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12 o'clock midnight ; Dangerous book ; Falling awake ... [et al.], It's all mine30
Abject offerings ; A message for all those who died ; Substance of purity ... [et al.]22
After all I've been to you & 544 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Molly-O, Misty sea30
American ghost dance & 52 other titles, Baby appeal, Special secret song inside30
An analysis of RNA editing sites in Petunia mitochondria with emphasis on the genes for NADH dehydrogenase subunit 3 an ribosomal protein S1230
Anthem--gates of dementia/songs from the vaults collection, Too little too late, I feel love, & other songs28
A piece of your soul & 2 other titles, I'll make it right & 1 other title, Walk on the moon again, & 3 other songs30
Are you happy now? ; Love me like that ; Breathe ; Til I get over you30
A Voyage to Arcturus. By David Lindsay, introd. by Loren Eiseley, He ran, A Day like this25
Be my angel & 13 other titles, Suki-songs 1990, Question answer--Fragile steps30
Blue mist ; Don't give up ; Sorry doesn't work anymore ... [et al.], (Feels like I) died & went to Memphis30
Breakdown ; The discovery ; Arrest...jail...bail ... [et al.], Final breakdow, Breakdown a.k.a. Breakdown mile26
Burnin' desire. From album Rock therapy, U owe me that, That girl you always wanted30
Capacity utilization and trade policy in a computable general equilibrium .., I get my kicks on you27
Chromatographic systems, problems and solutions, GC, LC, TLC, GC/MS, derivatization30
Collected works of Claudine Kaminski-Martin, Can't make it without you, I can't believe you're gone30
Collection of music written and arranged by Patrick M. Moore as a member of Soiler30
Come dance with me; song. By Jude Johnstone & Stephen Feld30
Communication, control, and computer for disabled or elderly individuals: switches and environmental controls30
Cosmetic couple ; Rico amor ; Main Street brat ; Handgrenade heart, Hell of an angel30
Cross the line ; Suburban Alcatraz30
Customer service--dealing with difficult customers, Blueprints, Untitled (hmmm)30
Don't give up on me? Co-writer: Don Schlitz30
Don't quit nursing, consider the alternatives!, Rubber City Rebels, Child eaters26
Don't take my place ; Good to you baby ; Wrong somebody, Overdue, Testin' the water30
Down in Texas we have the biggest fool, Nolan Ryan (he's a hero to us all), If I'd loved you then28
Dust Bowl children ; Before the streets were paved ; Electric blanket ... [et al.]30
Fallen angel / My secret self30
Far above Cayuga's waters. For mixed chorus (S.A.T.B.) Words by C. K. Urguhart, arr. Joseph Wood30
Festival of the moon. Written by Matthew Gollub, 1960-; illustrated by Leovigildo Martinez part 225
Gonna be a long time. By Danny Potter, Jimmy Tittle & Wayne Duncan, Love got in the way26
Good Friday. (Holidays in song) Co-writer, Broderick, Good Friday, Hollow as a bone28
Grocery girl = Market girl, Taxi, Turntable30
Gut feeling. By Mark Mothersbaugh & Robert Mothersbaugh, Plain truth, Happy guy30
Hangin' on the hood ; Dominant submission ; Face the fight ... [et al.], New gouda26
He's not dead. By Richard Martinez, Timothy Gaines, Bobby MacNeil & John Bocanegra30
Hometime Christmas & 2 other titles; songs, Scarred for life, A burden's folly30
Honky tonk mood again ; Playing on my heart strings ; Two more wishes ... [et al.]30
Hooka hey. By Kai-Uwe Wingenfelder, Thornsten Wingenfelder, First Renier, Christof Stein, J. H. Schafer & Gero Dnerk part 230
If you change your mind. w & m Carl Shulton, pseud. of Max Diamond & Ed Monton, pseud. of Bobby Adrian30
I know you can. By Mark Orr, Johnnie Johnson, Richard O. Young, Anthony Kenney & Greg Martin part 230
I'll be lonely tomorrow. w & m Del Shannon, pseud. of Charles Westover, & Robert McKinzie27
I'll see you again ; My love's not made that way ; If I had a heart ... [et al.]30
It only hurts when I laugh ; Blue heart in Memphis ; Who's gonna be your next love? part 230
