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A Field guide to the whales, porpoises, and seals of the Gulf of Maine and Eastern Canada, Cape Cod to Newfoundland part 225
Age, gender, and race differences in global self-esteem and locus of control among delinquent and neglected adolescents30
Anderson on the Uniform commercial code, second edition. Legal forms. Cumulative supplement30
Arbitration Forums, Inc. tracking your inter-company arbitration effectiveness30
ASPA handbook of personnel and industrial relations, Grievance guide, Recruiting policies & practices30
A step-by-step approach to using the SAS system for factor analysis and structural equation modeling30
BNA's 1992 source book on collective bargaining & employee relations, Individual employment rights cases30
BNA's 1992 source book on collective bargaining & employee relations, Products comparison manual for trademark users30
BNA's 1992 source book on collective bargaining & employee relations, Union government and organization in the United States30
Capitol Hill Chiropractic Center business name/logo30
Cases and materials on constitutional law, ... edition ; Cases and materials on individual rights in constitutional law, ... edition. Supplement21
Collected papers of the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation. Vol. 48, 1956. By Richard M. Hewitt, John R. Miner & others30
Compensation and benefits in independent laboratory testing and inspection firms, 200030
Compensation of systems containing delay with classical and sliding mode techniques30
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconcilation Act benefit plan continuation coverage30
Daily report, Near East & South Asia. Index30
Designing emergency scene simulations for police and fire promotional examinations26
Effect of polymyxin B nonapeptide on intrinsic resistance to daptomycin and cell surface properties in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, and Pasturella multocida part 230
Elementary multivariate analysis for the behavioral sciences, Bootstrap applications for the behavioral sciences30
Employee benefits includable within operator's percentage calculation charged to joint operations part 230
Employer's guide to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. TXu 1-152-775 (2002)30
Environment and appropriate technologies for investment decision making in rural sanitation projects in developing countries part 430
ERISA class exemptions. Cumulative supplement, It just ain't true, Menahorze25
Evaluation of the (3)H-(3)HE dating technique in complex hydrologic environments29
Federal aid to depressed areas; an evaluation of the Area Redevelopment Administration. By Sar A. Levitan25
Getting justice: why the judicial system doesn't work for you and what you can do about it24
Hazardous materials & freight classification shipping description guide book for Balcom special products30
(Index and syllabi) in cases adjudicated in the Supreme Court and District Courts of Appeal of Florida, reported in Southern reporter, second series. Vols. 108-110 part 230
Innovative promotional strategies for mature products, Physicians' practice profile data compilation20
Instructor's manual to accompany Staffing organizations, second edition [by] Herbert G. Heneman 3rd, Robert L. Heneman, Timothy A. Judge30
Intellectual property ; principles governning jurisdiction, choice of law, and judgments in transnational disputes, discussion draft no. 11PDD part 330
International finance: financial management and the international economy & 3 other titles30
International trade statistics yearbook = Annuaire statistique du commerce international30
Introduction to coordinate geometry; a programmed unit, Florida State University. By Eugene B. Nichols, Robert Kalin & Henry Garland30
Kinetics of the deprotonation and N-alkylation of acetanilide via phase-transfer catalysis part 230
Labor arbitration cumulative digest and index with contract terms interpreted, table of cases, directory of arbitrators22
Labor relations master table of cases covering volumes 121-135, Labor relations reference manual, 1986-199030
Let's join together for the Red, White, and Blue, Downsizing, Christmas in old Mexico28
Little Peter Pumpkin Eater. w & m Emmett Langeston, Squeekin Deacon, pseud. of Carl Deacon Moore, Ace Hampton, pseud. of Roy Goins & Okie Undie, pseud. of Malcolm D. Underwood26
Love's simple game/ words and music by Jim Hunt [i.e. James B. Hunt], Employers guide to labor relations30
Major employment-law principles established by the E E O C, the O F C C P, and the courts (December 1964-December 1980)30
Massachusetts Practice Series. Volume[s] 1[-3], Family law and practice, with forms. Pocket part[s]24
