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Acquisitions and economic performance in the airline industry since the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 part 230
A model of fundamental volleyball techniques based on qualitative principles of biomechanical efficiency30
An Empirical investigation of court-determined debt-equity attributes for Federal income tax purposes30
Antitrust law--policy and procedure, cases, materials, problems, fifth edition, Transcriptional control by human heat shock factor one27
Arizona legal forms. Volume[s] 5[-6], Commercial transactions. Pocket part[s], Law of professional and amateur sports30
Asymptotic behaviour of an overloading queueing network with resource pooling, It ain't that easy30
Atlas of surgery of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tract, Belch-n-bello, Woyzeck22
Biotechnological advances in processing municipal wastes for fuels and chemicals30
Biotechnology and ecology of pollen: proceedings of the International conference on biotechnology and ecology of pollen, 9-11 July 1985, University of Massachussetts, Amherst, MA, USA part 330
Blue sky practice for public and private direct participation offerings, Tax sheltered investments handbook30
Business law; uniform commercial code standard volume. By Ronald A. Anderson & Walter A. Kumpf30
Cable television and the public interest, an investigation of the commissioners, legal assistants and .30
Cable television technical operations procedures manuel [sic]29
Cable theory modeling of the effectiveness of synaptic inputs in .., Musical works of the Mafia Causin' Pain30
Charitable contributions of "media-event" wines, Scholarships and education expenses25
Collier compensation, employment and appointment of trustees and professionals in bankruptcy cases part 225
Commercial agreements--a lawyer's guide to drafting and negotiating. Cumulative supplement22
Commercial agreements--a lawyer's guide to drafting and negotiating. Cumulative supplement part 221
Commodities futures litigation & regulation: new directions, Commodities30
Commodities regulation, fraud, manipulation & other claims. [Revision], Blue sky law handbook23
Connecticut practice. Practice book annotated. Rules of professional conduct ... Superior Court civil rules. Pocket part[s]30
Consumer credit sale document simple interest motor vehicle contract and security agreement30
Consumer protection legislation and the U. S. food industry, Editorial research reports on jobs for Americans30
Creditors' rights and title insurance; questionable title, remedies and extra-hazardous risk30
Creditor's rights, debtor's project and bankruptcy, Casenote legal briefs contracts30
Criminal law of New York. Criminal procedure law30
Criminal procedure. The post-investigative process. Cases and materials. Cumulative supplement part 230
Cumulative supplement to Lindey on separation agreements and ante-nuptial contracts, revised edition22
Developmentally appropriate practice and the application to 4- and 5-year-old children30
Drug testing and education programs in NCAA Division I member schools30
Drug testing law, technology, and practice. Cumulative supplement, Quantifying punitive damages in broker/dealer arbitrations28
Ducati desmodue preventative maintenance, checks and services guide, Credit after bankruptcy seminar30
Earthquake and landslide hazards in the Carmel Valley area, Monterey County, California30
East Mountain, NM, telephone directory, 1992-93, Best school jokes ever, Greatest jokes on earth25
Eckstrom's Licensing in foreign and domestic operations, Licensing law handbook, Technology management handbook25
Effect of challenge initiative and facilitator ethnic similarity on intent to explore ethnic identity among adolescents who are ethnic minorities30
Empowering believers to fulfill their prophetic responsibility of responding to human need from the posture of Christian service30
Enhancing the quality of Christian leaders developed at the Mediterranean Bible College, Beirut, Lebanon, through discipleship28
Entertainment, publishing, and the arts handbook, Ragged Dick, Ragged Dick and L. L. F27
Environmental law & practice. Compliance/litigation/forms, Law of chemical regulation and hazardous waste30
Environment and development of China in the 21st century, Environment30
Environment of care sample annual evaluation and report to leadership30
Evaluation of airborne carbon monoxide gas levels in residential setting and comparison to reported levels in ambient and occupational settings part 221
Eyewitness identification, legal and practical problems, second edition. [Revision]28
Federal environmental regulation of real estate. Supplement, Rathkopf's The law of zoning and planning. Revision21
Federal procedure : sentencing guidelines for the United States courts with annotations from United States code annotated (USCA) part 330
