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All that we are and all that we have; this week 1/28/73. By John Robert Stevens30
An antique drum; the world as image, These days, Spin me, string me30
Answers don't come easy. Beating heart. Carry you. Down. Expectations. Libera me. Love is not lost. The Turning. By Leslie Phillips30
A Place to stand. By Ann Bridge, pseud. of Mary O'Malley, Whisper the wild, House of pleasure30
Are you washed in the blood? Trad. arr. Harold W. Reid, Don S. Reid, Lew C. DeWitt & Phillip E. Balsey30
A Simple merry Christmas & 3 other titles, Pierce my heart, The Desire of my heart26
A Tale of the times & 100 other titles, Would you crucify Him? By John Michael Talbot30
Beyond justice; motion picture. By Revue Studios28
Bonar genealogy: Bonar, Boner, Bonnar, Bonner, Bonnor, Booner, Bowner. By Dorothy Elizabeth Rine Brown30
Broken heart (I understand) Co-writer, Dennis Ross, 3rd part 230
Business cycle indicators. Vol. 1: contributions to the analysis of current business conditions. Editor: Geoffrey H. Moore30
Can you handle dis & 4 other titles. Assignment of copyright, Tremble, Lone Ranger & 1 other title30
Choral communion & 6 other titles, Lonesome valley, What can man do to me?30
David Michaels' collection of early works, Psalm 23, Heart full of sorrow30
Death, where is your victory? Words/music by Sonny Salsbury, Dear mom and dad (I'm born again) Musical composition29
Eighth wonder of the world. w & m John D. Loudermilk30
Elim stole my baby. w & m Johnny Otis (John Alexander Veliotes) & Don Harris, Kill me. w & m Don Harris & Dewey Terry30
Endless roads to nowhere & 1 other title, Wildes & Magarian collection, Car singer30
Everybody needs lovin'. w & m Norris Wilson, David Houston, Carmol Taylor30
Face to face & 2 other titles; artwork [for] phonograph record albums part 330
Familiar strangers & 4 other titles30
Father, I put my life in your hands & 45 other titles, Song for the poor, One faith & 11 other titles30
For the beauty of the earth. For full chorus of mixed voices & solo soprano with organ acc. Arr. for full chorus of mixed voices with organ acc. Robert Shaw30
Glory to God in the highest & 2 other titles, Alive again, Even now, Lord30
God is greater than your heart, Give him a chance, God is wonderful30
Good things happen when you give. w & m Saul Tepper, Good things part 230
Gordon's corner & 11 other titles, His grace is greater, Celebrate his good life30
Hell is burning while the church sleeps & 5 other titles, Revive us, O Lord, This town & 1 other title28
Hey you & 4 other titles, The Edge, Right one's arms30
Holy, holy, holy is God the Lord. m F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy [i.e. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy], arr. for men's voices: Cyril Frank Simkins part 230
Home away from home30
How 'bout that, how 'bout that? w & m Dave Brown, Excuse me, One broken heart28
I am my beloved's & 4 other titles, Lullaby for grown-ups, You are my righteousness26
I can't stop (turning you on) By Joseph Jefferson, Charles Simmons & Richard Roebuck part 630
If you abide in me. (John 8:3l,32) By James R. Dyke22
I hear a sound & 10 other titles, My reason for living, I've got a home in Gloryland27
I owe everything to you. By Bregman, Vocco & Conn, Inc., employer for hire of Chris Allen, Peter Allen, Dick Everitt (words & music) & Ben Kendall (arr. of 1st publication)30
It's gonna be alright (with my new love) By D. Williams, B. Wheeler & W. Hatcher30
I've got something (worth holding on to) By David Ball & Jim Rushing30
I want to be there when they crown Him king of kings, Slow jam, Don't go changing30
I will give praise to the Lord & 1 other title, I will give part 328
Jesus is born (in a manger) Co-writers: Susan Perkins & Harlan Sanders, Psalm 5730
Jesus, we give you the glory & 1 other title, Saints in praise, Holy and righteous27
Joyful, joyful & 2 other titles30
Joy in the morning & 4 other titles part 230
Joy to the world medley & 5 other titles30
Leaning on the everlasting arms & 2 other titles part 230
Learning to live (without your love) By Mike Stock, Matt Aitken & Pete Waterman part 230
Let us minister to the Lord & 9 other titles, Prayer for the troubled heart/Sing befor26
Living sacrifice (Rex) Artists: Living sacrifice28