Mental and emotional injuries in employment litigation. Cumulative supplement, BNA's directory of state and federal courts, judges, and clerks30
Mental and emotional injuries in employment litigation. Cumulative supplement, International patent litigation. Supplement25
Neighbors and faith in the United States and Canada, neighbors and faith in the Americas part 330
Patent Trademark and Copyright laws, current through December 3, 2006, Patent, trademark, and copyright laws21
Patent, trademark, and copyright regulations, November 2004 supplement, 2004 supplement to International patent litigation25
Patent, trademark, and copyright regulations, November 2004 supplement, AIDS/HIV in the workplace30
Patent, trademark, and copyright regulations, November 2004 supplement, Winning at the NLRB. Cumulative supplement30
Prior art 2007: the PTO and CAFC perspective on patent law section 102, Copyright law symposium19
Public sector motivation as a predictor of job satisfaction among behavioral health professionals working in for-profit and not-for-profit behavioral health agencies30
Remediation of the misconception held by elementary students that humans are not animals through application of integrated art-science activities30
Reports and proceedings = Rapports et debats = Berichte und Verhandlungen = Informes y debates30
Reports and proceedings = Rapports et debats = Berichte und Verhandlungen = Informes y debates part 230
Reports and proceedings = Rapports et debats = Berichte und Verhandlungen = Informes y debates part 319
Rights, risks and responsibilities of today's executive, Employee discipline, The Grievance almanac30
Security analysis & response for water utilities, The start of something new, Communicating your participation at work30
Seven biblical principles Satan does not want the body of Christ to know, Love comes quietly & 1 other title30
Sexual harassment and graduate psychology students at clinical placements in the Vail School Model of education part 530
Sexual harassment's effects on emotional and occupational functioning of female university employees30
Short essays on books, book collecting and things literary from the catalogues of Preston C. Beyer part 224
Soon, one morning; new writing by American Negroes, 1940-1962. By Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., as employer for hire of Herbert Hill28
SQL dataMANAGER. By DataCache Corporation, as employer of Robert Hartmann, Lisa O'Toole, Harmon Avera, Katherine Baroni, Dave Hopkins & E-Shih Chane30
Stretching, strengthening and balancing exercises ; Breath & body awareness exercises-prone22
Supervisory skills for nursing. 4th ed. TX 5-237-053, Balancing needs of people and organizations29
Supreme Court to decide whether vote goes to the dogs and other contributions30
Systems management server 1.1: installation and system support (W ...) By Ziff-Davis Education30
Teacher's manual to accompany Cases and materials on patent law [by] Martin J. Adelman, Randall R. Rader, John R. Thomas, Harold C. Wegner27
Teacher's manual to accompany Unincorporated business associations includeing Agency, partnership and limited liability companies part 230
Test-item file for Joseph Stiglitz and Robin Boadway's Principles of microeconomics and the Canadian economy, second edition and Principles of macroeconomics and the Canadian economy, second edition30
The behavior and ecology of midwater cephalopods from Monterey Bay, Tricks to fast mental arithmetic30
The L&N/ words & music by Benjamin D. Roberts [i.e. Benjamin Douglas Roberts], Kuri. m Jay Barton & Ben Roberts29
The National Environmental Policy Act: cases and materials, Thought collection, Untill [sic] the end24
The National report on work & family. Special report ., Rico strategies, Table of cases30
The Truth about communism; motion picture, 78 minute documentary history of communism from Lenin through Khrushchev. By Sidney O. Fields30
The United States Amexem in the Morrocon Empire Turkish Republic federal governemnet northwest Amexem30
US availability of vehicles with laminated side glass by model year annual US sales 1,000 units, by model year annual US sales 1,000 units, and by vehicles manufacturers' stated reasons for use30
Using personal computer software workbook to accompany An Introduction to computers and information processing, second edition [by] Stern & Stern part 230
Wage and hour cumulative digest and index, table of cases, Your new Social Security and Medicare fact sheet24
What every good E E O coordinator should know about statistical methodologies, Local man ruins everything, & 5 other selections23
Working women's attitudes toward the dual role of wage earner and family member30
Young and hungry: a cookbook in the form of a memoir. By Suzanne Taylor a.k.a. Mrs. Samuel Taylor30
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