Federal rules of civil procedure for the United States District Courts, Readings in managerial economics27
For some, God is not dead, but darn hard to find, Machines, Screen test30
Fort Bragg, North Carolina, from wartime emergency to peacetime permanence, The Antique motorcycle29
Genealogy and notes of the families of Francis Edward Drake, 1883-1957 and Grace Alice Johnsosn Drake, 1884-197630
Georgetown University Law Center Continuing Legal Education Division presents the ... annual Representing and Managing Tax-Exempt Organizations part 222
Government discrimination--equal protection law and litigation, Land use regulation28
Group registration for automated database titled Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS, Inc. MLS database, published updates from 1/01/06 to 03/31/0630
Guidebook to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts, second edition. [Revision]30
Guidebook to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts, second edition. [Revision] part 330
Guide to pension and profit sharing plans--taxation, selection, and design. [Supplement] part 330
Health care fraud and abuse--practical perspectives. Supplement, Securities and Federal corporate law report23
Herold exploration & production bond buyers guide, Hippity Hop rabbit bank, Frost T Star ornament30
Immigration and illegal aliens, burden or blessing?30
Important trends in United States trademark and unfair competition law during the decade of the 1970's30
Indicators of financial health as identified by business officers .., Pentecost, peanuts, popcorn, prayer30
Instructor's manual to accompany corporate communication, third edition [by] Paul A. Argenti29
Integer programming methods for the spatial and temporal management of national forests30
Intellectual property conflicts between universities and faculty members over ownership of electronic courses30
International capital markets and securities regulation, The SEC integrated disclosure system29
Jensen on the Mechanics' lien law (and related procedures) of the State of New York, fourth edition. Cumulative supplement30
Jensen on the Mechanics' lien law (and related procedures) of the State of New York, fourth edition. Cumulative supplement part 230
Journal of the insurance, negligence and compensation law section, New York State Bar journal30
Law of independent power. Development, cogeneration, utility regulation, The new rules of posture23
Legal services in support of corporate contract activity involved in high technology government procurements30
Licensing intellectual property 1998: international regulation, strategies and practices27
Manual of foreign investment in the United States. Supplement, Antidumping and countervailing duty laws. [Revision]23
Master index to Directory of corporate affiliations, International directory of corporate affiliations, Leading private companies30
Master index to the Bulletin of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc30
Mortal Kombat mythologies Sub-Zero official game secrets, Headliners, Bankruptcy law fundamentals30
Mortgage-backed securities including REMICs and other investment vehicles, Structured mortgage and receivable financing30
National forum on synergies between water quality trading and wetland mitigation banking30
No titles given for musical compositions composed by the late Spencer Williams30
Opportunities for public involvement in NOAA's natural resource damage assessment and restoration efforts30
Patent law fundamentals, second edition. Revision, Patent law basics, Captain's log & diary30
Pattern discovery--premises liability, second edition. Cumulative supplement, Law of toxic torts30
Perceived changes in career decidedness following completion of a for-credit career class30
Personal property insurance fraud checklists, Opposition, Love triangle27
Philosophy, jurisprudence, and jurisprudence temperament of federal judges, Rambling through continental legal systems23
PIABA's 1991 public investor recovery guide and arbitrator source book to stockbroker fraud and securities arbitration30
Plea bargaining, an empirical study of participant perspectives, The Fresco/Pine song collection24
Private placement memorandum, Ward County deep gas '82 (a Washington limited partnership), $700,000 of limited partnership interests in 70 units, $12,500 per class A unit, $9,000 per class B unit22
Proposal for the reform of Libel law: the report of the Libel reform project of the Annenberg Washington Program26
Prosecutorial misconduct, law, procedure, forms. Cumulative supplement, Solving statute of limitations problems25
Real estate development--business, commercial, industrial, and major residential properties. [Supplement and revision] part 230
