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Always come back to you, and 2 other songs, Top ten, A beautiful heart30
Am I my brother's keeper? Words: Andy Paul Razaf (Andrea Razaf), music: Johnny Finke30
A study of the effectiveness of CRA ratings in capturing discrimination in mortgage lending30
Black students' perceptions of academic achievement as compared to students in other ethnic groups30
Circle dance songs of the Paiute and Shoshone, Light it up, Light it up. Co-composer, Allison J. Lurie30
Discovering the dance of the soul, Gary Arnold collection, Collection VI30
Family ties. By Kufic Films, N.V. & Kufic Films, B.V. (The Arabs), Family ties27
Foolish part 228
Fossil mammalia from the Pipestone Creeks Region, Late Eocene and Oligocene (Chadronian and Orellan), Jefferson County, Montana30
Game of life extension course references and answers booklet30
Going through and growing through the tr (collection only) By Dottie Rambo30
Guarango como guitarra en tango [awkward as a guitar in the tango], Replacement killers26
Heaven or hell ; Love on the run ; Prodigal ... [et al.], We need to go back30
I don't know why you love me ; Cross the line ; Stand up and be counted30
I love Him ; Rise to the cause ; Let Jesus lead you all the way ... [et al.], Old26
Just like the first time. w & m Darron Jones, El retrato, If that's what it takes, & 3 other songs30
Just me and you and some records. w & m Bill Katz & Ruth Roberts30
Leaving you is on my list of things to do today, Thug and get paper, Play like us30
Lucky Louie's great escape. Originally entitled The adventures of Lucky Louie. TXu 549-679 (1992)30
M.C. Muslim, the Muslim M. C. "as-salaam alaikum" intelligent rap style (I. R. S.) part 330
Missin' you. Gimme your hand. Artist: the Burner, pseud. of Lee Austin, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc. & Polydor, Inc part 230
My best friend took my woman and gave me the homesick blues30
My everything ; Nothing quite like Jesus ; I lean hard on Thee ... [et al.]30
No turnin' back ; He is at our side ; Stop! look & listen! ... [et al.], Lonely highway29
Only God knows how I love you, Linda Lee30
Reginald Johnson & Samuel L. Harvey, P dreams, Die rich30
Remember part 1230
Send your power ; God means it for your good ; If you trust Him ; I feel good, Ghetto life30
Set your mind on things above ; Completely taken in ; Get a life ... [et al.], It's real30
Tim Thompson's country collection 2, Ghetto fabulous, Not without my Nanny30
Tryin' to make it out da ghetto, Make some room, Assassin30
Walk to train station, Robbery, Junkyard dog27
What's the most exciting thing about life?, Bad weather, You the vandal30
When Santa comes this Christmas Eve, Little star, Dance27
You're so sleazy. m Christine Anne Luther, 1963-; w Mary Niklas, 1963, I'm on fire30
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