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Ain't goin' to buy no gas to mow my grass, Big Red, If I can make it till the morning30
All in the name of rock 'n' roll. Piano vocal arr. with guitar chords: Warner Brothers Publications, Inc., employer for hire of David Jessie30
Approaches to the study of aphasia; a report of an interdisciplinary conference on aphasia. By Charles E. Osgood, Murray Samuel Miron30
Baby don't go too far & 38 other titles, Shady six, Mr. Undestructible29
Back of my brain ; End of time ; Wanna be there ... [et al.], One minute, Instructions to a smuggler26
Ball and chain pilot & 19 other titles30
Born to be your lover & 10 other titles, (I could use) a little appreciation, LL variations30
Boys and girls march of comics featuring The Lone Ranger. No. 193. By the Lone Ranger, Inc30
Boys and girls of the New Testament. By Nelson Doubleday, Inc., as employer for hire of Mary Lewis Coakley30
Brave heart. By Lois M. Parker, Brave heart, Even wounded birds can fly29
Can you tell I'm falling in love?, By the promise we made, Thinkin' it might be you29
Christmas is coming & 5 other titles30
Collection of works by Troy Seals and Eddie Setser. By Troy Seals, Eddie Setser & William Seaborn Jones (Brett Jones)30
Count it off & 37 other titles. Written by Todd Snider, She Just Left Me Lounge30
Cue no. 1: when you get back from heaven & 17 other titles, His name, Ain't I been good to you? & 29 other titles30
Dreamfriendzzz ceramic cereal set, Tale of the times, A Special gift27
Emil the broken-hearted handyman & 8 other titles, Right before your eyes, Dianna Fandango30
Fold your wings (fall with me) & 2 other titles, Crazy with the heat, The Mill closed down25
Give love to save love. w & m Birdees Music Corporation, employer for hire of Isaac Hayes & David Porter30
Glimpse of truth--beyound the dim reflection collection, Even when a woman leaves30
Handful of kisses. By Curtis W. Bailey, The final words Bailey, Dixon, Collection of jazz music28
Hand in hand. w Bob Blain, 1961-; m Steven Schoenberg, 1952 part 330
Honest I do ; Always ; I will wait for you, Thinkin about drinkin, You gave me life30
I come from the land of miracles (in the Age of Enlightenment), Songs of the heart30
I could be wrong, & 7 other selections, Me behind the wheel, Big enough to break30
Im-i-s-sy-o-u/ Mark Marchetti, Rick Clark, Here comes the blues again, Hold on30
I'm not in love with love, I'm in love with you, Main squeeze, Bring me a love30
I should have never started lovin' you, A New life, When I found you30
I've never seen nothing (like this before), Hang your head in shame, Fall 198430
Jesus, he's the bright side, Never mind, Heartache on hold28
Las guitarras de Mario Otero, M. Otero works III, Works by Mario Otero29
Last goodbye. By Claire Grogan, Steve Lironi, John McElhone, Anthony McDaid & Gerry McElhone30
Last love in this town. By Don Ellis, Billy Montana, Steve Dean, Montgomery to Memphis30
Let's pretend (we never said goodbye) With Riccardo Morbeli (Ital. lyric) & O. Sarra (music) Additional title: Perdonami part 330
Little secrets statue. No. 1972. VA 907-651 (1998)27
Long neck connected to the beer joint, Born yesterday, She put her foot down30
Love needs a little bit more. By Gregory Dale McDougal, 1968-, a.k.a. Greg McDougal, & Monty Russ Criswell, 1968-, & John Wayne Rotch, 1964 part 230
Lovin' my money ; Hundreds into ones ; Million dollar bill, Hello, Memphis, Fun rockin'30
Lovin' my money ; Hundreds into ones ; Million dollar bill, The whole nine yards30
Marsha Britton songbook, vol. 2. w & m Marsha Lynn Britton, 1962-, William Kirsch, 195830
Marsha Britton songbook, vol. 3. w & m Marsha Britton, 1962-, w Clifford Curry, 1937-, m Bruce Thomsen, 196630
No titles given for works by George Lamsa30
Pearls in the snow. By Michael Martin Murphey & Rob Quist, Jack of diamonds, Tying knots in the devil's tail30
Power; songs by Steve Walsh & Steve Morse, Every time it rains, Life is only what you make it30
Ring, Christmas bells. Arr. & adaptation of music: Eddie Dunstedter & Bill Miller30
(RIP) broken heart & 617 other titles. (Part 001 of 004), Easier said than undone24
Ross & Newkirk greatest hits, Satisfied30
Scenes from a Walmart parking lot & 2 other songs, Autumn, My dream is on the line30
Slaughter's big rip off. Artist: James Brown & Lyn Collins with the JB's, bands 1-4, 6 & 7 of side 1 & bands 3-6 of side 2 & compilation: Polydor, Inc30
Something in your eyes (tells me that you ...) By Tony Stone & Thomas Dwayne Barnes part 230
Spiritual truth (let there be the light of understanding) concerning the time, the place, the purpose of that which God requireth30
The crumbs from her table. w & m Ray Greff (Ray Griff), w Carla Scarboro (Carla Cole) part 330
The Dark beauty of the night, San Miguel, Tu sonrisa24
The feasibility of developing a professionally accredited non-engineering aeronautical/aerospace science doctoral degree program in United States universities30
This kind of love (won't change) By Bettye Crutcher30
Try the love. By Pat McLaughlin. (In Unglued), Tell you for the last time, Somebody's gonna pay25
Whatever it takes--music, art, water, faith, love, focus and guts30
Without you part 530
You can't hurt me, you can't touch me, & 2 other songs, Party, dance, Matter of fact28
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