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8 songs written by Rochelle J. Townsend, Secret, When I turn to Heaven30
Across the bridge and Universal thoughts for the next step27
Act like you know you ain't got no authority!, & other selections, Catchin' the mood30
Adios to my heart & 5 other titles, He still cares, If I don't love you (ain't a cowboy in Texas)30
All you need. Music, words: Bruce James Kaldor, 1962-; words: Patricia Tynan, 1964-, Dale Little, 1965 part 230
America part 1730
Androgyny, how it affects drinking practices, a comparison of female and male alcoholics30
Angelina (get over me), These tears I cry, Come on in28
A song just for you. By Celeste Shirley & Lanita H. Kennedy, Rugged road, An old man30
Back to the basics (with our love) By O. Redding 3rd, M. Lockett & D. Redding part 230
Beneath the apocalyptic rain; a collection of songs. By Timothy Lee Livingston, Praising the Lord30
Bro[o]klyn works suite, Coming soon, Jazz death?30
Characteristics of South Dakota high school graduates selecting .., He that overcometh30
Christians aren't the only ones that pray, Our love, Done by you28
Come down, O love divine, & other selections, One step at a time, O moon, thou presence in our night30
Come going-home time, & 1 other song, Rollin' with da realm, Family system30
Don't let me be misunderstood & 3 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78 C 1036 filed 18May78 in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, Brooklyn) part 230
Don't tell me (someone else around) Co-writer, Kenny Tillman part 330
Don't the good times outweigh the bad? a.k.a. Don't the good outweigh the bad? Composed by Eddy L. Bailes & Deborah A. Habeb part 229
Double dose of heaven, & 1 other selection, Double dose, The collected works of Jerry Gibson29
Do you know? By David Cooper, Steve Conte & Jay Hirsh part 230
Do you not know? By Kim Peery, Tim Johnson & LaDonna Johnson, Alone I stand, He was born a Child30
Economic strategies and nutritional status in a compound farming settlement of northern Ghana23
Everybody get up (dance for Jesus) & 1 other selection, Singing a new song, & 1 other selection30
Every daddy's nightmare (every daughter's dream) Co-composer: Bobby Fischer, The amen corner. By James Baldwin28
Face to face; a screenplay. By Aslihan Ugur Akinci, 1950- (Gary U. Akinci, pseud.) & Harun Kazaz, 1951- (Aaron H. Kazaz, pseud.)30
For God has not given us the Spirit of fear, and 2 other songs, Killerwatts, Grand Master Jay--Final solution30
God answers prayer ; Miracle among you ; The old weapons ... [et al.], Not before27
God's willing, and 4 other selections, One more angel, Jesus is the way out30
Great day in the morning. Words & music by Ruth Gibson, 1948, Molettiere, How lonely life can be30
He'll be there for me, and poems 318-331 (lyrics) by Bud Atkinson part 230
Hold me like you'll never let me go, Rescue me30
Houdini. By Luke Sutherland, Colin Grieg, David Turner & Philip Cameron, Double your love back guarantee30
How long will you be waitin' there for me? By Virg Warner, Is our life too much to give?27
I can tell by the gleam in your eyes, With God's love, I am just a sailor27
I don't know you well enough (to miss you when you're gone) part 230
I don't need nobody (live your life) m Vincent Montana, Jr., 1928-; w Eileen Montana, 1965 part 230
I know that I know that I know (you love me)30
I made a million mistakes. Words & music: Cindy Davis & Larry Stone, Down on the borderline30
I'm feeling the pain of the fire of love's flame, I go to the rock, Ninety and nine27
Impossible things, & 2 other songs, Sea by the bay, Start the revolutions30
I'm washed in the blood of the Lamb, & 4 other selections, It's called heaven, One time offer, & 4 other selections30
In my heart (there still rings a melody) By Billy Smiley, In my heart30
Instead I got you (Lynette's lament), The S.B. Long 1987-1988 collection, Heavenly band30
In the wake of the carnival trail, giganticar, Turn and walk away, Love is the gift30
I think I hear him getting ready to come, He made a way, In the fullness of His love28
Jesus coming down ; If I could just go back ; I know the author too ... [et al.]30
Jesus coming down ; If I could just go back ; I know the author too ... [et al.] part 230
Jesus is coming for his bride, & 1 other song lyrics part 230
Jet plane, back-pack with detachable trolley, Alex Pollock collection II, The Alex Pollock collection I25
Justice crucified--the story of Sacco and Vanzetti, Too strong, Angel dust--black operations30
Just like me to be like you part 230
Keep your eyes on the Lord ; Remember me ; We are covered ; The same God, Walkin' in the Spirit26
Lay your burdens down ; Look to Him ; Neverending story ; From the manger to the Cross29
