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A case study analysis of the selection role, and training of cooperating teachers in the health and physical education teacher preparation program part 330
A Catalogue of the Evelyn Waugh collection at the Humanities Research Center, the University of Texas at Austin30
A Chesterton celebration at the University of Notre Dame, Spinnaker, Romanesque30
A critique of David Griffin's process thought as an antifoundationalist postmodern philosophy30
A descriptive study of two high school teachers' use of technology in a midwestern high school German program25
A Discovery of the true causes why Ireland was never entirely subdued and brought under obedience of the crown of England until the beginning of His Majesty's happy reign, 161230
A goal-based scenario framework for teaching analysis skills in realistic contexts part 329
A History of ancient Western philosophy. Text: Joseph Owens, Cognition, Enabling growth in an African American rural congregation29
Alexis de Tocqueville; a biographical study in political science with a new essay "Tocqueville after a century." By J. P. Mayer21
An Analysis of disc legislation and comparison with export incentives of selected .27
An analysis of the effect of management influence over director selection on the long-term performance of the firm28
An Assessment of background, socioeconomic, and relational correlates of role preference29
A national study of the influence of computer technology training received by K-12 principals on the integration of computer technology into the curricula of schools28
[an edition of Aquinas] A summary of philosophy, Virtue, The human constitution28
An Exploration of the adoption, design, and implementation of .., Mission to America28
An investigation using Quality Potential Assessment for a comparison at relationships between self-directed work teams and traditional work groups part 430
Annotated teacher's edition to accompany The McGraw-Hill college handbook, Thomas More27
Archeological reconnaissance of upper Fresno Canyon Rim Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas part 230
B2B e-commerce with Web Sphere commerce business edition v5.4 patterns for e-business series30
Born innocent ; Should have been loved ; Blood on your hands ... [et al.], Ghost of love ; Lady luck30
Christian faith and the interpretation of history; a study of St. Augustine's philosophy of history30
Citation patterns of 400 scientific papers and their relationship to .., The humanities in contemporary life26
Cityscape and the transformation of Paris during the Second Empire .., Mythology--from ancient to post-modern27
Commentaries on Aristotle's On sense and what is sensed, and On memory and recollection27
Communities of women in the Russian imagination from high realism to high Stalinism (fiction, memoir, film)30
Computer-aided instruction in the humanities. By Modern Language Association, employer for hire of Hans Rutimann, Hugh Burns, Solveig Olsen, Robert E. Burns, Randall L. Jones, Glyn Holmes, Preson K. Covey, Kathleen E. Kiefer, Donald Ross, Jr., Lillian S. Bridwell, Joan Sustik Huntley, Gerald R. Culley, Daviel V. McCaffrey, Nancy Joe Dyer, Joseph R. Little & Marybeth Darrow part 330
Continuity and change in patterns of attachment between infancy, adolescence, and early adulthood in a high risk sample part 230
Current nursing interventions to relieve the nausea and vomiting of chemotherapy patients part 230
Dramatic approaches to creative fidelity: a study in the theater and philosophy of Gabriel Marcel (1889-1973) By Katherine Rose Hanley30
Edmund Husserl's epistemological approach to intersubjectivity, Logic and the objectivity of knowledge25
Effects of intermediate and constantly changing day lengths on the photoperiodic responses of Siberian hamsters, Phodopus sungorus part 226
Engaging at-risk students socially and educationally during a time of critical transition from elementary to junior high30
Engaging modernity: consumption practices among urban Muslims in Northwest China29
Enhancing a regular discipline of common prayer at Grace Episcopal Church in Orange Park, FL through the employment of shared musical leadership part 230
Essays in the philosophy of art. By R. G. Collingwood, compilation & new introd.: Alan Donagan29
Feminine principles and women's experience in American composition and rhetoric, An American paradox30
Fifteen proven ideas for saving taxes, improving employee relations, and providing security for the firm and its owners part 330
Flesh as transformation symbol in the theology of Anselm of Canterbury, Evangelicals in the White House30
