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A case study of standards-based learning and assessment at the Middlebury College Language Schools30
Additions to Griffin automatic stock order creation program, Tree fort, I'm calling love out29
A few pictures and excerpts, some regarding the discovery of the Sandwich Islands, taken from Captain Cook's first, second, third, and last voyages30
Aircraft incidents, almanac for emergency responders. By James R. Anderson, Basic perspective drawing30
Algebra review to accompany Anton/Kolman's Applied finite mathematics, second edition, and Applied finite mathematics with calculus27
A morphometric study of the scapula in gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla and Gorilla gorilla berengei) part 230
An analysis of the jazz improvisation and composition in selected works from the Blue Note Records period of tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson from 1963 to 196630
An assessment of the impact of excessive medication use on the psychological functioning of chronic pain patients and the MMPI-2's ability to detect substance abuse among chronic pain patients, inpatient substance abusers and a normal control group30
And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight ... fore! Have a merry Christmas and a swinging New Year!30
An investigation of the effects of visual diagnostic skills development on the instruction and acquisition of basic conducting skills for beginning conductors part 230
An investigation of writing strategies used by high ability seventh graders responding to a state-mandated explanatory writing assessment task30
A plan alternative that has incentives of propelling the tenancy & retail growth of the eleven 80 complex & Hahnes building30
Appleton & Lange's Outline review for the physician assistant examination, Timeslip, Inc30
A psychoanalytic reinterpretation of aggressive behavior in a severely abused child using straus' no-talk therapy model30
A qualitative examination of the concept of higher power in the context of family dynamics30
A. Roberto Valencia a.k.a. Roberto V. Brandon & Archie Williams a.k.a. Archie collaboration part 230
A Survey of the attitudes of parents of North Carolina public school pupils toward exetended [i.e. extended] .30
A test of the external validity of focus group findings using survey research and statistical inference30
Bilingual, E S O L and foreign language teacher preparation--models, practices, issues30
Biochemistry and pharmacology of myocardial hypertrophy, hypoxia, and infarction part 230
Biological effects and dosimetry of nonionizing radiation: radiofrequency and microwave energies30
Cardiopulmonary symptoms in physical therapy practice, The pause that represses, Knock at my door26
Care of the patient having a repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm, aortic aneurysm, aorta-illiac bypass graft or aorta-femoral bypass graft30
Cherry and Merkatz's complications of pregnancy, Boogie back, Hear it from my heart30
Child abuse trauma, family functioning and adolescent depression, hopelessness and suicidal behavior part 230
Churchill Livingstone, Inc., guide for authors and editors, Manual of corneal surgery30
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics for the veterinary technician part 230
Clinical signs and diagnosis in small animal practice, Cardiology, Manual of small animal ophthalmology24
Comedy: a critical anthology. By Robert W. Corrigan & Glenn M. Loney, Works VII30
Comparison of achievement in 7A/B block scheduled schools and 7-period traditional scheduled schools in Virginia30
Comparison of the kinematic components of gait in adult males with .., 5401 A, Best of Silhouette27
Contemporary management, second edition: instructor's resource manual. TX 3-040-80125
Current concepts in primary and revision total knee arthroplasty, Pocket guide to musculoskeletal diagnosis30
Defining and measuring organizational effectiveness for the personal .., United States professional manpower flows, financing, and inequalities30
Dermatology and dermatological therapy of pigmented skins, Dermatology part 230
Designing a prototype candidate assessment database management system for a university professional education unit30
Design, synthesis and biophysical evaluation of metallo-regulated DNA cleaving agents26
Effects of social skills training on depressed children attending a behavioral day treatment program28
Epistemology and the history of mankind on Lucretius' De rerum natura 5 and 6, Little grammercy26
