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A Comparative study of referendum voting behavior in Oregon, Ohio and Switzerland30
All in the name of love & 268 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
Angel above, devil below & 63 other titles; motion picture photoplays, The Other side of Julie30
Apology. w & m John Carlton Fluker, 1962-; m Gregory Carl Smith, 1961, Tower of power30
Beverly Hills exposed, Peaches and cream, Unthinkable29
California fever (TV cues) Composed by Warner Brothers TV, Freebie and the Bean30
Cotton candy love ; Will I be loved again?30
Credit where credit is due, Ball busters, Oh my God!25
Dangerous curves, plumonary silicone embolism, Southland girls, LA Reign27
Debbie does Dallas. Adapted by Erica Schmidt, music by Andrew Sherman, conceived by Susan L. Schwartz. DCR 2004. PA 1-234-871 (2004)28
Dry away my tears, & 2 other songs. w & m Glenn R. Greber, 1961-, Richard L. Wilson, 1962-, & Daren J. Combs, 196430
Girls of Hollywood Hills & 24 other titles; video software rights to motion picture photoplays30
Great teachers, great texts, Pro ball cheerleaders, The Dancer30
Hometown honey's ... II & 7 other titles, Debbie does em all III, Cheatin' hearts & 7 other titles30
I'll never leave the baby in the road, Jezebel, Life at the gallows30
Inspector Jenkins and Mr. Hunt, Flip side, The gamesman29
In the heat of the night. w & m Mirisch Corporation of Delaware, employer for hire of Marilyn & Alan Bergman, Quincy Jones30
I want to be holy ; Hand of mercy ; Sacred vows ; True worship30
Marilyn Chambers' Private fantasies, Our major is sex, Lethal woman30
Molecular technologies for diagnosis and disease monitoring in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia part 230
Nothing to hide. By Randy California30
No titles given; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78-345 filed 28Mar78 in U.S. District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania)30
Personal services/36 in a systems network architecture distribution services network30
Precious gem child--birthstone babies, Life's treasures, Heaven's rest30
Revenge of a motorcycle mama, Aunt Peg's fulfillment, Teen angel30
R.S.V.P./ produced by John Amero ; directed by Lem Amero, Blonde ambition, Sex wish30
Six voices; collective work. By Edward Frank Walker, Three faces of Kilimanjaro30
Suzie Superstar--the search continues!, The Oddest couple, Lilith unleashed28
Talk dirty to me. By Four Rivers Releasing, Inc, Vista Valley P. T. A, Stormy27
Thank you for setting me free, & 4 other songs, The Mistress, A bridge that wouldn't burn30
The Case of the treacherous tugboat, Man of steel, A Million years of menace30
The Imagist poem; modern poetry in miniature. By William C. Pratt, Rock hard, See me live28
The Other side of yesterday. w & m Curtis Lance Hickman; w James Woodson Pierce part 330
This could be the night & 1 other title30
This is not the perfect country song, Making it big, The Old beech nut tree30
Tomorrow is today. w Jeffrey M. Solomon; m Jeffrey M. Solomon & Brian J. Besterman30
Too hot to stop (part 1) By Fred Freeman & Harry Nehls30
Wild things ; You don't know me ; Robin sings at midnight ... [et al.], Wild things part 229
You can't live on highs and French wine, Pink champagne, Peace and brotherhood30
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