Genome analysis of atrazine degradation in Arthrobacter aurescens strain TC1, Detecting genes27
Geochemical methods of prospecting and exploration for petroleum and natural gas. Editor: Paul A. Witherspoon, editor & translator: William D. Romey30
Great Britain no. 54, item no. 200S000 for stamps issued through 2000, America II28
Human nature and theory, the political dimensions of Freudian psychology30
Instructor's manual to accompany Introduction to sociology [by] Coser [i.e. Lewis A. Coser], Rhea [i.e. Buford Rhea], Steffan [i.e. Patricia A. Steffan], Nock [i.e. Steven L. Nock] part 230
Interpretation of regional lithostratigraphy from global paleoclimate simulations tested with the geologic record30
Introduction to anesthesia manual for student registed nurse anesthetists at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital part 230
Irrational guilt, fears of omnipotence and the conversion experiences of born-again Christians30
Jacques Maritain, the intuition of being, and the problem of the proper starting point for Thomistic metaphysics24
Knowing God as an inert gas; the Einstein theory of relativity, and the periodical table of elements28
Late Jurassic through holocene paleogeographic evolution of the South Atlantic borderlands part 226
Latin texts from the first century B.C. to the seventeenth century A.D, Walking with the Lord30
Limited appraisal of electric distribution facilities, prepared for Grays Harbor County Public Utility District No. 1, Aberdeen, Washington, February 2000 part 230
Mairan representations in the miracle tales of thirteeth-century Spain and France30
Managerial risk aversion, managerial compensation, and corporate policies, Prospects for natural theology23
Medieval church law and the origins of the western legal tradition, Sacred boundaries30
Memory resident utilities, interrupts, and disk management with MS and PC DOS, Advanced DOS30
Metaphysical metamorphosis, concept is percept, or that which is not abstract in its relation to relativity30
Modern Catholic thinkers, an anthology. Compilation, pref. by Aloysius Robert Caponigri, introd. by Martin Cyril D'Arcy18
Moral education: a handbook for teachers. By Winston Press, employer for hire of Robert T. Hall part 230
More exciting, funny, scary, short, different, and sad books kids like about animals, science, sports, families, songs and other things28
My reading and phonics book for the pre-primers; workbook for Here we come, This is our home, Here we are again. By Catholic University of America, employer for hire of Sister M. Marguerite27
Observability and observation in physical science, Statement and referent, The logic of discovery25
One hundred year history of the Pilots' Association, bay and river Delaware, 1896-199630
Optical coupling modeling and passive alignment techniques for parallel optoelectronic interfaces part 225
Out jumped Abraham skyline series primer. By Virginia Brown, Billie Phillips & Jo Paul30
"Parnell's funeral and other poems" from "A full moon in March.", Lento, Collected piano pieces30
Participation in selected texts of pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite's "The Divine names"30
Peace and war. For mixed chorus and brass band. Words by Bernard O'Brian, music: Vernon Griffiths25
Pearson and Canada's role in nuclear disarmament and arms control negotiations, 1945-195730
Politics and social welfare policy in the United States, The Complete works of Robert Browning30
Postmodernism rightly understood: the return to realism in American thought. TX 5-032-951 (1999)30
Problem- and emotion-focused coping strategies in household financial management30
Questioning truth--war and the art of writing in Ambrose Bierce, Stephen Crane, Michael Herr, and Tim O'Brien part 230
"Recovered memory" and other assaults upon the mysteries of consciousness, The Best of Will Rogers30
Regionalism and the revocation of the fueros of Valencia and Aragon .., Duns Scotus on the will & morality25
Richard Dudley Jordan and Bettie Ann Crawford, their Virginia ancestors and descendants, 1607-199730
safi Ainashangaza & Zasmani the thoughtful Afriqan of twinteum cyti, a futuristic Afriqan epic28
Spirituality in advance directive decision making among community dwelling well older adults30
St. John Chrysostom homilies on the Gospel of St. John. Translation from Latin and Greek: Sister Thomas Aquinas Goggin, S. C. H30
Studies on the transfer of immunity to R F M/Un murine myeloid leukemia in vitro using xenogeneic .20
Temporal aspects of asphyxia suicides in greater Cleveland, The church, Copper sails28
The American Revolution: how revolutionary was it? By George Athan Billias30
