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1998 supplement to Cases and materials on criminal justice administration, fourth edition30
A comparative study of training personnel interviewers with computer-based interactive video and video30
Acquisition of knowledge and preparation for decision-making by Oklahoma elementary principals in the area of special education part 230
Adaptive control of combustion instabilities using real-time modes observation, Catalyst30
Adler, Wolfflin and the portrait--implications for program development .., Love so bad30
American society, urban and rural patterns. By Edmund DeSchweinitz Brunner, Wilbur Chapman Hallenbeck & Francis Stuart Chapin30
A meta-analytical review of the literature on the efficacy of the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) program30
An examination of Donald Clemmer's concept of prisonization and its role in the future development of penal policy in the United States30
A Sentence-by-sentence formula for argumentative composition, Monkey with me, Times like this30
A study focused on the risk of illness from Escherichia coli in recreational-use water, using the Red Cedar Watershed as a model30
A unique look at some life topics, Walk above the fear, Let's party, & 3 other songs23
Automated decision support using variations on the Dempster-Shafer .., MR imaging of the liver30
Banking deregulation and the new competition in financial services, The Study of criminal courts30
Bible lessons for crossword puzzle solvers ; Crossword puzzles for Bible experts part 230
Box card--computer program for weekly LOTTO games for players boxing numbers, How to survive a nuclear disaster30
Cognitive behavior modification and the treatment of impulse disorders of children and adults30
Colleagues in organization: the social construction of professional work, Mormino30
Comments to the Hawaii Uniform Limited Partnership Act (1985) (modified), Teacher's manual to accompany Cases in competitive strategy27
Commitment and shared responsibility as facilitators of appointment keeping at a community30
Confidential interim report to Mister Robert D. Lund and Mister Robert J. Kost, General Motors Corporation part 230
Cooperation in missions in the formation and development of the Korean Presbyterian Church, 1884-191230
Cordierite gneisses and high temperature metamorphisms in the Fosdick Mountains, West Antarctica, with implications for breakup processes in the Pacific sector of the Mesozoic Gondwana margin30
Corporate planning, human behavior, and computer simulation, Managing strategy in the real world25
"Customerizing" produced by, directed by ... and starring our customers, Beyond a passion for excellence30
Developing a strategy for utilizing a family life building at First Baptist Church in Wickliffe, Kentucky part 230
Development of a polymer-ceramic composite material for endosseous implant applications30
Dialogic approaches toward developing third graders' comprehension using Questioning the Author and its influence on teacher change30
Discrimination and reproduction of geometric shapes by children at the age of five to seven years30
Economic analysis of restoration practices to improve water quality and fish habitat of a large river floodplain30
Environmental policy and urban development conflicts in the Malibu Creek watershed30
Essays in post-Keynesian inflation, Trust in you, Step of faith27
Examples of Gregorian chant and other sacred music of the 16th century. By Gustave Fredric Soderlund & Samuel H. Scott30
Executive development--preparing for the 21st century, Can good dogs go to heaven?25
Experiments in the teaching and in understanding economics to accompany Economics, second edition [by] David C. Colander30
Factors associated with health outcomes of patients hospitalized with .., Conceptual foundations26
Fifty genealogical charts and relationships of H. R. H. the Princess Maria Teresa, hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg30
Financial futures the hedge against volatile interest rates, The Foreign exchange market30
Floating exchange rates and the state of world trade payments, Food policies and food security under instability30
Foul play: a sofie metropolis novel, Refreshing, Song of adoration26
Gaining ground on infrastructure in Georgia's cities, Prodical son, Children of a greater god30
Generating creativity and innovation in large bureaucracies, Closer to truth, Mid-sized firms29
Geology of the eastern Tehachapi Mountains and late Cretaceous-early Cenozoic tectonics of the southern Sierra Nevada region, Kern County, California30
Government policy and higher education: a study of the Regents of the University of the State of New York, 1784-1949. By Frank C. Abbott28
Growth characteristics and water demand of three Quercus species under reduced irrigation using a computer-controlled irrigation system part 230
Handbook of pediatrics. Corrections and additions: Henry K. Silver, C. Henry Kempe, and Henry B. Bruyn30
Health maintenance organizations (HMOS), National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) accreditation standards, and public interest regulation30
How to buy a cellular phone and save money, Radio nights, Lovers, Cannonball Adderley26
How to train pets, wild animals, kids & miserable jerks to be better behaved, Lawrence Kohlberg's theory and Christian moral development30
Humans developing, a lifespan perspective, The Spanish armada, Doctor Freud will see you now!30
