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A Fairy tale. For pianoforte. Music by Oliver Edwards, Every day30
Another one of those nights & 9 other titles30
Careless love ; Time has made a change30
Dead end street. Artist: W. T. Sneed, sound recording ABC Records, Inc30
Emotional blackmail. By T. Mac Music, Ltd. & Tom Snow, Good news, bad news/2 good 2 B bad30
Everything I know about love (I learned from losin' you) By Dan Mitchell & Larry Shell30
For your love (I'll do most anything) Artist: Barry White part 230
Good lovin' always comes slow, Good lovin'30
I could never give you up (for someone else) & 4 other titles, Jody like a melody30
In everyday life, it's so important to have someone to relax with, to be yourself with, to talk freely with, and not feel you have to entertain constantly30
It's a wonderful world (boulevard big band arrangement) Musical composition30
Listen to the music & 4 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgment (docket no. 78-0831 filed 21Apr78 in U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey) part 330
Look at her, here she comes, Waiting for tonight, Side street girl30
Make a little magic. By Jeff Hanna, Richard Hathaway, Robert Carpenter & Mark Phillips30
My my, hey hey (out of the blue) Co-writer Jeff Blackburn, Man of the hour a.k.a. Out of the blue27
Over & over (I fall in love again) By Chip Hardy, Over & over30
Party in my heart. The game. Artist: Gail Davies, sound recording by A&M Records, Inc30
Party in my heart. The game. Artist: Gail Davies, sound recording by A&M Records, Inc part 230
P.S.I love you. Music: Gordon Jenkins, Eng. text: Johnny Mercer, Swedish text: Hildegard, pseud. of Astrid Soderbaum27
Put your hands in your pocket and give, give, give30
Silver saddles. By Austin Corcoran & M. J. Corey (Myrtle J. Corey Foster), Aches 'n' pains29
Silver threads and golden needles. w & m Jack Rhodes & Dick Reynolds, piano acc.: Jack Rhodes30
Slam, bam, thank you, ma'am, Bump in the night, Out of chaos28
The Celedonio Romero method for the classical guitar, Noche en malaga. From album Flamenco fenomeno!30
The Problem of foreign worker participation and representation in France, Switzerland, and . part 230
There was love plus 22 other songs, Just a tear, No one else30
The Woman in me. By Michael Clark & John Bettis. In phonorecord album by Donna Summer "Donna Summer." part 230
Trouble the water. Adaptation & arr. Beechwood Music Corporation & BMJ Publishing Company, employers for hire of Jerry Walter28
Twelve notches. w & m Bert Russell (a.k.a. Bert Berns), Ray Passman & Rene Saint Charles30
Two to remember and four to forget, Lady in love, 'Cause I am so in love with you30
Why may not I love Johnny? m, adaptation, and arr. by Sarah Wiggins, musical adaptation & arr. Central Songs, Inc., employer for hire of Sarah Wiggins25
Wrapped in silk. m Vernon White, 1964-; w Dino Petrella, 1973-, & Rita Morenzi, 195826
You and me and spring in Tennessee & 4 other titles, I bet I would have loved you way back then30
You'll be mine. By McCartney a.k.a. Paul McCartney, 1942, Limited time only, A Lover's lullaby30
You're the best thing that's happened to me. Music by James Francis (Jimmy) McHugh, words by Harold Adamson part 230
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