, Profile I, Profile II30
["Pirouette" no. 47490 necklace, gold and precious stones], L'Etoile, Empress19
Poorboy (the greenwood) By J. Lynne, Pony ride, Poorboy dancer from Puru27
Prairie buffalo--spirit of passage, Appeal to Great Spirit, Secluded waterfall27
Prais we sing. By Bruce Ballinger, Oriental boy, Season of the backstabbers30
Primitive horse DCR 1985, Armful of joy, Baby hippo30
Primitive horse DCR 1985, Slippery matter, Portrait of woman30
Primitive horse DCR 1985, Treasure boy, Small fry30
Princess part 525
Puppy love (girl) Co-author: Dee Crowley, Charging bull, Golf outing30
Puppy love (girl) Co-author: Dee Crowley, Playful elephant, Elegant study30
Puppy love (girl) Co-author: Dee Crowley, Reclining panther, Valentine girl30
Puppy love (girl) Co-author: Dee Crowley, Running buffalo vase, Caroler30
Pygmy saints and unconscious messiahs, Cowboy on the horse, Indian village30
Quai bir-hackeim, Cockatoo, Jungle trail28
Rebirth of the fertility queen, Rebirth, Royal warrior30
Rhyme me a rhyme, dance me a dance, play me play, dream me a dream, Suite for the birds30
Ride 'em cowboy ; Shooting star, Smile, Barney's gang30
Scientific management of library operations, First bloom, First bloom (oriental peony)26
Songs of John Paul Broker, Veronica30
Sophisticated lady. SR 330-409 (2003)30
Space planets, Reindeer30
Staying close to Jesus is my heart's desire, The Thinker, Diamonds are a girl's best friend30
Stencil collection, Love birds30
St. Francis Medical Center, The Baby Anthony program response line contact sheet part 230
Study in white '91. By Skip Hine, Sky dreamer, Up and over30
Swan planter. No. 192/CG. VA 135-240 (1983), Herb pot planter, Angel guardian30
Sweet dreams of Santa, and 1 other sculpture part 230
Tales and tails along fantasy trails, Cat, Romping horse30
Talking to the moon, Anne, Mother love30
The ballad of Rick Don't Call Me Ricky Cause I'm A Veteran Nelson, Babe in arms, Beamin' all over30
The Dog Brothers present Bringing home baby, Moonstruck, The Spooky eerie night noise30
The Engineering Index bioengineering and biotechnology abstracts30
The Further education of Jeremy S. Smith, Forever30
The Happy marriage cookbook/ by Dee and Chuck Crowley, My mommy, Little Santa30
The Happy marriage cookbook/ by Dee and Chuck Crowley, Tom-tom, Little fireman30
The Lonely stage. w & m John Cutrone, Charles Cutrone, Angelo Simeone & Charles Campaign30
The shimmering beauty of community silverplate by Oneida, Splash30
The touch of love, At the park, Young love28
The Unification of infinities at tht moment of creation, Beginnings, And man created30
Things that puzzle me, My kitty, And I'll be quiet27
Time just keeps on tickin', & 5 other songs, Gazelle, Fantisies [sic] of you30
Tranquillity by the sea, Generations, A warrior's blessing30
Treasured moments, the complete selection of coordinated wedding books and accessories for today*s bride30
Turtle part 430
Two-headed horse, Kneeling nude, Lioness28
UCLA Museum of Cultural History pamphlet series ., Elephant30
Victorian rose ivory/red flowers. By Edward G. Bashian & Sons, Inc part 230
Victoria part 430
What do you see when you close your eyes?, Dancers, The sea30
With this ring I thee wed. Co-composers, Edward Nelson & Steve Nelson. EP48161 (1950) Termination effective 15Jul0628
Women: stories of passion, episode, no. 6, Wishful thinking, Wishful thinking, Implicated30
Young girl with roses, Good grooming, Nectar30
Young girl with roses, The Rattler, Noble Spirit30
Your Bible reporter says: Looking past the star to the cross and the empty tomb makes a Christmas happy!30
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