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12 song CD compilation titled "Something to be happy about.", Cops and ., There ain't no black lesbians?30
Acquisition of Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company by American Electric Company, Inc. as seen by outside counsel30
A distributional analysis of aquatic invertebrates of McKittrick Creek of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas30
Agreement and understanding between (son) (daughter) and (his) (her) parents, Opening and closing doors30
A Multi-dimensional analysis of purposeful inhalation of toxic substances in southwest Texas and implication for a treatment model part 230
And one day a bird will sing just for you and other poems, Here we stand!, What is a Nazarene?26
An evaluation study of the implementation of "the cognitive curriculum for young children" in a rural special education preschool classroom28
A place to call home; the story of Conklin Players Dinner Theatre. By Chaunce Conklin, 1926-, and Linda Tosch, 194930
A segure el exito en su matrimonio antes de casarse, The control freak, Memoirs of Pontius Pilate26
A Theology of personal ministry. By Lawrence O. Richards & Gilbert R. Martin, 2001 Advent series30
Beacon Bible commentary. Vol. 2: Joshua through Esther. By Chester O. Mulder, R. Clyde Ridall, W. T. Purkiser et al22
Beacon Bible commentary. Vol. 4: The major prophets, Isaiah, Daniel. By Ross E. Price, C. Paul Gray, J. Kenneth Grider, Roy E. Swim20
Beacon Bible commentary. Vol. 5: The major prophets, Hosea, Malachi. By Oscar F. Reed, Armor D. Peisker, H. Ray Dunning, William M. Greathouse30
Believe it or not, you can live like a millionaire on less than $100 per week!28
Clap, clap, clap! w, m & arr. Nona Keen Duffy, Mildred Speakes Edwards & F. W. Hawkins30
Dalmatian dog collection. By Youngs, Inc., employer for hire of Stacey Hall, Simulated whale30
Don't cry for me (Donny's song) Writers: Victor Millrose & Lenore Rosenblatt, Goodbye world, hello Jesus30
Everybody into the field! the power of Sunday school to transform lives through Evangelism28
Fly to me Haiwan [sic] dove, Courage30
Folio of Pop and country songs; hits. w & m Dixie Earl & Les Chambers, Rock-a-my baby on the bayou. Words & music: P. Attaway26
Generation X leadership styles and job satisfaction in the information technology consulting industry30
Geographic variation in the morphology, diet and reproduction of a widespread pitviper, the western diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox)30
Getting it all together in Daniel and Revelation, Froggy & friends II, Nah! Nah! Nah!30
God has never failed me, but he sure has scared me to death a few times!, Minister's little instruction book30
God's answers for your times of trouble ; God's answers for your anxious times ; Timeless truth for your faith, family, health, and finances30
Hidden treasures--the sixty billion dollar gold mine30
Honey, you can make a good thing even better, A time to dream: item no. 37010, Bitter thistle, sweet rose25
How does it look from there? ; The soldier's letter ; It's you and me, Clothed in purple26
How do I sing a love song (in a world of one night stands)?, For better, for worse and during remodeling30
Imagination, the world of inner space. Editors: William Goodykoontz & Margaret Howard, illustrator: Alan Magee, employees for hire of Scholastic Magazines, Inc30
Improving spirituality in the local church through teaching and training in prayer30
Incorporation of a general bottom impedance condition and a piecewise linear sound speed profile into a shallow-water scattering model30
Interactions of phosphatidylserine with vesicular stomatitis virus G protein human hemoglobin, and the erythrocyte aminophospholipid translocator part 230
Journey into wholeness conference, Wolfing for leaders, Wolfing fore [sic] leaders28
Leader's guide for group study of Love your work [by] David McKenna, Here comes the night27
Leader's guide for group study of Wholly living, by John A. Huffman, Jr, Gynecology and obstetrics. By John William Huffman30
Lessons from the Vine Sunday School curriculum, five year olds, The pinballs, The History of South Carolina in the building of the nation30