The attorney's handbook on small business reorganization under Chapter 11, A Rage for order30
The beginnings of capitalist agriculture among the Dinka of Sudan30
The Bells of Hell go ting-a-ling-a-ling. From The Hostage. w & m Brendan Behan30
The Catholic University of America online university computer help "Ouch.", New Catholic encyclopedia30
The Celtic tree of the world in William Butler Yeats's theatrical art, The Herne's egg30
The Demonstrated effect of senior citizens in a mathematical tutorial program .28
The Disarmer's handbook of military technology and organization, Eye care in the 80's28
The doctrine of scripture in Hans Urs Von Balthasar's "The glory of the Lord, Origen30
The Ecological psychology of an urban emergency medicine unit, A Risk worth taking30
The effect of the International Business Institute study abroad program on cross-cultural adaptibility among international business students28
The Effects of drawing instruction on self-esteem and perceptual .., The Child, The Complete poetical wordings of John Patrick Shannon30
The effects of two second-year algebra textbooks on changes in secondary students' attitudes as measured by the mathematics attitude inventory part 229
The encyclopedia of ancient civilizations of the Near East and Mediterranean, Faith & the life of the intellect30
The evaluation of auditory evoked potentials and psychological priming techniques as indicators of implicit memory formation during general anesthesia30
The foundations of Husserl and Merleau-Ponty and the phenomenological critique of science30
The History of the World-Conquerer [sic] By Ala-ad-Din 'Ata-Malik Juvaini, translated from the text of Mirza Muhammad Qazvini by John Andrew Boyle30
The Influence of classroom teaching behaviors on student .., A dream of freedom, Idiota de mente = The Layman, about mind30
The Layers of neurosis scale, a reliability and validity study using client fantasy material28
The Life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman [by] Laurence Sterne, Cuban trumpet playing30
The Mental edge: peak performance techniques for competitive basketball. By Stephen J. Brennan30
The old lady on Harrison Street: Cook County Hospital, 1833-199530
The Oral performance of medieval poetry and regular end-rhyme, Jongleur, By my side. Words & music: William Russell Quinn30
Theory and implementation of numerical methods based on Runge-Kutt integration for solving optimal control problems30
The Play of allegory in the Autos sacramentales of Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Anthropological quarterly30
The prehistory of the Tehuacan Valley. Vol. 3, ceramics. By Richard S. MacNeish, Frederick A. Peterson, & Kent V. Flannery part 228
The question of the legitimacy of the Jordanian presence in Palestine, I would be there30
The rise and fall of Scranton Municipal Airport, Acknowledge the beat, Girls in leather pants28
These are our people. By Catholic University of America, employer for hire of Sister M. Celine, OSF & Sister M. Sheila', PBVM30
The Spiderweb and the beehive, a study of multiplicity in George Eliot's Middlemarch and Tolstoy's Anna Karenina24
The unspoken motive: a guide to psychoanalytic literary criticism30
The use of concrete examples and illustrations to improve the effectiveness of advance organizers in helping high school students comprehend narrative text30
The use of concrete examples and illustrations to improve the effectiveness of advance organizers in helping high school students comprehend narrative text part 330
The Verbal icon: studies in the meaning of poetry. By William K. Wimsatt & Monroe Curtis Beardsley30
The very rich hours of Jacques Maritain, Nun plussed, Half past nun30
The very rich hours of Jacques Maritain, Prodigal father, Triple pursuit23
Traditional and enlightenment in the Tuscan academies, 1690-1800. By Eric W. Cochrane30
Treatises on various subjects. By Saint Augustine [i.e. Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo], translated from Latin & Greek: Sister Mary Sarah Muldowney, Harold B. Jaffee, Sister Mary Francis McDonald, Sister Luanne Meagher, Sister M. Clement Eagan & Mary E. DeFerrari30
Trixie (the piano-playing pixie) Musical composition, Mambo con catalina. Music: Billy (William) May30
Unauthorized Strategy guide to The Magic: The Gathering Card Game part 230
Use of the Peabody picture vocabulary test-revised (PPVT-R) with individuals with severe speech and motor impairment30
Wrong answers on multiple-choice achievement tests, blind guesses or systematic choices?30
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