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Adam & Evil & 31 other songs, La de da, Love amplifier27
At Christmas and all year through, I'm dollars ahead with S & H green stamps, Lucy30
Barbara Higbie's interpretation of Carole King, This time, Welcome to my living room30
CBS Sports Show underscore series 2/1/96, Under the same sun, Island lady30
Christmas time ; Christmas in a little country church ; Goin' to Grandma's ... [et al.]30
Classroom gossip. w & m Lor Crane, James Romano, Daniel Mackey, Johnny Holliday, William J. Santos, Harry Nivens30
Dear Santa, Dear Mother, Martin30
Ding, dong, the Christmas bells are ringing, March and tap, Russian hoedown27
Don't want to play, No pain, no gain, Behind the wire30
Drop dead gorgeous (a tragi-comedy): the power of HIV positive thinking, Fallen dove30
Echo & 7 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), One ; What in the world ; Mindfield ... [et al.]30
Exercise no. 1, & other selections, The farm, The NK Music, Inc., sampler27
Frail ; Five candles (you were there) ; Weighed down ... [et al.], Gotta roll, & 2 other songs27
Going backwards in a forewards [sic] world, I'll be fine, The Wish30
Gonna get the band together. w Jerry Riopelle, m Bruce Deal a.k.a. Bud Deal, & Thomas Poole30
Good to the last drop, I'm yours30
(Got to) feel your fire & 35 other titles; compositions. By Jim Vallance, with co-writers as noted part 230
Hey, little girl. w & m Andrew David Annand, 1968-, & Mark Harold Hudson, 1968, My self30
How does electricity work? By Phillip Allen Brown, Never change30
I didn't think it would hurt, Initials, The Miller memorabilia30
I don't know (but I've been told) ; Leave me a picture of you ; In the middle of a little love ... [et al.]30
I don't want to live without your love, Your love is good to go, I could live a lifetime30
I got the rock & rolls again, Keep you warm, First one's for free30
I'll find a way & 22 other titles30
Impossible world. By Charles Farren & David Heit. (In Farrenheit), Neverland, Listen to the rock collection30
I remember your name & other original musical compositions part 230
I've got your number and it ain't off the bathroom wall30
Jimmy and the tough kids ; Angels ain't for keeping ; Long distance ; Trapeze, Waiting at the bus stop30
Just love me. Words: Marvin Moore, music: Bob Davie (Robert B. Davie)30
Just push play. By Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Marti Frederiksen, I've got the rock 'n' rolls again30
Livin' on the edge ; Death row ; Rock all night ; Revenge28
Mega-madness. By Warner Brothers, Inc., employer for hire of Michael Sembello, Mark Hud[s]on & Don Freeman part 230
Moment of truth: a child too many a.k.a. Moment of truth: the Patty Nowakowski story a.k.a. The Patty Nowakowski story30
Mr. Tinicky--Here I am, there I was, here I am again, and other stories for children at heart30
Mysterious ways. From album Agogo. Recorded by KMFDM. PA 989-04530
Mysterious ways : stranger in the mirror30
Nails on the wall, & 1 other song lyric, Mighty Dog meets Jah Flea, Blue in the country30
Pax um biscum (peace be with you) & 1 other title. (Part 002 of 002), So they told me28
Sacrapant, the sorcerer; a children's drama for singers and percussion. w Paul Morgan, m Peter Aston30
Same kind of crazy ; Smooth talk ; Lone star blues ; Money honey, Everything I know about the blues30
Silent night (arrangement) By Johnny Slate & Joe Diffie part 330
Silent night ; O holy night ; O come all ye faithful ; Jingle bells30
So afraid. w Kim Marie Adams, 1964-; m William Michael Doyle, 1952, Where's the love?29
Steal your heart. By Mark L. Adams, Daniel Webster, Steve Arrington & Jimmy Douglass30
Summerday ; Tell me what you can't say ; Floodlights ; Laugh I could learn to love ... [et al.]30
Sunlight moon ; Sunflower cat (some dour cat)) (down with that), What 'cha down with & 1 other title30
Tenderness. For medium voice & piano. Music: George Cleveland Cory, words: H. Douglass Cross30
The Hand that feeds. By Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford & Jack Douglass30
Tickle Finger and friends help Santa Claus, Running30
Tonight you'er mine & 20 other titles, Blue moon in your eyes, Where forever begins30
Trip hoppin' ; Under my skin ; Luv lies ; Avant garden, My song (too far gone), I said it with my songs30
Trip hoppin' ; Under my skin ; Luv lies ; Avant garden, Sending you a little Christmas30
Ultrastructural analysis of early post-hatch otolith development in larval California grunion, Leuresthes tenuis30
What in the world? ; Mindfield ; King of broken hearts ... [et al.]30
When I was your woman and you were my man, Next time30
You may be a Romeo (but I'm not your Juliet), The safest place, Still fallin'28
You send the rain away. By Preston Glass, & American League Music, employer for hire of Gloria Sklerov & Lenny Macaluso part 230
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