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After the love has gone / If she don't want you to have it30
A path back to you & 379 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Serious talkin', This one's on you & 1 other title30
Attitudes and opinions on mental illness, violence, and occupational safety in a hospital setting26
Before you cheat on me once (you better think twice) Musical composition, I don't get around much anymore27
Black speck. Happy Day Inn, North (room 309) Artist: O. B. McClinton, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc26
Blue house painted white. By Sonny Burns, Buddy Word & Walt Breeland, Most beautiful (most popular)30
Cuando hay amor en el universo, & 1 other song, Necesitamos amor, Toward El Camino Real30
Don't get along with the blues ; If it ain't something (you give me) ; Somewhere between right and wrong ... [et al.]30
Don't get along with the blues ; If it ain't something (you give me) ; Somewhere between right and wrong ... [et al.] part 230
Don't walk away & 9 other titles part 230
Fine day (the day you come back to me), I want you here with me, One of my heros [sic] is gone30
How are things in paradise? & 1 other title, Woodcarver, Overweight and over forty (but I'm still not over you)30
I'm not a rock (I'm a rolling stone) By Mark Sherrill, John Wesley Ryles & Don Goodman part 330
In David's town. For 2 equal voices or SATB with organ & chimes. Music by Joseph R. Martucci, words by Joseph A. Murphy28
In love with love ; Love won't work ; The British disease ... [et al.], L.J.'s songbook30
I wouldn't be me if I couldn't be free, I'm going bad for you, I'm feelin' right at home30
Living on love and laughter, Dealmakers 2, One less fool24
Missionary experiences. By Preston Nibley, foreword: H. George Bickerstaff, Say what?30
New music for the piano; collection of 24 compositions. m Josef Prostakoff, Samuel Adler, Josef Alexander, and others part 230
Nothing good happens fast: Paul Masson California pinot noir part 230
Shakedown. By Paramount Pictures Publications, employer for hire, Love story & 40 favorite love songs30
She's breaking up, I'm breaking down ; Who's got you down deep in her pocket?, Let's feel it all again30
Shine a light on a lie & 1 other title, Plane crazy, Partners in crime30
Summertime blues. Midnight moon. By Boomer Castleman & Cream Records, Inc, Hollywood and Vine30
Take the keys to my heart. By Tommy Smith, Pam Wolfe, Bonnie Gallie, It ain't the size of the dog in the fight27
Tell me why ; Sir Andrew's march ; Come share the music ... [et al.], Tell me why30
The Highway that takes you back home. Words & music by Raymond Harrison Williams, 192930
The Man who takes you home; (I wanna be) the man who takes you home; (I wanna be) the man that takes you home. By Earl Conley30
The more I love you ; It's dangerous with you on my mind, Creations for listening pleasure V30
The Songwriter's son & 1 other title, Green Kentucky eyes, A Path back to you & 2 other titles25
Too hot to handle. w, m & arr.: David DeFeis, 1961-; music & arr. Edward Pursino, 196330
Travelers in disguise: narratives of Eastern travel by Poggio Bracciolini & Ludovico DeVarthema. English translations by John Winter Jones, author of renewable matter: Lincoln Davis Hammond30
Trip to heaven. By Screen Gems-Columbia Publications (arr.) & Freddie Hart (words & music)30
Under control ? Composed by Carter Burwell30
When you're loving somebody (who's in love with somebody else), I've quit giving up30
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