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1-900-lonely & 729 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Quittin' cold turkey, Quit while I'm ahead30
25 all right & 39 other titles, Pink is the color, Hated it26
6 AM to midnight & 411 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Love you in return, Love starts30
Abide with me & 3,752 other titles. (Part 004 of 008)30
Absence makes the heart go wander & 491 other titles. (Part 002 of 002) part 228
Acabame de matar. By Fidel Cuellar, Y voy a ser feliz, Vicky24
A candle burning & 886 other titles. (Part 004 of 004), Don't let it be love, Do you tremble30
A child has saved us all & 37 other titles, What makes a King?, The shoe is on the other foot28
A collection of musical work by Michael Mathew Long, Parts Pro, The medical care system: a conceptual model30
A collection of winners: the grand prize and the top three manuscripts from the Writer's Digest creative writing competition for articles, short stories and poetry30
Adorno de porcelana & 33 other titles, Yo me acuerdo de ti, Y si la ves30
Advice theme & 38 other titles, Whistler, theme, Trust me, theme27
A fling & 168 other titles, Nice 'n slow, I love to love20
After I'm gone; a comedy in three acts. By Norman Barasch & Carroll Moore30
After the rain fell. By Cherylle A. Halseth, whose pseud. is Cherylle A. Tadina30
Ages of blame & 37 other titles, Anna O, Gone28
A heart wouldn't listen & 23 other titles. Composed by Mark Wayd Battles, Mark Lambert & co-composers as noted part 230
Ahora me toca a mi & 26 other titles, You just thought, Tienes algo25
Aim low & 36 other titles, Hole song no. 2, Eyeshine30
Ain't it good to have it all? Artist: Jim Hendricks & Ginger Greco, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc30
Ain't nothin' but love & 21 other titles, Love fades away, Sweet li'l' mama30
A kiss before I go ; Hard way to fall ; The hardest part ... [et al.], Trains ; The end30
A living dance upon dead minds & 34 other titles, Unquestioned answers, Under par30
All I must do & 169 other titles, Can you reach my friend? By Jim Weber & Billy Sprague30
All is in the hand I'm holding & 85 other titles, I can't live my life without you30
All mixed up. Roxbury Music Company, employer for hire of Larry Jaspon (words) & Gerry Reiter (music)30
All that love went (i.e. to) waste. I haven't got anything better to do. Artist: Dede Warwick, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc30
All the kings horses. From album Rock 'n' roll music, And baby makes grief, Your're on the air30
All the time. w & m Eleanor Miskel, Loretta Pearl Jackson, Walter King & Howard Olenik part 230
All you ever wanted to know about installing a residential alarm system (but didn't even know what questions to ask)29
All you need is like. (Wake, rattle & roll) PA 516-881 (1991) part 330
Alone in the night. w & m Gene Redd, Luther Dixon, Inez Foxx & James Crosby27
Alpha manure heist & 47 other titles, Feather in your cap, Electric music and the summer people30
America's most wanted takes credit for a killing, The courtship of Eddie's father30
Amerientertainment's guitar learning system, She's mine, The worst of ways30
A millenium fever ballad & 78 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Take hold, Way down the back26
A most horrific lullaby & 39 other titles; mmusical compositions, Unreacheable, The story of her smile30
Androgenous love ; Dreamer ; Groover Washington, Jr. ... [et al.], The prosecutor and the condemned30
And the green grass grew all around (short version), Are you sleeping/twinkle medley30
Angel by your bed ; The love that I bear ; a gift of life ; Oh, Father of Jesus, In each other's arms30
Angel lady (come just in time) w & m William R. Scaggs, Johnny Bristol, w Jack McDonough30
Anniversary song: through the years, Kentopp's country collection29
Anyplace, anywhere, anytime, Desperado, Mr. Big Shot30
Anything goes ('til everything's gone) / I spent a week there last night30
Arrows & 24 other titles, Gimme your pain, Pain30
A tear or two & 113 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Nothing for me in LA, Next30
A woman like that, & 3 other songs, Space place theme song, Who are you looking at?30
Baby, I'm down. w & m Gail Collins, w, m & arr. Felix Pappalardi, Crossroader, Don't look around30
Back to the farm & 48 other titles, Oh so long, Oh mommy30
Been so long (since I loved you) By Rudy Clark & Ralph Bailey30
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