Representation of witnesses before Federal grand juries, second edition. [Revision] part 219
Review and reduction of real property assessments & 5 other titles, Prisoners and the law25
Review and reduction of real property assessments in New York, second edition. Cumulative supplement27
Rights of juveniles--the juvenile justice system, second edition. [Revision], Banking crimes20
Rights of juveniles--the juvenile justice system, second edition. [Revision], Low-income housing tax credit handbook30
Rules of criminal procedure for the United States district courts, second edition29
Search and seizure of pupils and their property in public schools of .30
Searches & seizures, arrests, and confessions, second edition. [Revision], Bullies can be transformed into good citizens30
Securities law series. Volume[s] 10[-10B], International capital markets and securities regulation, first edition. Revision part 330
Securities law series. Volume[s] 10[-10B], International capital markets and securities regulation, first edition. Revision part 524
Securities law series. Volume[s] 10[-10B], International capital markets and securities regulation, first edition. Revision part 623
Securities law series. Volume[s] 10[-10B], International capital markets and securities regulation, first edition. Revision part 830
Securities law series, volume[s] 4[-4B], Tax sheltered investments, third edition. Revision30
Securities law series. Volume[s] 5[-5D], Litigation and practice under rule 10b-5, second edition30
Securities & partnership law for M L Ps & other investment limited partnerships, Waiting prairie26
Securities regulation--cases and materials, seventh edition30
Semi-martingales sur des varietes, et martingales conformes sur des varietes analytiques complexes27
Standard Pennsylvania practice 2d. Pennsylvania rules of criminal procedure, Employee noncompetition law25
Teacher's manual to accompany Calamari and Perillo's Cases and problems on contracts30
Teacher's manual to accompany cases and materials on Corporation including partnerships and limited liability companies, eighth edition30
Teacher's manual to accompany International law and litigation in the US, second edition24
Teaching notes for Potter v. Shrackle and Shrackle Construction Company, State v. Diamond30
The ancestors and descendants of George Hull (ca. 1590-1659) and Thamzen Michell of Crewkerne, Somerset, England, Dorchester, Massachusetts, Windsor and Fairfield, Connecticut30
The basic features of postcommunist capitalism in Eastern Europe, Collier bankruptcy manual26
The development of a novel probe for the in situ measurement of particle size distributions, and application to the measurement of drop size in rotor-stator mixers30
The Effects of funding and graduation requirements on secondary .., Footsteps in addition30
The evaluation of high school band directors modeled after National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) teacher evaluation23
The federal income taxation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and their owners30
The fiery demise of the turbo-electric liner Morro Castle, Consensus and conflict30
The Great & wonderful American dream of wealth & success, Pos-ta-nus, Pump it23
The impact of long-term and short-term sea level changes on the evolution of the Wisconsinan-Holocene Trinity/Sabine incised valley system, Texas continental shelf30
The Law of zoning and planning, fourth edition. [Revision & cumulative supplement]30
The Lodestar project. By John Leslie, writing with David Williams under the pseud. David Bradley & David Williams, writing with John Leslie under the pseud. David Bradley part 230
The P.F. Slow Production Company at the Cop shop, Going public, Miranda rights30
The rainmaking machine--marketing planning, strategies, and management for law firms. Cumulative supplement part 330
The relationship between Cloninger's personality model, cognitive event-related potentials, and the dopamine DRD2 receptor gene in abstinent male polysubstance abusers part 230
The Tools, techniques, and training for altering and repairing pressurized pipe systems27
Trademark law--protection, enforcement and licensing. Supplement30
Trade secrets, restrictive covenants & other safeguards for protecting business information part 430
Untitled States securities law for international financial transactions and capital markets release no. 4 December 200630
Vernon's Texas code forms annotated. Volume[s] 1[-2], Uniform commercial code forms, second edition. Pocket part[s]30
Water resource management by the ancient Maya of Yucatan, Mexico, Valiant demo 130
Women and the lakes II, more untold Great Lakes maritime tales, The Health care puzzle in New York State23
Worksheet for researching techniques and methods of willful historical inaccuracy30
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