Little things. w & m Frank Michael Radice, Jr., 1953-, & Richard Thomas, 1947 part 230
Lord, make me your instrument, He is Lord, Restore us30
Margarita ; Lorena ; Tear it down, clean it up ; Late last night ; Baby, you're out there ; Don't I know ; Once bitten, twice shy30
Meet me there/That all may be one, You're the reason I remember, Looking for true love29
Michael Aguirre and Laura Fay Lewis songs no. 1, Come on, sinner, We're southern gospel30
Music enhanced exercises for strength and flexibility, Where do you stand?, I've got a sparkle in my eye30
My dog has fleas. m Beth Bassett (Henrietta Elizabeth Bassett), The first Christmas Day27
My love calls another man darlin, My journey, A lifetime ago30
My personal experiences with mental illness and E C T, Inside the gates, East side party, & 2 other songs27
Never been to the islands (Howard Hughes blues) By Russell Smith, James H. Brown, Jr. & Butch McDade30
Never gonna leave him like this. Co-composer, Mark Narmore, One look at you, Love is with me29
Nuestra experiencia en el fin de semana de enriquecimiento matrimonial, Enriquecimiento matrimonial programa de fin de samana27
Only the children By Steve Lukather, David Paich & Joseph Williams, Soft southern woman26
On this side of forever. w Albert Vinson Rigsbee, m Patricia Moore Rigsbee30
Peace be still, & 1 other song, Father, forgive them, Here's my treasure, Lord27
Praise the Lord, sing hallelujah, and clap your hands30
Put me on your prayer list ; I will feast on milk and honey ; Traveling on the glory road ; The look of eagles30
Safe under the blood ; I stand forgiven, Hello, brother, The Lord's company songs of praise I28
Seasons have to change, Margaret moves on, 91123
Shame & 1 other title. Written by Anthony Shimkin, Shep Pettibone & Madonna L. Ciccone30
Shouldn't I know more by now?, Whisper away, Life after Stacy30
So close and yet so far, & 3 other songs, His guiding hand, Tear by lonely tear27
Spread a little sunshine & 2 other titles30
Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the desires of my heart part 330
Thank you, Lord (for the blood of the lamb) By Tom Autry30
Thank you part 1930
That's 1 thing the world can't take away, A man called Jesus, Songs of evangelism30
The collection of Dullas Nunley, Brian Bemis, Patrick LePoudre, Kenneth Madigan part 330
The completion: testimonial songs of the sent believer (second series), Yeshua, Julie Baker's back in town30
The development and evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the measurement of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae specific antibody levels in the serum of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)30
The difference between the manding concepts of simultaneity and space-time, You30
The Great tribulation & 9 other titles, All to you, Purify me (by the blood of the lamb)30
The marriage rap. By Marylynn Marrese & Alice Michaelian part 230
The Plan of salvation & 1 other title, Heaven's grocery store, I got over you just long enough to hurt me30
The plight of the GE pensioneer, Thief in the night30
The Pool and Irving Villages; a study of Hopewell occupation in the Illinois River Valley. By John Charles McGregor27
There's not a cloud so dark that God's son won't shine on through, I'm so glad, Mister Driftwood30
The road to Heaven is paved with a mother's tears, Attitude of gratitude, Father above us30
The shepherd, & 1 other selection30
The transfiguration of Madame Paulette de Ronsard, I'm under the blood, The River of life23
Things are changin' & 2 other titles; songs, Forgiven, Theophilus music27
'Til the whole world knows, Thank God, Look towards tomorrow30
True love part 2530
Waiting to see what's waiting for me, Master of the sea, Look for me on holy ground30
Weighed in the balance (and found wanting) Words & music: Martha Carson, Pentecost Alley30
Welcome home; collection of music. By Debbi Rael part 230
We're free to go, The dream30
We're getting close now ; Thank you, Lord ; When we get home ; The blood bought way30
What I have learned about spirit and healing ... Along the way, What I have30
When I speak your name, & 4 other songs, A Cool sensation, Takin' care of business25
When Jesus comes in, old Satan moves out30
With everything to lose. By Paul Weller & Steve White, Rough stuff, Run30
Works of David T. Lubretazzo, Robert Grasso, Diane T. Sogaro30
Works of Richard Somerville and Daryl Northern, XL-88-Bahsho, XL demo, part II, 8730
Works of Stuart and Julie Sweatman; songs. Vol. 1. By Stuart Sweatman & Julie Sweatman28
Yellow flower. By Matthew Chappina, 1980-, Robert Grippo, 1961, Our nursery rhyme30
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