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Amor, amor ; Angelitos del cielo, Manipulation, A sense of direction30
An apple don't fall too far from the tree, All that time, I threw you away30
APB/[by David M. Franklin, James H. Frye, and Donald W. Schroeder], Love you all over30
Assuming shapes collection III; songs. By Adam A. Strakna & David W. Huether, Calm the storm in me30
A world without love (2nd version) By Stevens, Rabbitt & Galdston30
Believe in yourself. w & m Miguel Tony Vallejo, 197030
Blue collar man working in a white collar world30
Blue eyes. w Jessie Christina Patterson, 1945-, w & vocal melody: Andravy Keith Mayes, 1964-, m Jeffrey Roland Lindeman, 195430
Different man. By Cleo R. Anderson a.k.a. Flip Anderson, & Paul Nelson, Larry Boone & Tracy Lawrence part 429
Down the road I go, & 3 other songs. By Post Oak Publishing, Inc., Sony/ATV Songs, LLC (d.b.a. Tree Publishing & Love Monkey Music), WB Music Corporation & Corey Rock Music part 230
Do you know? By David Cooper, Steve Conte & Jay Hirsh30
Figure it out ; President of nothing ; Tomorrow morning, Drivers seat, Holdin' on to a memory26
Forever in love. w Randolph Wright; m Will Gentry, You're my life, Love me good30
For you part 2030
Here's to you, and 3 other song lyrics30
Hold on part 4530
How you love me (oooh, Babe), Try, Standing in your silence30
I don't care. w Armando Ferrari, 1942-; w & m Chris A. Costantakos, 192430
If someone from the country ran this country (you know they's do things right), Revelationz30
I'll sing for you. / John Martin, Teardrops V, Teardrops II29
I'm not hard to find, Last call30
I used to love you but it's all over now, Eye 2 eye, Stand up30
I've got to go (you don't love me), Gettin' out, Beats like thunder30
I want to know your name/ by Lisa Sue Landheer30
Japanese raindrops. Words: Peter J. DeGaetano, m George Wayne Autry, I look at you30
Jesus didn't come to save the "saved", Love song30
Just you wait, & other selections30
La nueva dispersacion del reggaeton, de los hermanitos Jose Oscar Salazar (Cheo), Arlenis Salazar, los balseritos de Santiago de Cuba30
Lonely love. Words: Gayle Robbins, pseud. of Alice Soukup, music: Martin Roman, Lonely love30
Love will come a knockin' suite30
Loving you part 1830
No love lost. By P. L. Mendel, Michael Holmes, Martin Orford, Tim Esau & Paul Cook30
Object of my desire. By Kayode Adeyemo, Ernesto Phillips & Keith Diamond, Workin' man30
One more day, one more night, Love me30
Rags to riches album by the band "Rag Tag." part 230
Remember me. By Turner R. Lawton & Babbie Mason, Remember me30
Seems like the wind always blows in my face, The party's over, Master manipulator30
Singer and the song. Added words: Unart Music Corporation, employer for hire of Richard Mainegra30
That's what I'm talkin' about. Co-composer, Paul Nelson, One more time, Stand up and fight30
The best man; an original screenplay. By Eric DiBernardo, 1958-, & Thomas E. Virtue, 195730
The greatest minds of my generation left with their insanity & their hands & a hung jury part 330
The James Harold Pearson Original instrumental collection, Songs for the day, Flowers of Gethsemane29
The perfect woman ; vol. 5, San Francisco bizarre, Murder and other fine things25
The Words and music of Mark Cenfield and Ron Hyde, Anymore30
Time to fly ; Ojo rojo ; Show and shine ; Mega-bumpers, In search of .., Daredevil30
To love again ; Caribe ; Jerry Goldsmith ... [et al.]29
When I'm over you (what you gonna do) By Mark Germino & Chuck Keuning, "Holdin' on" collection30
Words and music by Andrew J. O'Connor, Linda Rombach, Irvin A. Martin and Dennis Baker30
You don't call. You don't write. VA 373-762, Foolish hearts, Maribeth30
You don't have to go home (but you can't stay here)30
You probably couldn't see for the lights, but you were staring straight at me, Other people30
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