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Analyzing a mixture of sodium hydrogen carbonate and sodium chloride by thermal decomposition27
A New model for psychotherapy based on the seven-chakra system of Tantric Yoga, Masonry beyond the light30
Chemistry for health-related sciences--concepts and correlations, second edition [by] Curtis T. Sears, Conrad L. Stanitski30
Comparisons of tolerance, cross-tolerance, and dependence induced by Tyr-W-MIF-1 or morphine30
Evaluating the calcium ion content in commercial dried milk powders, If we shadows30
Evaluating the equilibrium constant for the reaction of iron(III) ion with thiocyanate ion25
Instructor's manual to the third editions of Chemistry [by] Bailar, Moeller, Kleinberg ... [et al.] and Chemistry with inorganic qualitative analysis [by] Moeller, Bailar, Kleinberg ... [et al.]30
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Anatomy and physiology, third edition [by] Seeley, Stephens, Tate30
Maneuvers with number patterns ; Maneuvers with fractions ; Maneuvers with circles part 228
Radioactivity, fundamentals, and experiments, 1963. By Sister Mary Hermias (Sister Mary Hermias Mennemeyer) & Sister Mary Joecile (Sister Mary Joecile Ksycki)30
[Reaction of 1-pentanol with hydrobromic acid in sulfuric acid--an elementary kinetics experiment]26
Solutions manual to accompany Petrucci's General chemistry, fifth edition [by] Ralph H. Petrucci and Robert K. Wismer30
Standardizing a sodium hydroxide solution with a standard solution of hydrochloric acid30
Statistical analysis of strategic planning in the University of Kentucky Community College System with an evaluation of the model used by Paducah Community College part 230
Study guide for College chemistry and General chemistry, seventh editions [by] Holtzclaw, Robinson, and Nebergall25
Study guide with solutions and problems for General, organic, and biological chemistry [by] James, Schreck, BeMiller30
Studying the stoichiometry of the reaction of nickel (II) ion and hydroxide ion using microscale techniques30
Studying the stoichiometry of the reaction of nickel (II) ion and hydroxide ion using microscale techniques part 330
The effects of social factors, socialization, and coping on psychological distress among police officers30
The testing of an instructional strategy for improving reading comprehension of expository text in science and content area reading part 330
Train wrecks--a pictorial history of accidents on the main line, Hormone jungle, Oort Cloud30
Using metadata to improve irrigation district geographic information system spatial reliability30
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