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Ain't that fine & 18 other titles; musical copositions29
A novel approach to DNA sequencing employing near-IR fluorescence detection coupled with microscale reaction vessels with capillary gel separations30
A Short conversation full of long pauses, The Best pair of legs in the business, Spudsongs I30
As long as I live (I'll always love you) Words & music: Bill Everhart & Ethel Ennis30
Battle aboard the Defiant. From HMS Defiant. w & m Columbia Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Johnny Burnette & Dorsey Burnette, complete piano version: Columbia Pictures Music Corporation, employer for hire of Robert C. Haring30
Best friend & 2,268 other titles. (Part 004 of 004), Best friend part 230
Big city blues ; Lost and found ; Lover's lie ; Painful days and sleepless nights27
Border to border & 29 other titles, Jungle survival, The breaking point30
Broken heart (and a pillow filled with tears) & 478 other titles. (Part 002 of 003) part 230
Broken heart (and a pillow filled with tears) & 478 other titles. (Part 003 of 003) part 230
Buried in love. w & m T. Fox; w F. Dean, The Key to my heart, Just west of my heart30
Calming of the storm, Dreamland, Candlelight30
Don't make me beg, & other selections, Running from life, Spirit of a Blackman27
Dying in the streets, and other selections, Never gonna change my mind, Humentor30
Ghost-Nets ; Daughter Movie ; Vade Mecum Gunslinger, What it is, The Applicant28
God will answer prayer; spiritual. By Diamond Record Company, Inc., employer for hire of James Emerdia Walker, Cliff Givens, Earl Ratliff & David C. Smith (members of Southern Sons Quartette) part 230
His blood is sufficient for me, City of light30
Hold my hand (just a little bit longer) By Dorsey Burnette & Marshall Leib30
I am not the key on your ring anymore, Hearts and flowers, Am I in that crowd?28
I lost my Dodi. By Paul Caplin, Kate Garner & Jeremy Healy, Jimmy, jive, jive, Shoofly love30
I'm in love with my Lord. By George E. Pastva & Norma Jean Kuchera, I'm in love30
It's so groovy doing what you want to do (with who you want to do it to) By J. Williams, Jr. & Charles Whitehead30
I won't let the sun go down on me, It's easy to love somebody, The Devil in me30
Jimmy Hickey's waltz. By Mike Scott, Anthony Thistlethwaite & Steve Wickham, World party30
Lennon & McCartney/Bacharach & David--The Sixties, Beware, my love, Cook of the house30
Leon takes us outside ; The heart's filthy lesson ; A small plot of land ... [et al.] part 230
Lord we praise song collection, The Woman I love, She ain't nothin' but looks28
Memorys [sic], Feelings30
Molly (I ain't gettin' any younger) She's feelin' low. Artist: Dorsey Burnett, sound recording: Motown Record Corporation30
Move your body/house national anthem & 1 other title; master & sound recordings embodying performances of Marshall Jefferson30
Move your body/house national anthem & 1 other title; master & sound recordings embodying performances of Marshall Jefferson part 226
Only the brave are free. By Donald R. Richberg & Albert Britt, Promise Music, Inc., vol. 230
Open your eyes. w & m Heather Anne Thompson; m Richard Curtis Roens part 330
Say goodnight to the man in the moon30
Shake (video) Song. From album U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta), Treat me like a dog30
Shame & 1 other title. Written by Anthony Shimkin, Shep Pettibone & Madonna L. Ciccone part 430
She don't care about me (not being what the ideal man should be), The Child, Song of the treefrogs30
She just wants my baby, Frenzy, Jaded eyes29
She won't letcha, I betcha. w & m Eddie Bennett Cole & William Harryson Hudson, Strictly formal & 4 other titles30
Shivers of my spine. By David Couse, Ferg Bunbury, Dermot Wylie & Martin Healy, My little lighthouse30
Show me the way to get out of this world, Two wives, Bucket full of blues30
Songs for a wax-papered woman. w & m Paul Nelson, 1965-; m Carl Verheyen, 1954-; w Sue Fink, 195030
Stickin' to the "G" move. By Robert Lee Green, Jr. p.k.a. Spice 1 & Terry K. Allen p.k.a. DJ Slip30
The Ballad of the brown king; a Christmas cantata. For chorus of mixed voices (SATB) w Langston Hughes, m Margaret Bonds30
The emperor and the nightingale, Save me30
The Messengers of Christ presents Say no to drugs and yes to family!, Suite for the unspoken word28
The Morning Dove Singers sing I just want to praise Him30
The Way that I am with you, Marry me30
The Winds of emotion, One track mind, I can only wonder30
This is the day when light was first created part 230
Ultramicro methods for clinical laboratories. By Edwin M. Knights, Jr., Roderick P. MacDonald & Jaan Ploompuu30
What about me (don't you love me anymore)?30
What God can't do (just can't be done), What do you want?30
(What goes on) girl of mine, Out of the madness, If you were only here25
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