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Colter Bay Music documents
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A Collection of songs by Ed Roth and Mike Neal, Needle, needle28
Ain't been doin' (I could write a song about) & 1 other title, Long ride back; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc30
Any man with a heartbeat. By Charlie F. Black & Layng Martine, Jr, What she wasn't looking for30
Caught in the act ; Hannah's prayer ; Postcard sent to Heaven ... [et al.]30
Collection of works by Kimmie Rhodes. By Kimmie Rhodes, 1954, Maybe we'll just disappear30
Collection of works by Mike Dekle and Byron Hill. By Mike Dekle, 1944-, & Byron Hill30
Collection of works by Wendell Wellman, Emanuel Officer, John Howcott, and Donald K. Parks. By Irving Music, Inc., employer for hire of John Howcott, Wendell Wellman, Donald K. Parks & Emanuel Officer part 230
Dave Gibson & Andre Pessis collection I. By Nocturnal Eclipse Music (as employer for hire of Dave Gibson) & Andre Pessis part 230
Forgottenville, the town that arrested Santa Claus, This side of Heaven, I could sing a sad song30
Get out of my way! Artist: Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, Making a mem'ry, A special kind of love28
Good girls don't (but I do) ; Wrong side of 30 ; I'm the girl who married the guy who didn't marry Pamela Brown30
Gotta make sure she's still gone. By Craig Michael Wiseman, Kent M. Robbins, Unfinished business30
Halfway round the moon & 10 other titles, A gentleman & 10 other titles, Let's let go again & 11 other titles30
Have a heart, be a star. w & m Christine A. Barton, 1952-; script: Beverly Vargo, 195030
Heart of glass & 5 other titles, You bring the heat to the night, Said that you'd be mine30
Hymn of morning praise and other songs by Michael Johnson, Sky pilot, The gospel ship30
I can't wait to see your face (the mother and child lullaby) part 330
I don't give a damn. By Gerald Lee House, 1948-, p.k.a. Gerry House, & William Soule Robinson, 195730
I run to you (just to breath[e] a heavy sigh)30
I still can't leave your memory alone. m Geoffrey Morgan, w Kent Marshal Robbins, -1997 part 230
I still can't leave your memory alone. m Geoffrey Morgan, w Kent Marshal Robbins, -1997 part 330
I think about it all the time. By Billy Livsey & Don Schlitz, Back to the first time again. By Billy Livsey & Liz Hengber30
I wish I could hear from you ; Always will always mean you ; Finest hour ... [et al.]30
Joe Buser Productions, Long Island artists, sounds of the '60s collection, Absolutely nothing's changed30
Lone Ranger Frame Tray puzzle (campfire) K79689 (1967), Lone Ranger30
Lovin' me (like no one I've ever known), Sinners and saints: the women I know, Lullaby in September27
Mr. Pain; Mister Pain. By Kent M. Robbins & Caseyem Music, employer for hire of Naomi Judd30
Mr. Pain; Mister Pain. By Kent M. Robbins & Caseyem Music, employer for hire of Naomi Judd part 330
One day soon (you'll need me) By John Whitehead, Gene McFadden & Jerry Cohen, She makes me smile30
River of time. By Wallace West30
Shelter in the night. By Peter Frampton & Almo Music Corporation, employer for hire of Kevin Savigar30
Space cadet, and 11 other songs, Reach for it, You that I want30
Taylor's Elementary basic studies for the electric guitar, Taylor made bluegrass30
The Bigger the fire, the bigger the fool, Out of love at first sight, Out of the pain30
The conditioning therapies: the challenge of psychotherapy. By Leo J. Reyna, Joseph Walpe & Andrew Salter29
Three years she grew in sun and shower. For four-part chorus of mixed voices, a cappella. w William Shakespeare, original m Albert Lee Carr30
What did I do to be so black and blue? & 10 other titles part 230
Wish we had a nickel. By Gary E. Scruggs, 1949- & Monte Warden. (In Works of Gary E. Scruggs)30
Works of Craig Wiseman. By Craig Michael Wiseman, 1963-, & Dana Hunt Oglesby, Some nights30
Works of Kent M. Robbins and Kimmie Rhodes, When love leaves you, Something worth holding on to30
Works of Wayland Holyfield. By Wayland Holyfield, 1942-, & Terry McBride, Yesterday tonight30
You can't make me (but keep on) By Wallace30
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