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Be heal, in the name of Jesus, Save Earl, If it isn't love30
Everything that bothers you, bothers me & 1 other title, You've got to get on up25
Funeral orations by Saint Gregory Nazianzen and Saint Ambrose. Vol. 22. By Leo P. McCauley, John J. Sullivan, Martin R. P. McGuire & Roy J. Deferrari30
Happy songs of love. New chords & harmonies: Frank H. Stanton & Arthur Kent, I'll make the living if you make the loving worthwhile30
Hear no evil (see no evil) By Wiener, Crane, Gluck27
I am a barbarian. By Edgar Rice Burroughs, employee for hire of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc, ill.: Jeff Jones30
If it's love you'll know it & 1 other title, Don't give up yet, Johnny Reeferseed30
I hate to leave you now. w Dorothy Dick a.k.a. Dorothy Link, m Harry Link & Fats Waller (Thomas Waller)24
I'm in the mood for a sad country song & 2 other titles part 230
I never thought I could love you & 2 other titles, Desiree, One more miracle30
It's just a thought but (I'd like to be a robot), I'm ready for love, The Sign of love22
It was so easy. w & m Carly Simon a.k.a. Carly Simon Taylor & Jacob Brackman, arr.: Warner Brothers Publications, Inc. (employer for hire of Russ Taylor)30
Just enough good lovin' & 2 other titles, Just enough part 330
Love is in your eyes. EU79976426
Masterpiece no. 11 of many song lyrics by Derrick J. Nelson, Masterpiece30
Mercy, Lord! My husband's in the kitchen, and other equal opportunity conversations with God30
Music for Angel in the snow by Vic Crume. By Linda S. Williams, The Word is out30
My laboratory (is ready for you) Music by Barry White & Jack Perry, lyrics by Vella M. Cameron30
My laboratory (is ready for you) Music by Barry White & Jack Perry, lyrics by Vella M. Cameron part 230
My laboratory (is ready for you) Music by Barry White & Jack Perry, lyrics by Vella M. Cameron part 328
Phantom lover. w & m Bradford Boobis, Neil Nephew, Robert Stevens30
Strategies for reading and writing; instructor's manual. By Sharon Thomas; with an appendix by Sharon Thomas and Marilyn Wilson part 230
The Lutheran annual, 1966. Managing editor: Otto A. Dorn, statistical editor: Armin Schroeder, statistical assistant: Cecil E. Pike30
There's a place we know & 3 other titles30
Two lovers on a pier. By Jim Andron & Mark Winkler, Does he love you? Musical composition30
When will I love you again? Musical composition, J-U-S-T-I-C-E, Just kickin' the facts30
You I adore & 2 other titles, You I adore, You've met your match27
You make my life. m Irv Johnson; w Chris Jordan30
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