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A book of peace; an anthology. By Elizabeth Goudge, Green Dolphin Street salad plate : no. 40/10824
Aces a.k.a. Only a fool & 82 other titles, I got my sag on, Bing & 10 other titles30
All I want is everything. w Redd Evans, m Dave Mann (David A. Mann)28
Broken hearts and teardrops, one follows the other30
Collection of words by Kenneth Francis Gilchrist III; words by Kenneth Francis Gilchrist III and Gail Lynn Anderson30
Collective works by James Andrew Michel "San Fran" Chapter, Shadow of you, Same skin30
Comin' home. By James V. Schleyer & David A. Martin, Fallen, O positive 530
Count my blessings. Words & music: Martha Carson, pseud. of Irene Amburgey Cosse30
Crime by the F. B. I. By Greg A. Bryant & Steven Taylor, Jazz fusion, The Battle is the Lord's30
Cutting room & 20 other titles, Richard Roe, Coffee and sugar28
Daydreamin' ; Poor Caroline ; By the bayou ... [et al.], Daydreamin'30
Didn't want to sing the blues ; Rock with you ; Good love bad, You were made for me30
Don't start the music (if you won't let me dance), A Girl for me, Black supremacy30
Forget me not, O dearest Lord = Vergiss mein nicht30
Gone ; Coming down (drug tongue) ; Real grrrl ... [et al.], Cast a stone, Satan's angel30
Hack 4-song demo disc I, Welcome, Annie30
Have you forgotten the you and me that used to be30
Holdin' on to love. By Black Lion Music (as employer for hire of Attala Zane Giles) Debbie Allen & Phillip Bailey30
I believe part 1630
I believe part 1830
I don't wanna know ; Hole in my head ; My first million ; Another planet, Stay and dance awhile30
I found a new love ; Forbidden love ; For Lovers only ; Wonderland, Morocco, Heaven30
I know who you are ; Such a loser ; Breakdown ; She knows the way, Daughter of the rainbow30
Interlude (I'll give all my love to you) ; Come back ; Your love ... [et al.], Say that you will30
In your loving arms. By John Keller, Steve Krikorian p.k.a. Tonio K., & Barry Goldberg30
It's only natural & 5 other titles, This heart & 2 other titles, Let that love flow & 2 other titles30
Jackie Wilson said. w & m Van Morrison, arr. Warner Brothers Publications, Inc., employer for hire of Ronnie Ball30
Kanashi I (Sad am I. By Tokiko Iwatani & Hiroshi Miyagawa, English w Sammy Cahn, piano arr. Leeds Music staff part 230
Live in the city ; Rattlesnake kisses ; Head above water ... [et al.], A Simple prayer30
Mood ; Keys ; Songs for Moma ... [et al.], Dark streets, Boston rockers30
More songs to grow on; a new collection of folk songs for children. Editing & compilation: Beatrice Landeck, designs & ill.: David Stone Martin, arrangements: Florence White part 230
Music reading for young singers. Bk. 1, no. B244. By Gamut Company, made for hire by David Conley30
No one else could ever fill your slippers! Happy Mother's Day, Animal attraction30
(Once were) the pastures of plenty. By Tom Pomposello, 1949-, & Art Labriola, 195630
Orthopaedic examination, evaluation, and intervention, Ordinary girl, Shangri la27
Roll around Heaven this way ; Leaving Egypt ; Drunk as a Lord ... [et al.], No reservation30
Ryan Smith's & Jay Brody's songs, One more round, Real MC29
Same kinda feeling. Words & music Anthony Balch, Peter Ross, Philip Knight, Keith O'Connell, Michael Foster & Peter Bonas part 230
Season tickets & 2 other titles, Kalimba interlude ; Kalimba blues, Main title27
So far away = Wie kann ich froh und lustig sein?, So far away30
Somebody loves you ; Electrix Indian ; Armageddon ... [et al.]30
Story of my life & 8 other titles29
Study guide with computer exercises to accompany Physics for scientists & engineers, second edition, Physics for scientists and engineers/with modern physics, second edition30
The Best I can't ; Respectfully, King of Rain ; Hamlet meets John Doe ... [et al.] part 226
The little lame prince and his traveling cloak. No. 1626. By Whitman Publishing Company, ill.: Richard Thompson & Wilbur A. Howe30
The noose, the flesh & the Devil ; Soul connection ; Lonely, lonely, lonely ... [et al.]25
The Politics of love--An American folk tale, Republic of love, Falcon fever30
'Til you talk this fool out of loving, Good time, Here's lookin' back at you30
Treat me like the dog I am ; Drag superstar ; She needs rock 'n' roll ; Hollywood ending30
What a feeling & 8 other titles26
What time is it? By Christopher B. Gross, Eric Schenkman, Mark White & Aaron Comess29
Who's in love here? By Brenda Russell, Ivan Lins & Victor Martins, Wild women don't have the blues29
World inside you & 9 other titles, Everyone wants to be with you, One mistake29
Your [sic] everything I need. w Jim E. Reynolds; w & m Steven F. Jones, Freedom fighter30
You treat me so cold, you've made so blue, My girl, In the geek of the night30
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