Estimation of singularity expansion method parameters and supervised learning applied to target classification30
Etudes for string orchestra ; Concerto for violin and orchestra ; Maria Triptychon24
Evaluation and treatment of upper and lower extremity circulatory disorders. By Grune & Stratton, Inc., employer for hire of John J. Bergan & James S. T. Yao30
Excerpts from private diaries and journals of Richard Burton, Idea exchange, A High-tech office for low-tech people30
Excerpts from Roy Green's Dreamstealers from Blu-digo-let, Dimension, Menacing junx30
Finite-state machine synthesis for continuous, concurrent error detection using signature-invariant monitoring30
Fluid, electrolute [sic], and acid-base disorders, volume 1 & 2. By Allen I. Arieff & Ralph A. DeFronzo part 230
Forecast of the future with implications for the present, Cancer of the lower gastrointestinal tract25
Functional movement in orthopaedic and sports physical therapy, Health care for an aging society30
Gallstones. By Sidney Cohen & Roger D. Soloway. (Contemporary issues in gastroenterology, v. 4) part 330
Heart Smart school nutrition manual. By Theresa A. Nicklas, Ann Maroni, 1962-, & Gerald S. Berenson, 192225
Imaging and invasive radiology in the intensive care unit, The Wrist, Retinoblastoma30
Infection control! Does it really matter? Or a primer on how to develop an effective infection contol program part 230
Infectious diseases and antimicrobial therapy of the ears, nose and throat, Losing my insanity30
Instructor's guide by Gregory P. Cottrell to accompany Pharmacology for respiratory care practitioners30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany the second edition of Medical-Surgical nursing [by] Diane McGovern Billings, Lillian Gatlin Stokes part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Abnormal psychology, experiences, origins, and interventions [by] Michael J. Goldstein, Bruce L. Baker, Kay R. Jamison30
Instructor's resource manual notebook with multimedia manager instructor's resource CD-ROM for Kornblum's sociology in a changing world30
Instructor's solutions manual to accompany University physics, standard version [by] Jeff Sanny & William Moebs30
Keep your mind on what you're doing, and other selections, Jesus is born, Hustlin' & grindin'30
Legal protection of literature, art, and music. By Stanley Rothenberg & Abel Green28
Lippincott's Interactive anesthesia library on CD-ROM, Nintendo challenge, Little nocturne30
Local time stepping and a posteriori error estimates for flow and transport in porous media30
Love is a merry-go-round & 1 other title. By Don Goodman, Jon Conley & co-authors as noted21
Management of complicated renal cell carcinoma presentations, Genitourinary cancer surgery30
Managing a medium-sized law enforcement agency in the year 2001 with reduced resources created by industry relocation part 230
Mandell, Douglas and Bennett's Principles and practice of infectious diseases. Supplement30
Mandell, Douglas and Bennett's Principles and practice of infectious diseases. Supplement part 230
Martin Delany, Frederick Douglass, and the politics of representative identity, Down below30
Mechanisms of action and therapeutic applications of biologicals in cancer and immune deficiency disorders30
Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, The Cat, 21 musical compositions27
MerROCKury. Words, music & arr. by Joseph Fligiel; music & arr. by John Okiniski [i.e. Okinski]30
Methodist responses to labor unrest in late nineteenth century America, My family30
Motif-index of folk narratives in the Pan-Hispanic romancero, Napoleon's divorce28
Motivating for alcohol reduction and medication management (MARMM), Exploring 2nd position30
Muddy Creek Falls with bathers ; Vertical stream ; Gods and goddesses, Leukocyte function29
Murine tissue distribution of an antigen recognized by an antibody against the hemochromatosis gene product, HFE, and the role of HFE in intestinal immunology and diabetes30
Numerical methods for differential equations; fundamental concepts for scientific and engineering applications. By Michael Anthony Celia and William Guerin Gray30
Performance and stylistic aspects of horn quartets by .., Mornings on horseback, Great detectives30
Photographic case histories illustrating the vital role of periodontics, orthodontics, and restorative techniques for dental health30
Photographic manual of regional orthopaedic and neurological tests, Neonatal and pediatric ultrasonography30
Physical therapy of the low back. By Lance T. Twomey & James R. Taylor. (Clinics in physical therapy, v. 13) part 230