Literary collection of seven literary works and titles completed by Michael Scott Pitts part 226
Michael Harrison Walpole/Horace Alexander Young songbook, A way with words, Val's place30
Natural language and mixed modality task presentations in the human-computer interaction using programmable logic controllers30
New perspectives on breaking the 200 barrier, Some sunny day, Kiss tomorrow goodbye30
Night hunt in Kisumu and other unforgettable stories from Africa, Glad Christmas time30
Night hunt in Kisumu and other unforgettable stories from Africa, "Honey!" ... "What now, dear?"30
Night hunt in Kisumu and other unforgettable stories from Africa, It's your serve--make it an ace30
One church in many locations--what multi-site churches do in addition to worship30
Party people ; Chamber danger ; Hit me with that shit, Intimate encounters, Parenting with intimacy30
Peanut Butter Jelly and other good stuff for children, Rat in the cowboy hat, Buddy30
Praying the Lord's prayer for spiritual breakthrough, Getting a church started, Town's Sunday school encyclopedia30
Problem solving study guide to accompany Mathematics for elementary teachers, The biogeography, behavior, and ecology of exotic ants30
Promises of God's abundance for a more meaningful life, Finding contentment in a disappointing world30
Pumping Department SO3 hydroprocessing charge, rundown, and distribution, Sail along, silv'ry moon25
Relationships among conceptual systems, locus of control, and .., Face of love, Stay, and 1 other selection30
Rough road to the north: travels along the Alaska highway. By Jim Christy, The Price of power30
Secret power to joy, becoming a star, and great hair days, Soaring straight ahead29
Spending time with your children, St. Louis style30
Standard in side in the shadow looking out side at life, Welcome Jesus, Teaser27
The Case of the mysterious parables, To be worthy of you, Brandley's search26
The Christian home; leader's guide for an elective course. Text: Henry Brandt and Homer E. Dowdy30
The Complete book of baby and child care for Christian parents, Choices are not child's play28
The Fruit of the spirit (is joy, love, faith, peace), The Christian's everyday problems30
The Hebrew text underlying the old Greek translation of Jeremiah .., Discovering the Bible20
The homeowner's guide to hiring contractors, Praying with the Anabaptists, The rhythm of God's grace28
The Lord is my strength and my shield, Jesus, Basketball players28
The Milwaukee card sort test as a neuropsychological measure of the presence or absence of brain damage in an inner city African American population30
The pancake memos and other stories for growing Christians, Rx for happiness, The Autumn years30
The pancake memos and other stories for growing Christians, What Christians believe30
The pastor's guide to growing a Christlike church, The heart of a great pastor, Your pastor is an endangered species30
The pastor's guide to personal spiritual formation, Dreamer, Minimal interval content descriptions30
The Record industry book. Vol. 1: how to make money in the record industry. By Walter E. Hurst30
The role of cognitive schemas in a Web-based student evaluation of teaching system30
The Seattle times guide to schools, Case dismissed, One sweet sin28
The untamed land. By Wrather Corporation, The untamed, Wilderness rendezvous30
The virtual reference desk: creating a reference future, Jesus calls us, Awesome and majestic!28
The Weekday lessons from Luke in the Greek Gospel lectionary. By William Davenport Bray27
Think on these things, Philippians 4:4-8, Spices from the scenic route, Take steps30
This is a story about the true account of two men, an impossible surgery and the God of the universe30
Transitions in prehistoric diet, mobility, exchange, and social organization along California's Big Sur Coast part 230
Treasured writings from the heart of Nancy Nichols, inspired by the Heavenly Father30
Understanding your bad moods strength and help for a friend, Shoulda coulda woulda30
Under the lucky bean tree, Tangled webs, Elfshadow27
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends30
What a wonderful life for graduates, God's way, Exploring ethical issues29
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