Material things & 16 other titles, Celebrate Him, You were meant to last30
No more tears (enough is enough) By B. Roberts & P. Jabara27
Nothing can hurt you there & 5 other title, Jester's lament, Hymn VII27
No titles given for works by Helen VanSlyke, All visitors must be announced, The Heart listens30
Now is the time for a woman president to fill the seat in the White House ; Now it's time for a woman president to fill the seat in the White House28
Oil baron's ball 3 & 8 other titles; television motion pictures, Coat of many colors30
Only one way & 2 other titles part 229
Open the gates & 3 other titles, People like you, Holy nation29
Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem & 12 other titles30
Princes and toads, and other contributions, Going home, Peacocks and frogs30
Rachel, Rachel; motion picture. By Kayos Productions, Inc25
Read the book (don't wait for the movie) By Gordon Kennedy, Billy Smiley & Mo West30
Rejoice, rejoice! Words & music by McMillen30
Rejoice, the Lord is king. w Charles Wesley, m John Darwall, arr. William J. Reynolds30
Rejoice, ye pure in heart. Four part mixed voices, S.A.T.B. w Edward Hayes Plumptre, m Frederick Stanley Smith30
Rollin', rollin', rollin'. Words & music: Randall P. Phillips, Jr, More than a margarita30
Satisfied with blindness, The road, Battle of the heart30
Second story skyscraper. By Jonathan Mobley, Jay Palumbo, Chris Higdon & Kevin Ratterman30
Straight ahead, wherever? By Cliff Branch part 230
Sweet hour of prayer & 7 other titles part 330
Take me closer. w, m & arr. Philip T. Keaggy, Walking with our Lord, Sunrise to sunset & 26 other titles25
Taste and see (Psalm 34) By John Michael Talbot, He always loves me back, My decision27
The Comin' of the Lord & 14 other titles, Come let us reason, The Secret passage30
The Glitter and the gold; full-length book version. By Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan30
The Healing stream & 1 other title, The Healing30
The Measure of greatness & 3 other titles, Nothing to prove, I'm your man & 4 other titles30
The Medical Clinics of North America. July 1960, Mayo Clinic no.: common neurologic problems. By James A. Bastron, James C. Broadbent & John A. Callahan30
The More things change, the more he stays the same & 5 other titles, All eyes are on you & 7 other titles30
The More things change, the more he stays the same & 5 other titles, Monkey see, monkey do30
The Noble lineage of the Delaware-West family of Virginia through Colonel John West his sons and his daughter, Ann E. West who married Henry Fox. By Margaret McNeill Ayres29
The Pretender. By Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc., Marman Productions, Inc., and Marjay Productions, Inc28
There's a song I hear & 1 other title; musical works, A Pilgrim's prayer, Rhythm of life30
The Trail they call the Navajo. w & m Ernie Kemm, pseud. of Ernest Candelaria, m Boots Reynolds (Marianne Reynolds)30
Thin ice & 6 other titles, Dancin' around each other, Respect for the years26
'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus / Only trust Him30
Tuesday's child/Amanda Marshall. SR 276-604 (2000)29
Unchanging love for you22
Underneath a beach umbrella; musical compostion. Words & music: Joseph Vincent Hart, words: William Lawrence Hart30
Us. From the Paramount television series, Family ties. By Paramount Television Productions, employer for hire of Jeff Barry & Tom Scott30
Voices in praise, winter 1968-69. Compilation, arrangements, w & m John W. Peterson, w & m Larry Mayfield, arrangements: Harold DeCou et al part 230
Wake up, America. w & m Vincent C. Fiorino & Mary-Lee Wainwright part 228
Watch and pray, Videmus--spirituals and art songs. SR 189-95330
When I look at Humpty Dumpty (I see myself) By Carl Smith, Marshall Jones & Allen Jones part 430
Winter calls to autumn & 2 other titles, Love is not a game, Appalachia & 1 other title30
You are crowned with many crowns & 12 other titles, Come and worship. w & m Lois Jean Powell30
You never even call me by my name, Red and Rio Grande, Bye bye to the Old West30
Your love broke through. w & m Todd Fishkind, Randy Stonehill & Keith Green, Soften your heart. From compact disc The Swift30
You were there for me & 7 other titles part 230
You were there for me & 7 other titles, Prepare the way of the Lord30
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