PinkMonkey literature notes on The red badge of courage, by Stephen Crane, The Forever City30
Plastic surgery malpractice and damages. By Jeffrey D. Robertson, William Keavy & John Wiley & Sons, Inc30
Porownanie leczenia zakrzepicy proksymalnych zyl glebokich za pomoca heparyny drobnoczasteczkowej podawanej glownie w domu oraz heparyny niefrakcjonowanej podawanej w szpitalu30
Practical handbook of environmental site characterization and ground-water monitoring29
PreTest for physicians preparing for the Federation Licensing Examination (Flex)26
Principles & practice of veterinary anesthesia, Decadence, Songs with three words30
Psychiatric diagnosis of minority children in comparison with non-minority children23
Reading, writing, and thinking: critical connections, Themeless city, & 1 other selection30
Rehabilitation of the patient with symptomatic coronary atherosclerotic heart disease25
Relationship between quiz game participation and final exam performance for nursing models30
Relationships between attitudes toward the disabled, .., We're the Gumbo Kings, Live and let die29
Renal pathology with clinical and functional correlations, Procedures and techniques in emergency medicine30
Report writing, testifying in court and completing formal reports, Lessons in EKG interpretation26
Representations of *-algebras, locally compact groups, and Banach *-algebraic bundles30
Retire in luxury to a 4-season climate without depleting your retirement income, Bright angel30
Richard Welch's Dynamic brain management and mental photography made easy!, Teacher of pain30
Roles and goals of the Mississippi community colleges as perceived by trustees, administrators, and workforce council members part 230
Rovinsky and Guttmacher's Medical, surgical, and gynecologic complications of pregnancy28
Silverdale Chamber of Commerce 1998 quality award for small business, Vascular surgery28
Sixty ways to make stress work for you & 1 other title, Handbook of psychiatric emergencies29
Small animal emergency and critical care for veterinary technicians30
Something makes me want to dance with you, Somewhere down the line, Kiss me just one more time29
State and federal prohibitions on physician referrals--a guide to compliance. Supplement23
Studies on new methods of oxidation in organic synthesis, Principles of critical care28
Synthesis of indolizidine alkaloids from amino acid precursors, The Man who loved butterflies30
Textbook of pathology, with clinical applications. By Stanley L. Robbins, Pathologic basis of disease28
The Aging of America & the role of the academic health center & 108 other titles29
The Authoritarian personality. By T. W. Adorno, Else Frankel-Brunswik, Daniel J. Levinson et al30
"The Broke Spoke", Kiln, Mississippi, headquarters Superbowl XXXI 1997, Doggie daze30
The clinical use and interpretation of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, third edition30
The end of apartheid in South Africa, Obesity, Cults25
The identification and analysis of factors perceived as important to the success of designing and implementing a school safety program30
The Last best hope: tales from the continuing American civil war; summary article. By David Kimyee Teng, 1953-, whose pseud. is David W. W. Bradford30
The making of United States international economic policy, The Hot dog story, North30
The Many causes of rib notching; an exercise in programmed instruction. By Max L. Boone, Byron E. Swenson, Benjamin Felson21
Then again, maybe not. By Gloria Jean Conkle, Carl Martin Edwards, Andrew Jackson Wallace, Douglas Wayne Rees, Stanley Robin Freshwater & Craig Weldon Keller; performed by the Moments Notice Band30
The Nature science animal maintance and nature activities instructors manual, Medical Portfolio for Urologists29
The Old fashoined [sic] new fangled cookbook for people who don't know how and want to learn30
The repertory of MS MR8--a medieval Pauline antiphone plus a portfolio of compositions (original compositions)30
The Social status of the professional musician from the Middle Ages to the 19th century30
The Use of on-line computer technology in providing services to targeted groups, Neck pain29
Trapped in the skin of another, Coat & tie, Just for the moment27
Twenty-seven ways of improving classroom instruction, that cost no money, and take less time than conventional methods part 230
Vanishing wild animals of the world. By Midland Bank, Ltd., employer for hire of Richard Fitter (text) and John Leigh-Pemberton (ill.)30
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