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1963 cumulative pocket supplement Burns annotated Indiana statutes. Vols. 1, 2: pts. 1-2, 3, 4: pts. 1-2, 5: pts 1-2, 6: pts. 1-2, 7: pts. 1-2, 8: pts. 1-2, 10: pts. 1-2, 11: pts. 1-3, index A-K, index L-Z and 1963 special. By the publisher's editorial staff Bobbs-Merrill Company30
Acquisition of knowledge and preparation for decision-making by Oklahoma elementary principals in the area of special education30
An ethnographic study of the relevance of social desirability bias on the social power scale studies that focus on motivational stimulus in the workplace30
Architectural drafting study unit 1, lesson 1, Intro to architectural draftin lesson 2, A brief history of architecture30
Arkansas statutes, annotated edition. Cumulative pocket supplement[s], The Moot court book30
Blueprint reading and technical sketching for industry; instructor's guide. By Thomas P. Olivo. 2nd ed30
Breastfeeding and changing American child-rearing practices, Business English30
Children's drawings as measures of intellectual maturity; a revision and extension of the Goodenough draw-a-man test. By Dale B. Harris part 230
Contemporary collection for piano students. By Frances Goldstein, with F. Larimer, J. Ross & H. Weiss, compilation, editing, artwork & music: A. Kern & Summy-Birchard Company part 230
Cooperative education, self-concept, and occupational concept for community college .30
Cumulative supplement to Henry's probate law and practice of the state of Indiana part 230
Curriculum guide and activities for Proficiency in basic skills, an interdisciplinary course in the secondary school part 230
Descendants of Jane Owsley Gregg, daughter of Major Thomas Owsley (1658-1700), The Premier see22
Effects of diet on the feline struvite urolithiasis syndrome, Street in your heart27
Employee discrimination law and practice. Cumulative supplement, Sundown, Cases and materials on employment discrimination. Supplement25
Engineering; the profession and elementary problems analysis. By H. W. Leach & George C. Beakley30
For workshop purposes, parts of the C O P E program for high risk primary children with learning disabilities30
Frankenstein conquers the world a.k.a. Frankenstein vs. Baragon30
Handbook of French, Italian, English, Spanish, and German grammar, phrases, and vocabulary30
Happy birthday, now that the sexual revolution has arrived, don't run out of ammunition30
How to be a reasonable thin teenage girl without starving, losing your friends, or running away from home part 230
Identification and characterization of messenger ribonucleases and their roles in messenger RNA degradation in mammalian cells30
Instructor's guide, blueprint reading and sketching for carpenters, Architectural drafting fundamentals25
Interstate Commerce Commission practice & procedure & 206 other titles; law books. (Part 001 of 002)30
Letter perfect presented by Willy and Zippy, Guide to rapid revision workbook26
Little treasure book on marriage and family30
My Antarctic honeymoon: a year at the bottom of the world. By Jenny Darlington and Jane McIlvaine (Jane McIlvaine McClary), ill. by Peter Spier30
Practical sheet metal layout--specialty items used today, including methods of design and fabrication and important trade topics29
Private enterprise and the new global economic challenge, Managing, Managing. By Harold Geneen & Newstrack, Inc29
Proving a subset of second-order logic with first-order proof procedures, Songs written by Robert B. Traynor30
Raggedy Ann fabric throwaway diapers especially designed for girl babies, Raggedy Ann30
Research paper silicon based element--Phoenix 1 special hull & structural material for aircraft and other vehicles30
Sexual knowledge, attitudes, and experience of licensed professional .., Surrender with the Sun Lights30
Systematics and distribution of fishes of the Asian goby genera Chaenogobius Gill and Gymnogobius Gill (Perciformes30
Tests for Introduction to business. By Hobart H. Conover, Clinton A. Reed & Robert E. Stearns30
The Animated Raggedy Ann and Andy: an intimate look at the art of animation, its history, techniques and artists30
The effects of teacher training and experience in a classroom decision-making simulation30
The Marital deduction and the use of formula provisions, second edition, Mini Sims Temporaries25
The New York League for the Hard of Hearing in the context of the Progressive (1900-1918) and the Neo-Progressive (1960-1975) eras26
The very best of Charlie Rich, Heavy construction techniques, Heavy consruction techniques30
Time-domain local-operator solutions to Maxwell's equations, Essentials of photography26
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