It's a war on drugs ; Black pearl ; Baby, don't diss me ... [et al.], Miguel Sanchez26
It's up to me (if I want to be happy) ; The moment ; Are you as happy as your dog? ... [et al.]30
Ivory tower. He's loved me much too much (much too long) Sound recording by Mercury Record Productions, Inc30
Jools Holland and his Millionaires. By International Record Syndicate, Inc, Cry myself to sleep30
Like the sun. By David Biedebach, Phillip An Palacios, Earl Wilson Rowe, Jr. & Karl Ney30
Little wonder ; Looking for satellites ; Battle for Britain (the letter) ... [et al.] part 430
Mental illness can be beautiful ; Field of corpses ; Trout's daughter ... [et al.]21
Mephisto d'amour papillon, The Wheel, The Big one30
Minute by minute & 4 other titles28
Modern lovers ; You looked so pretty when ; Pass the tabasco ... [et al.], Kerouac30
Modern lovers ; You looked so pretty when ; Pass the tabasco ... [et al.], Taxi-stand Diane ; Telephone sex ; Walkman woman ... [et al.]30
Mother, look what they've done to me, Short poem, Tender wind on a summer night27
Mudslingers of the Milky Way ; Captive delusions ; Costa Brava ... [et al.], Seven by seven30
My love is real ; Say what you mean ; Dream too real to hold ... [et al.], White/Burks30
Nightime ; Wild geese cry again ; A jealous heart and a worried mind ... [et al.]30
Nobody's business but yours, & 1 other song30
One woman man. By David Mayo, Steve Cropper, Stomp those feet, Time for a change30
Person to person, Md., D. C., Va.'s newest personal contact directory, Engaging with communities25
Population dynamics and host regulation of the sheep biting louse, Bovicola ovis (Schrank) (phthiraptera: trichodectidae)30
Shadows of the angels' wings ; People in the mirror ; Ghost inside of me ; I remember America part 330
Slip away ; My sol ; Bizcocho amargo ... [et al.], Dolemite, Sonrisa ; I want you to ... ; Lullaby27
Song for a politically correct girl from the valley, Nuthin's perfect, Real kinda hatred27
Start something. By Michael Richard Lewis, Ian Watkins, Richard James Oliver, Lee Gaze, Stuart Richardson, Michael Leonard Chiplin30
Stone cold ; Nothing at all ; My Tuesday ... [et al.], Song of the Universe, What Suzy said, and 1 other song30
Susan Graham White collection no. 1, 1993, Same river twice, The waters of Newfoundland30
The black book ; Living in Hell ; Losing control ... [et al.]30
The Effectiveness of training in a summarization study strategy for .., Cornerstone27
There ain't no sound so lonesome as the whistle of a train, Daze gone by, Go30
The summer of my content. By Elaine Cannon, -200330
The swan song (the shape of a heart), Rainy day30
This is how I feel for you, Message to you, I fell for you29
True West; an album of 12 compositions. By Richard J. Dobson, Susan Clark, Susan Clark copyright tape 199630
We'll see Jesus ; Anytime could be the time ; His name is Jesus, 25 happy children school songs30
We the people ; Happy to be alive ; Remember the love ; Walk and talk30
Who left who? ; Are you lovin' me, too? ; Callin' out my name ... [et al.], Drop down and get me29
Why b/w Boy (you got me good) Artist: Wednesday Week, Sleep in safety, To hell with the devil30
(With or without your love) this show m... & 58 other titles, Up to me, Blind spot30
You are my friend (you are my strength)30
You gotta hold on me ; Caterpillar ; Another place, another time ... [et al.], Goin' easy on myself30
You gotta hold on me ; Caterpillar ; Another place, another time ... [et al.], Way I am30
You meant the world to me & 14 other titles, Hush (keep it on the ...), Toi30
Your downhome is uptown. w & m Leroy Preston, Kevin Farrell, Ray Benson, Bump bounce boogie25
You're the one you beautiful son of a gun. EP28029 (1932) Termination effective 8Jun0829
Your lovin's all I'll ever need, Written in stone, I'ma believer27
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