Implications of Whitehead, Whorf, and Piaget for inclusive language in religious education30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Strategic management formulation, implementation and control, seventh edition [by] John A. Pearce 2nd, Richard B. Robinson, Jr part 230
Instructor's manual for Introduction to organizational behavior, Motivation and work behavior25
Instructor's manual to accompany Basic grammar and usage, second alternate edition, including answers to text exercises, diagnostic, unit, and achievement test with answers part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Microeconomics, first Canadian edition [by] David C. Colander, Peter S. Sephton30
Instructor's manual to accompany Probation and parole in the criminal justice system, second edition [by] Paul F. Cromwell, Jr., George G. Killinger, Hazel B. Kerper, Charls Walker part 230
Instructor's manual with test bank and supplemental cases to accompany Personnel and human resource management, third edition [by] Randall S. Schuler part 230
Instructor's resource manual with test bank to accompany Effective small business management, fourth edition, [by] Richard M. Hodgetts, Donald F. Kuratko part 230
International business, fourth edition [by] Michael R. Czinkota, Ilkka A. Ronkainen, Michael H. Moffett30
International differences in the labor market performance of immigrants, At home and abroad27
International matrix of nuclear quality assurance program requirements30
Introduction to criminal justice, second edition [by] Robert M. Bohm, Keith N. Haley part 230
Introduction to industrial electrical maintenance, Someday Colorado, Contracts28
Judicial disqualification under Canon 3C of the code of judicial conduct, The defense is ready30
Lawyer disciplinary agencies, lawyers' funds for client protection, fee arbitration programs, unauthorized practice of law committees directory30
Legal research exercises, third edition (1989) to accompany Cohen, Berring, and Olson's How to find the law (9th ed.) and Finding the law30
Logic problems; a student's manual to accompany Adam's The Fundamentals of general logic. By Elie Maynard Adams30
Macroeconomic and microsocial processes: social change in a Nova Scotian village. By Constance Pennacchio DeRoche30
Managing innovation and entrepreneurship in technology-based firms, Commonsense manufacturing management24
Manufacturing muscle--to remain a leader in refining technology, we're investing hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade our global manufacturing network part 230
Marital quality, role orientation, and sex role classification in intact .., Joy!30
Medical ethics in antiquity: philosophical perspectives on abortion and euthanasia30
Medical school professors reveal The science and art of living a longer and healthier life30
Medical students' and primary care physicians' opinions and concerns on the use of information technology30
New technology adoption and barriers to innovation in the marketing research industry30
Nine short poems of Geoffrey Chaucer ; translated by William Cooper from the text edited by Larry Benson in 1987 part 430
Optimization and estimation in non-linear systems with application to .., Nutrition intervention in the United States30
Organizational effectiveness through work situation and transfer of training influences on employee computer use self-efficacy30
Origins of legislative sovereignty and the legislative state, Centralized power, Refining the waterfront30
Perceived committee effectiveness among program advisory committees in technical education27
Perspectives on growth of scientific knowledge and alternatives for .30
Prescription guide, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Publishers, Holt school mathematics (1978, 1974) part 230
Price formation in natural gas fields; a study of competition, monopsony, and regulation. By Paul W. MacAvoy30
Proceedings of the ... Annual Fogarty Memorial Conference, Bunny and duck pair, Superpower arms control30
Racketville, Slumtown, Haulburg. By Irving A. Spergel, with foreword by Lloyd E. Ohlin28
Recent state legislation on branch closings, delayed funds availability, fees and services, and truth-in-savings part 230
Reconsidering the basic relationships between exchange rates, exchange rate expectations, and macroeconomic fundamentals part 230
Reserve-asset preferences of central banks and stability of the gold-exchange standard. By Peter B. Kenen29
Saving, investment, and capital markets in an inflationary economy, International finance and trade28
Secret scrolls of love and Rx for erotic intimacy in marriage, Self-images of law professors30
Security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, The Ties that bind, The U.S. intelligence community30
Self-concept, racial identity development, and the perception of the graduate and professional educational experience among African-American female college students planning to pursue advanced degrees30
Social problems, seventh edition, [by] William Kornblum, Joseph Julian, in collaboration with Carolyn D. Smith part 230
Sport psychology strategies, types of social support, and adherence to injury rehabilitation among university student-athletes30
Strange of Balcaskie and the clans outlandish Strang and Stronge = Strangus de Caledonia et Hibernia et Carolina part 230
Strategic management decision support for a firm in pursuit of the displaced ideal utilizing data envelopment analysis and entropy30
