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A fuerza de amar. By Ronaldo Bastos, Cleberson Horsth & Luis Gomes Escolar, Antes de ti30
Alone again tonight plus 7 other songs, Alone again, Malay melody collection28
Caide sin don te sin? ; I wish my love was a red, red rose ; Citi ni eadhra, Emerald lies30
Cover my eyes (pain & Heaven), The King of sunset town, How can it hurt?26
Day after day ; If there's one thing ; Maker of all things ... [et al.]30
(Do you wanna) spend the night?, Never had it so good, May as well go29
Fantasy. By Mariah Carey & Dave Hall, Anytime you need a friend, Miss you most (at Christmas time)30
Fishermen three (2 sea gulls, 1 fisherman) Artist: Churchill Ettinger, Until, Got that love30
Goodbye John, & 5 other songs, Would you?, Long, black, shiny limousine28
Help yourself! ; Stop, look, and listen ; I've got a secret ; Never talk to strangers30
If I didn't walk in (when I did), Just for the record, It would be right30
If you want to be lovers ; Beginners mind ; 1968 (a good day for robbin' trains) ... [et al.] part 230
I'm in love with Hillary (and you're in love with Knute), I'm in love30
Infrared roses. By Jerome J. Garcia, 1942-, Philip Lesh, 1940-, Brent R. Mydland, 1952-1990, Robert H. Weir & Robert M. Bralove29
I should have known ; Best of my life ; What ever happened to you? ... [et al.]30
It's so easy (to learn the hard way) By B. Jack Fisher part 330
I've reached my plateau, Lonely30
I want you to know His love & 7 other titles part 330
Kissing with confidence. By Lynn Goldsmith, Jacob Brackman, Steve Winwood, Nile Rogers & Todd Rundgren part 230
Mother Mary. w & m Christian Palladino; w Charles Gullotta, Mother Mary, Sentimental song26
O.K. for you. By Justin Clayton, Julian Lennon, Carmello Luggeri & Carlton Morales part 230
Regret ; Spooky ; Chemical ... [et al.], Kinetic, Drop your pants30
Runaway part 1330
(Running from a) crack house, Get a life30
Season's end--duck perched on boat, Phobia, Mood for a whale28
Shiatsu, the art of acupressure therapy, Bitter suite, Master of masters29
Silver lady. By Dweezil Zappa & Fighty-Bitey Music, employer for hire, Crunchy water30
Stop falling. By Willie Baker, Jr., Edward Woodruff (Pete Woodruff), and Alicia Moore (p.k.a. Pink, pseud.) (In Can't take me home) part 325
Sunday morning's gonna find us in love. By Bettye Crutcher & Mack Rice30
Sure thing. By Debora B. A. Mack & James E. Carter, My only love30
Take me home ; Give "Him" the praise ; Don't stop praying30
The Comet, the course, the tail, Empire of delight, Sci-finance30
The Disregard of timekeeping ; Wait for you ; Guilty, I'm still alive for this Christmas time30
The Fugitive kind part 229
The great escape to a perfect peninsula, It's big, it's yellow, Recycler30
The Works of Sandy Fredrickson. Vol. I. By Sandy Fredrickson, Going under, Going under. Co-writer, Brett Rosenberg30
Too many of my yesterdays, Faith, Silver26
Village of the under privileged, Power yoga II, Universal tribulation30
You're the one ; Mr. Montgomery ; Only in a daydream ; Lakeview love song part 230
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