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Acta sanctorum ; Vacant diocese ; Buried in baptismal robe ... [et al.], Crown of thorns30
All he's done for me & 26 other titles, One in our life, Friends first28
All of my blessings, all of my days, God in heaven knows, Mister Lord27
Altogether better ; Close encounters ; Don't cross over ; Feels so good coming down part 230
An O. Kaye country collection. By Oliver Kaye, pseud., real name: Robert Williams, 192930
Archeological survey of clearcut areas along Little River, McCurtain, and Pushmataha Counties, Oklahoma28
A young black male speaks (about the L.A. riots, 1992), No room in the inn, Uncle Rufus22
Between here and the hereafter ; Are you prayin' hard? ; Afterlifetime guarantee part 229
Get so crazy, No reason30
Greater is he ; I will follow you ; The walk ; If you only knew30
Group registration for automated database entitled Civil War Union court-martials30
Heart healer ; Still standing after the storm ; I can't lose for winning, Lord, I believe26
His grace is sufficient for thee ; He's never failed me yet30
IBM electric punched card accounting machines, customer engineering manual of instruction, functional units. By Maurice Vernon Carter part 230
I can't believe (this is happin to me [sic])30
I love you but Jesus loves you more, Beauty from ashes, Feel the chill29
I'm gonna walk all over this land. From For those who think young. w Essex Productions, Inc., employer for hire of Jimmy Griffin, m Essex Productions, Inc., employer for hire of Jerry Fielding part 630
I'm washed in the blood of the Lamb, & 4 other selections, Take Him to heart, David Hanvelt songs30
It's by love ; I have a promise of tomorrow ; He's gonna touch me ... [et al.], Stretch forth thine hand30
I wouldn't miss it for the world, Now take this wonderful news, Proverbs 3:5629
Keep the faith and keep trusting in God's word part 230
Lapped furrows: correspondence 1933-1967 between Patrick and Peter Kavanagh, with other documents. Edited by Peter Kavanagh28
Lead me, Lord; anthem for S.A. & piano or organ. By S. S. Wesley, music arr. Desmond Ratcliffe30
Let the wind blow ; Shelter from the storm ; Victory won, Don't sing me any sad songs tonight30
Lion of Judah, & 7 other songs, First batch, It's time to fly29
Little cowbody dreams ; A little more to it than that ; Louisiana rendezvous, She cries30
Lost, unloved children, The light30
Love ain't gonna break my heart again, The Magic in you, Let's be sure if it's love or not28
More than just a dream ; Lovin' arms ; Twilight of my years ; Santa Ana blues30
Music by Godfrey, Allen & Gallione, Only one, Songs written by Paul Godfrey30
New horizons in electric, magnetic and gravitational field theory & 1 other title30
Nonideal compensation in M H D generators, Shadow Valley, The hullabaloo at Hunker Hill25
Once for all (that's all that it takes), His strength, Give thanks to God28
Rags to riches album by the band "Rag Tag."30
Search me, O God ; Trust and obey ; 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus ; Man of sorrows30
Soldier on his knees ; You don't have to bear your burdens alone, Song of the redeemed22
Something out of nothing. Co-composer, Tony Arata. DCR 2003, Group number 1, Even when it rains30
Stories; songs. By Sarah Marie Swanson, John Breen & John Crisman, Stories, One more gift from the cat gods30
That's pretty amazing ; A matter of the heart ; I've touched the hem of his garment30
The bandaid song ; I gave my heart to Jesus ; A rainbow lets me know. By Donald Balltzglier, Gerald Crabb, Mike Richards. (In Amber Thompson & friends)30
The church has never been on fire before ; He set it all aside, The best of me, Living within Heaven in mind, & 3 other songs30
The declaration of reformation and the new constitution of the 1990's, Challenged by change30
The door ; That's what champions are made of ; Where we'll never die ; Something going on in the graveyard30
The Effective school principal: in elementary and secondary schools. By Paul B. Jacobson, William C. Reavis & James D. Logsdon30
The effects of chiropractic cervical adjustments on middle cerebral artery blood flow and radial artery blood pressure response30
The peeping keyhole introverts; screenplay, Investigating the fireground, Rock the garage30
There is a river ; I've touched the hem of the garment ; He left a light on for me ; The road I'm walking27
There's a brighter day ; Valley of the shadow ; Breath of life to me ; The dream30
There's no place that I'd rather be (than right here, right now)30
There's something about you. By Marvin Hamlisch & Carole Bayer Sager30
The return part 230
This time (make this love), Only one30
Using VisualAge for Java Enterprise, version 2, to develop COBRA and EJB applications30
We're living in the last days, Unworthy, Only one step more26
Where the sun meets the morning. By Ann Ballard, 1935-. (In So fine), Love is the name25
Wings on the wind, Live again, War game28
You won't have a hope in Hell, My friend, Walking in the beautiful way29
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