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3 songs by Basil Bernard, Dreamscape, Not sure30
Accordion dance & 80 other titles, Walking tune, Quatermass30
A Christmas wish ; Can't wait till Christmas Day30
A Comprehensive performance project in trombone literature with an essay consisting of an annotated guide .30
Across the plains in 1864 with Additional Paymaster Samuel C. Staples, Bikini paradise30
A Gallant journey; Mr. Swearingen and his family. By Mary Hough Swearingen, Oh, senora, soy amado30
An early-winter dream (in which he believes he is Tchaikovsky), Chanson triste, Lullaby to our near and distant son30
A Song for my children (Alicia and Bobby), Let him think I don't care, Warm night in July29
A spiritual collection of songs, Movin' up, My love's affordable30
As the dawn breaks, Prelude, On wings of magic25
A study of the structure and function of the first pyrimidine-rich tract of the hepatitis A virus 5' nontranslated RNA30
Baby, I need lovin' & 23 other titles, Precious, precious, precious, I wanna take it on back30
Bill Bailey just won't come home, Tater Hill shuffle, Just before I close my eyes30
Calypso carnival. Music: Summy Publishing Company, employer for hire of Eddie Hatrak30
Cedar Creek Lake, TX, area Sprint yellow pages telephone directory, June 2005, Cedar Creek30
Charges, cheers! (and other fun stuff), Impact zone!, Prelude & primal danse30
Charges, cheers! (and other fun stuff), March Britannia, Woodland Hills30
Collection of songs by Adrian Remijio, R. Kent Wilson & Robert Kraft, Sugarloaf, Rainbow room30
Comin' at ya. Artist: Coke Escovedo, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc, Jesus is my saviour29
Concerto for drum set and concert band, Big band boogie, Bill Bailey just won't come home28
Conquer (negative thoughts & feelings), Southern fried, Tin man's cue30
Dedication, march and celebration, All glory told, Stand up and cheer30
Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder! = Lord, lovely have you made my dear!, The Engulfed cathedral30
Disaster at Pearl Harbor, who was to blame?, Legacy30
Don't be afraid anymore, Cut to the chase, Call to you28
Down home cookin', love Southern style, Chiapas, Indra27
Dusty Ayres and his battle birds magazine, Ace high, FBI detective30
Dymaxion, the incredible car of the future and why it wasn't built, Steeplechase30
E pluribus unum = Out of many, one, Glare, High30
Explorations in quality assessment and monitoring: the definition of quality30
Fanfares for all ocassions, Funky Joe, Firebird28
Feel the beat (everybody disco) By William Beck, Jim Williams, Marshall Jones, Marvin Pierce, Ralph Middlebrooks, Clarence Satchell & Leroy Bonner part 227
First born, and 2 other songs, Aftershock, Cherokee lover30
From the cedars to the mountains, Greenland march, The Duke of Bedford28
George Winston in concert at Bob Carr Auditorium, Orlando, FL, 2/26/89, Old friends30
(Gimme some of that) old time music, The Time is right, Collection for August 198130
(Giving you) the best I've got, It ain't no thing, Power trip27
Good days & bad days, Struttin', Love28
Good king Wenceslas, Triple treat, A Disket a dasket30
Hallelujah, Jesus ; He is my Messiah ; All I want to do is praise you ... [et al.]30
Heaven's light. Co-composer, David Cintron, In the temple of Zion, Swans Island sojourn30
He holds the whole world in His hand. Words & music: Robert Sheldon, Chattanooga30
Hertz--Businessman/instant return, Bass*ically speaking, Christmas suite30
Hill country hot rod man. From album Down home chrome30
If ever you should change your mind, Flying tigers vs. flying saucers, Rashomon27
If it ain't country, it ain't Kit. By Talmadge DeWitt Smith a.k.a. Kit Smith & William Wayne Hill a.k.a. Wayne Hill part 530
I gave my heart to Jesus on Sunday, Hill billy boogy, Grandpa's old violin30
I'll always smile in the spring, The way to my heart, That rainy day feeling25
Images and phases from a new world, March of the Martian chickens, Sunday song30
Images and phases from a new world, Ritual and celebration, Scenario30
Interval builders for developing bands, Fantasy on a western theme, Tenk you for de Chrisamus30
Ivory Coast & 2 other titles; audio master recordings, Ivory Coast, Julia28
Jim Swearingen's Christmas classics, Aventura, Ashton overture30
Just because your child still is not toilet trained does not mean that he or she is not as normal, intelligent, or lovable as other people's kids part 230