Study guide, 1990-91, by Thomas M. Beveridge to accompany Principles of microeconomics by Karl E. Case and Ray C. Fair30
Study guide and workbook to accompany Economics of development, fifth edition [by] Dwight H. Perkins, Steven Radelet, Donald R. Snodgrass, Malcolm Gillis, Michael Roemer30
Study guide for Introduction to criminal justice, [by] Robert M. Bohm and Keith N. Haley30
Synthesis and characterization of a novel nitroxide-containing nucleoside for DNA dynamics studies by EPR28
Taking stock of Europe; US regulators propose to ease rules for foreign stock offerings in the US30
Teacher's manual for Criminal law, cases, comment, questions, third edition, Criminal process30
Teacher's manual to accompany Cases and materials on appellate practice and procedure, second edition part 230
Teaching behaviors and teacher values that contribute to effective multicultural and gender-inclusive education30
Technological innovation and job satisfaction for Level I Carnegie Research University Library professionals29
Technology transfer for the structure and management of ground combat equipment maintenance capabilities to foreign governments30
Test bank to accompany Mason, Lind, and Marchal's Statistics, an introduction [by Robert D. Mason, Douglas A. Lind & William G. Marchal]30
The administrative and educational practices of shared governance in baccalaureate nursing programs in the state of Tennessee part 230
The Application of mnemonic techniques to medical learning and recall, The U.S. financial system29
The Athlete's game plan for college and career, Pirate's guide to Lake St. Clair30
The Breakthrough curriculum which includes breakthrough to language and multisensory math30
The California psychological inventory as a resource in identifying effective counselor trainees part 230
The Common defense; strategic programs in national politics. Text: Samuel P. Huntington30
The Correction or improvement of the problem reader who shows signs of dyslexia through the use of the Romar selective color (hue) lens part 330
The Effect of the "tradeoffs" series on student understanding of and .., Circle of fire30
The giant African snail: a problem in economic malacology, The System-wide approach to microeconomics19
The indirect leadership strategies employed by central office administrators in the institutionalization of high school programmatic change30
The Last best hope: tales from the continuing American civil war; summary article. By David Kimyee Teng, 1953-, whose pseud. is David W. W. Bradford part 230
The Limited Store Planning, Inc., scheduling system, The Limited, F.W. Woolworth30
The National longitudinal surveys of labor market experience, Innovation diffusion models of new product acceptance26
The New England spice trade mail order catalogue of spices, herbs, and teas and cookery guide30
The new investment theory of real options and its implication for telecommunications economics30
Theological and aesthetic roots in the Stone-Campbell movement, Productivity and U. S. economic growth26
The Organization and retrieval of economic knowledge: proceedings of a conference held by the International Economic Association at Kiel, West Germany30
The Relationship between principal effectiveness and student .., The making of a male model30
The relationship of academic achievement to standardized test scores among University of Maryland-College Park and United States Naval Academy football players part 230
The Relationship of export obstacles to the Export trading company .., Millwrights and mechanics guide30
There's plenty of money for nonprofit groups willing to earn their shares, Jeannie demo30
The separation of aqueous iron species found in stepwise complexation by capillary electrophoresis with atomic absorption spectroscopy detection30
The Shooting star name and dream book for any name, any dream, Do you want metal?28
The Social context of medical research, Down from the mountain, Catchpenny bride24
The Survival of Judeo-Spanish cultural and linguistic traits among descendants of Crypto-Jews in New Mexico26
The Words of our mouths; our family's heritage as told by members of the Beer-Lasner, Goss-Kaufman, Katz-Rosenstein, Ribak-Weiner, and Yasgoor families30
Three Mile Island's impact on training in the nuclear industry, Nothin's wrong blues30
Transformation of non-oxygenated, homocyclic aromatic compounds by aquifer microorganisms under methanogenic and sulfate-reducing conditions part 330
Understanding and embracing the ministry of the Holy Spirit in whole person worship at Grace Bible Church, Grandville, MI30
University of South Florida Wind Ensemble, James Croft, director ... plays compositions of Alec Wilder30
U.S. security in the twenty-first century, The Silent partner, Rethinking the U. S. strategic posture26
Variables associated with student success in an open-admission community college vocational concurrent enrollment program30
Water quality, modeling, and land use investigations in the Upper Pearl River Basin of east-central Mississippi30
What can police agencies in rural areas do to prevent the spread of gang violence into schools by the year 2004?30
What the small office practitioner must know about legal resources and client development of the internet30
Within and between the role of the psychiatric resident in the psychiatric unit in the general .30
Workbook to accompany Fairweather and Davidson, An Introduction to community experimentation, theory, methods, and practice30
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