Konzertsatz fuer Klavier und Orchester d-moll = Concerto mouvement for piano and orchestra, D minor30
Kristyn & Kandice at the mall, The Loafer, Magic for Mama30
Kritischer Bericht zu Joseph-Haydn-Werke, Barytontrios Nr. 97-126 (Reihe XIV/5) By Michael Harting & Horst Walter30
Los Altibajos = The Ups and downs, The E.J. Express, Sun seekers30
Louie Bellson, the musical drummer, Jesus, Call it romance30
Missouri Department of Conservation kids' connection 1, Where eagles soar, Habitactics26
Mount Vernon, OH, Knox County Sprint Yellow Pages, telephone directory, May 200130
Movies from the war years, Rainbow Bridge overture, Tape for Valerie30
My only wish (I could have done it sooner) By Harold Lane27
Never (gonna let another day go by), Night flight, Falling for the passion30
Okay, she's asleep. Switch her "Seche Vite" with your top coat, we don't need her nails to be any stronger than they have to be25
One and a half o'clock jump, Chicken franks, T-Bird blonde30
On the square, puzzle-go-round games, and all-around fun puzzle, Pepsi bounce, Rippin' an' runnin'30
On the warpath; puzzle wrap. By Walt Disney Productions, Espiritu del Alamo, El Abierto = The Opener27
Out of darkness into His marvelous light by the blood of Jesus handbook30
Parade of the bumbling wooden soldiers, Cedar crest, The seventh day30
Parade of the bumbling wooden soldiers, Princeton variations, Whitewater festival30
Please don't shoot the trombone players!, Sideline symphony, High energy30
Por las sendas escarpadas, Preludio, Venid a mi30
Practical hints on playing the trumpet/cornet, Wraggle-taggle gypsies, Winter rhapsody30
Prelude on an old English hymn, Four winds, Silver spring soliloquy28
Red, white & blue series: American garage rock from the vault of Irwen the Artists Band30
Robin's song ; Perpetual dream ; I love you more ... [et al.], Hold you forever, Wherever you go30
Rock till ya drop ; We wish you a merry Christmas ; Battle hymn of the republic, Bluin' the blues30
Somewhere somebody cares. Words & music: Gwen Robinson and Linda Robinson, Dawn of a new day30
Step by step, beginning to end tattooing, doing it right the first time part 230
Swift kicks 'n' hot licks, Calypso Bob, Pee Wee's back in town26
Ten holiday favorites for brass quintet, An Irish medley, Ode and jubilation30
Ten holiday favorites for brass quintet, Blue suede sneakers, Monster rock30
Ten holiday favorites for brass quintet, Spirit of the sphinx, Fight song30
The big apple champagne bottle, Ole Man Calendar, Triptych Americana23
The crusader (Fiorello LaGuardia) RE 126-063, Last ditch effort, Stalag: private school30
The explorers. (Epic of flight) TX 1-109-750 (1983), Life and adventures, The eternal frontier28
The fun of paintball with Fred Schultz, Tailspin, Asteroid drive-in26
The Gospel according to Thomas. Coptic text established and translated by A. Guillaumont, Henri-Charles Puech, Walter Till et al30
The invincible self never gives up26
The Macho man and the modern woman, Late bloomer30
Themes from "the nutcracker.", Journey to Centaurus, Equinox25
The spirit of Christmas ; Cradled in a manger ; Good news!30
The Triumph of the Cross; an opera in commemoration of the millennium of the baptism of Rus'-Ukraine, 988/1988. By George Linchewsky & Richard Andrew Edward Mason30
The Vince Ballou Christmas everyday card, Vince Ballou songbook, Jesus29
Thirteen melodies from Schemelli's song book as harmonized by J. S. Bach, Rock slide30
Thirteen melodies from Schemelli's song book as harmonized by J. S. Bach, You've got to learn30
Three carols for piano and solo instrument, Saved me, Show the world30
Trilogy for solo percussionist, Novelette, Introduction and furioso30
Two moods for four saxophones, Chuck's stake, The Long and short of it30
Walkin' & talkin' Charley Aldridge's cowboy poetry!, Hustle on, Soul train30
Waltz from "Little suite", Candleglow, Slightly saxy30
Where do I begin? (Love story) From the Paramount picture Love story. By Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Francis Lai (music); Carl Sigman (words to 1 song), & Hansen Publications, Inc., employer for hire of John Tatgenhorst (arr.)30
Where's the orchestra? PA 183-924 (1982), Surprises, Rosalinda's eyes30
You arrogant bastard (I want to be your friend), Sayin' goodbye, Forever in my dreams30
You don't miss the water until the well runs dry, Preacher man30
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